9 Encounters of John 9: A Play in 3 Acts

9 Encounters of John 9: A Play in 3 Acts

by Tom Spence


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Could a man sin before he was born? That's what the disciples asked Jesus when they came upon a man who was born blind. They asked Jesus, who sinned? They wanted to know if it was the man born blind from birth or the man's parents. Jesus could have shredded their thinking skills or bizarre theology; instead, he opened a window to see the economy of God.

Could people not recognize the man who could now see even though they probably walked by him 2000 times or more over the past decade?

Immediately after washing in the pool of Siloam, those gathered around him starting arguing if this was the same man. How could they not know? This opens a window to our human nature even when God has set a path for us to live with a divine nature.

What do you do when you encounter something this miraculous and YouTube and Facebook won't be invented for another two millennia? You haul the man before the Pharisees. If you thought courtroom drama on shows like Law and Order were interesting, then you will love the drama that unfolds here.

Could a man healed on the Sabbath have known a man sent directly from God? Surely God would have told him to heal on another day. Witness the Pharisees struggle with the testimony and ultimately the teaching of a man who had been blind his entire life until this day.

How would such a man fair in a courtroom setting against the lawyers of the day? What happened when the parents had to choose between loyalty to themselves or their adult son?

Who was really blind? You can read this in the 9th chapter of John's Gospel. I would encourage you to do that several times and then considered if members of your youth group, adult drama group, or community theater might present this to many as a message in drama.

This play is designed for a large cast, but few have substantial speaking parts. It may be performed with an elaborate set or with a plain stage. The message comes with the dialogue and a very unique, out of context character by the name of Common Tater.

It will convey a message faithful to the gospel text and do so with just the right touch of levity. A ministry and rehearsal plan is also included. The cast will be blessed as much as those who enjoy the performance.

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Tom Spence is the pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. His most recent book is Christianity for Marines. His other books include Rebaselining America: Setting a foundation of liberty for the next 200 years, Sea Stories, Even the Elect, Tough Day at the Plate, The Best of Out of the Box, and First Steps Towards Eternity.

Tom publishes hundreds of articles online each year as a freelance author and maintains two blogs: The Biased Observer and Tom's trials, tribulations, and timely thoughts.

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