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9 Secrets of Successful Meditation: The Ultimate Key to Mindfulness, Inner Calm & Joy

9 Secrets of Successful Meditation: The Ultimate Key to Mindfulness, Inner Calm & Joy

by Samprasad Vinod, B. K. S. Iyengar

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Only those who enjoy meditation will do it regularly and experience its many life-enhancing benefits, from an increased sense of inner calm to a feeling of deep joy in everyday life. In this book, experienced yoga and meditation teacher Dr Samprasad Vinod uses his "9 secrets" approach to guide both newcomers and existing meditation practitioners alike in how to really embrace and get the most from a steady practice. Coming from a rich spiritual heritage (Dr Vinod's father was a respected spiritual master who travelled internationally as a World Peace Ambassador), Dr Vinod has created in this book a work that blends traditional Indian wisdom with his modern scientific knowledge as a Doctor.

This title is an important contribution to the field of meditation that removes many distortions and misconceptions about the realities of the practice. It helps readers to understand problems that they may encounter along the way and offers reassuring solutions for them to try. A wonderful blend of spiritual and practical wisdom.

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ISBN-13: 9781780288239
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication date: 05/26/2015
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
File size: 843 KB

About the Author

Dr Samprasad Vinod MD, PhD, DSc has taught yoga and meditation all over the world for over 25 years, including in India, USA, UK and Europe. He has written innumerable articles in leading international journals and newspapers, as well as many books. He appears regularly on radio and television in India and Europe. He received the coveted 'National FIE Foundation Award' for his outstanding contribution to the field of yoga and the 'Vijayshri Award', which was also given to Mother Teresa.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Foreword B.K.S. Iyengar xi

Foreword Howard Kent xiii

From the Mindshore - A Preface by the Author xv

Introduction Dr David Frawley alias Vamadeva Shastri xix

Secret Number 1 Take a Broader View 1

1 Understand the Laws of Nature 4

2 Meditation Should Help us Solve our Problems 13

Secret Number 2 Know What Meditation is Not 21

1 It is Not a Forced Concentration of Mind 23

2 It is Not for a Select Few 27

3 Meditation is Certainly Not Difficult 31

Secret Number 3 Know What Meditation is 39

1 Meditation - A Natural State of Being 40

2 What is Meditation? 44

3 Study your Thoughts to Go Beyond Them 47

4 Meditation Should be Practised with Utmost Ease 51

5 Being in a Meditative State is our Very Nature 56

6 The Body is the House, the Life Principle its Owner 60

7 Meditation Should Bring Joy 62

8 Meditation - The Divine Play 65

Secret Number 4 Develop a Genuine Taste for Meditation 77

1 How to Develop a Taste for Meditation to Improve Mental Concentration 78

2 Differentiate between Taste for Meditation and Taste for Other Things 84

3 Differentiate between Inner Joy and Outer Joy 86

4 Relationship between External Joy and Joy of Meditation 90

Secret Number 5 Find Proper Help from a True Master 95

1 Don't Judge the Person by External Appearance 96

2 How to Develop Inner Vision 100

3 The Usefulness of Inner Vision 103

4 Understand the Limitations of Outward Expression 108

5 Unseen and Seen are Both Equally True 111

6 How Does One Become an Authority? 114

7 The Qualities of a True Master 117

8 Make the Right Choice 120

Secret Number 6 Find a Congenial Atmosphere within Yourself 123

1 Significance of Outside Atmosphere 124

2 Atmosphere at Home 129

Secret Number 7 Grow Beyond Dreams and Desires 133

1 Differentiate between Meditation and Sleep 134

2 Why do we Dream? 137

3 Freedom from Desires is Freedom from Dreams 141

4 Freedom from Desires is a Mental State 145

Secret Number 8 Be Creative at Worldly and Spiritual Levels 151

1 Dreams and Creativity - A Psychological Perspective 152

2 Spontaneity of Spiritual Creativity 155

3 What Is More Important? Manifest Creativity or Unmanifest Ability? 160

Secret Number 9 Be Receptive to Spiritual Grace 163

Appendices 169

1 Shavasan Meditation (S.M.) 170

2 'Who Am I?' 175

3 An Experience of Absolute Stillness 181

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