87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It

87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It

by Robert W Bly


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87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It by Robert W Bly

Bob Bly is not the best-known entrepreneur in the world, and he is not the richest. But the 65,000 subscribers to his online newsletter The Direct Response Letter turn to Bob weekly for advice and inspiration on how to achieve success professionally, financially, and personally.
Now in 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success: How to Reach Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It, you get many years of Bob’s advice compressed into a quick-reading guide to living a happy, fulfilling, and abundant life. Now you can achieve your goals, escape the rat race, and be master of your own destiny.
In 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success, you will discover:
** 7 steps to outrageous business success
** How to make yourself indispensable
** 7 ways to command higher fees
** How to become a more confident public speaker
** The 22 undeniable truths of life
** How to start your own home business after 50
** The 4 keys to success and happiness
** How to get really good at anything
** 10 ways to achieve Internet marketing success
** And more…
You may want to be happier. You may want to be richer. You may want to be more successful. By following the simple but proven rules in 87 Secrets of Outrageous Business Success, you can soon achieve all three goals—and live a more harmonious and rewarding life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781614486817
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Bob Bly is the author of eighty published books, including The Elements of Business Writing (Longman) and Start Your Own Home Business After 50 (Linden). He is a freelance copywriter with over thirty years’ experience in direct marketing; clients include PSE&G, IBM, AT&T, Medical Economics, Prentice Hall, and Kiplinger.

Read an Excerpt

The classic sci-fi spoof movie, “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra,” was on TV last Sunday.

In the movie, an alien tries to fit in with human society by trading in his space suit for a jacket and tie.

“This neck-restraining device is uncomfortable,” he says, tugging at the tie. “I wonder what its purpose is?”

I mention this because it was my having to wear a tie to work every day that was one of the primary reasons I decided to quit my job and become a freelance writer in February 1982.
I think most people who take the leap from corporate employment to self employment do so for the advantages: they want to make more money, have more fun, or do more creative work.

Table of Contents

1    Value Your Time   
2    Get Paid for Your Information   
3    Is the Customer Always Right?    
4    Evaluating Customer Complaints   
5    How to Dress for Success: the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra   
6    Seven Steps to Outrageous Business Success   
7    The Trouble With Asking Strangers for Favors   
8    Do C-Level Executives Speak a Different Language?   
9    Asking People for Free Advice   
10    Find a Need and Fill It   
11    Are You a Type A or Type B Personality?    
12    Three Ways to Win at E-Mail Marketing    
13    What’s Working in Direct Mail Today    
14    Biggest Self-Help Myth Exposed    
15    Fail Your Way to Success
16     Write Like Your Reader Talks
17     The Time for Action is Now
18     Make Yourself Indispensable
19     Have an Attitude of Gratitude
20     Keep Your PC Running in Any Situation
21     Stop Bragging
22     Stick to Your Niche
23    Twenty One Things That are Wrong About Modern Marketing
24     Do What Makes You Happy
25     How to Get People to Trust You
26     Why Information Products are Like Fruit  
27     Should You Worry About Internet Piracy?
28     Best Places to Get Sales Leads    
29     Let Go of the Past
30     How to Write Great How-to Content
31     Become a More Confident Speaker
32     The Four Stages of Marketing Competence
33     Twenty Two Undeniable Truths of Life
34     Start Small
35     Thirty Eight Great Headlines You Can Swipe
36     Seven Ways to Command Higher Fees
37     Command Premium Pricing for Your Products
38     Write Stronger Landing Pages
39     Ten Steps to Internet Marketing Success
40     Selling with “False Logic”
41     The Awful Truth About Affiliate Marketing
42     Thank a Teacher Today
43     Do You Really Need to Ask?
44     Start Your Own Home Business After 50
45     The 4 Keys to Success and Happiness
46    Five ways to Take the Fear and Anxiety Out of Public Speaking
47    New Google Algorithm Demands Better Article Writing
48    Service Businesses: 7 Ways to Beat Your Competitors    
49    Is Your Music Still Inside You?    
50    Marketing With Premiums    
51    Work Is Its Own Reward    
52    What I Love About Copywriting    
53    How to Get Really Good at Writing or Anything Else    
54    Keep Your PC Up and Running — All the Time    
55    Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid    
56    Who Buys Information Products?    
57    The Power of Persistence    
58    The Hidden Dangers of a 9 to 5 Job    
59    Three Reasons Why People Don’t Write Well    
60    Don’t Get Enamored With What’s Hot and Trendy in Marketing
61    Improve Personal Productivity with the Pareto Principle    
62    Why Internet Marketers Give Away Their Content for Free    
63    What’s Your Definition of Success?    
64    Information Marketing: Beyond E-Books    
65    Five Proven Strategies for Getting Clients    
66    Consumers Love Freebies    
67    Motivating Consumers With the 4 Ds of Marketing    
68    Why You Can’t Do Everything    
69    Seven Tips for Getting Your Book Published    
70    Do This Before E-Mailing Affiliate Offers to Your List    
71    How to Cut Down on Refund Requests    
72    How to Treat Your Best Customers ... and Your Worst    
73    Get Rich in Your Niche    
74    There’s No Substitute for Real-World Experience    
75    Time to Stop Reading and Start Doing    
76    Do You Burn With the Envy of Others?    
77    Write Like They Talk    
78    The 3 Most Important Skills for Internet Marketing    
79    Building Your “Swipe File”    
80    Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
81     The Awful Truth About Content Marketing
82     How to Get Out of a Slump
83     Action vs. Motivation
84     The Virtue of Modesty
85     What It Really Takes to Become a Guru
86     What You Have to be Good At to Succeed
87    Five Mistakes I Wish I Had Avoided

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