8-Lug HD Truck

8-Lug HD Truck

by TEN: The Enthusiast Network
Current Issue: September 2017

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8-Lug HD Truck

Poised to be the industry leader, 8-LUG HD Truck focuses on the country's leading show trucks, with feature articles on performance upgrades, suspension, body mods, interiors, and more! 8-LUG HD Truck A brand-new publication covering 3/4 and 1-ton diesel trucks.

  • Heavy duty class trucks ripping through any terrain that gets in their way
  • High resolution photography that catches every piece of mud flying out of the treads of the best truck tires on the market
  • In depth articles for enthusiasts including how-tos on different modifications, builds, tips, and tricks for tricking out your 8-Lug to the max

8-Lug Magazine is published 12 times per year.

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TEN: The Enthusiast Network
# of issues/year:
Current Issue:
September 2017
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