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77 Questions Before You Say

77 Questions Before You Say "Yes"

by Samuel Amartey Amarh
77 Questions Before You Say

77 Questions Before You Say "Yes"

by Samuel Amartey Amarh


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A lifelong marriage is a dream most people have when they are growing up. However, we have an alarming divorce rate of over 50% - a trend that does not seem to be slowing down. Something needs to be done to arrest the situation. After years of counseling hundreds of people, I have realized that most relationships fail because people do not know their partners well enough. The problem is that most do not ask enough critical questions before committing to relationships. We wrongly assume that love alone will sustain our unions for a lifetime.

This book is designed to help you identify and ask the most important questions to help you make a better decision on who to settle with. Finding the right match for a partner increases your chances of having a joy-filled loving relationship that can last a lifetime.

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ISBN-13: 9781958678770
Publication date: 09/09/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 116
Sales rank: 355,571
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Samuel is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and career counselor in the US military. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of Key77 LLC. Aside from his business exploits, Samuel is passionate about helping people improve their lives. He has been helping people with relationship problems worldwide, and the testimonies from the few who he helped have been very inspiring. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker and trainer in Sales and Marketing and mentors over thirty youth and young Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

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