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A paperback collection newly offset from Complete Poems 1904-1962 with an afterword by the Cummings scholar George James Firmage.

Published in 1958, 95 Poems is the last book of new poems published in Cummings's lifetime. Remarkable for its vigor, freshness, interest in ordinary individuals, and awareness of the human life cycle, the book reflects Cummings's observations on nature and his prevailing gratitude for whatever life offers: "Time's a strange fellow: more he gives than takes." This new edition joins other individual uniform Liveright paperback volumes drawn from the Complete Poems, most recently Etcetera and 22 and 50 Poems.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780871401816
Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation
Publication date: 07/01/2002
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 496,425
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

E. E. Cummings (1894–1962) was among the most influential, widely read, and revered modernist poets. He was also a playwright, a painter, and a writer of prose. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he studied at Harvard University and, during World War I, served with an ambulance corps in France. He spent three months in a French detention camp and subsequently wrote The Enormous Room, a highly acclaimed criticism of World War I. After the war, Cummings returned to the States and published his first collection of poetry, Tulips & Chimneys, which was characterized by his innovative style: pushing the boundaries of language and form while discussing love, nature, and war with sensuousness and glee. He spent the rest of his life painting, writing poetry, and enjoying widespread popularity and success.

George J. Firmage edited many works by Cummings, including
Erotic Poems; Complete Poems, 1904– 1962; and Fairy Tales.

Table of Contents

2To stand(alone)in some2
3Now air is air and thing is thing:no bliss3
4This man's heart4
5Crazy jay blue)5
6Spirit colossal6
7Because you take life in your stride(instead7
8Dominic has8
9Both eaching come ghostlike10
10Maggie and milly and molly and may11
11In time's a noble mercy of proportion12
12Lily has a rose13
13So shy shy shy(and with a14
14But also dying15
15On littlest this16
16In time of daffodils(who know17
17For prodigal read generous18
18Once White&Gold19
20Off a pane)the21
21Joys faces friends22
22Why from this her and him23
25That melancholy26
26Round a so moon could dream(i sus28
27Jack's white horse(up29
28As joe gould says in30
29Ev erythingex Cept31
30What Got him was Noth32
31A he as o33
33A gr35
34Adhuc Sub Judice Lis36
35"So you're hunting for ann well i'm looking for will"37
36Yes but even38
37Handsome and clever and he went cruising39
39Thanks giving (1956)41
42From spiralling ecstatically this44
44--Laughing to find46
45I love you much(most beautiful darling)48
46Never could anyone49
47Out of night's almosT Floats a colour(in50
48Someone i am wandering a town(if its51
49Noone and a star stand,am to am52
Eeble a blu
55You no58
56Home means that59
57Old age sticks60
58A total stranger one black day61
59When any mortal(even the most odd)62
60Dive for dreams63
61Young m64
62Your birthday comes to tell me this65
63Precisely as unbig a why as i'm66
64Out of the lie of no67
65First robin the68
66"But why should"69
67This little huge70
69Over us if(as what was dusk becomes72
70Whatever's merely wilful73
71Stand with your lover on the ending earth--74
72I shall imagine life75
73Let's,from some loud unworld's most rightful wrong76
74Sentinel robins two77
75(Hills chime with thrush)78
76These from my mother's greatgrandmother's rosebush white79
77I am a little church(no great cathedral)80
78All nearness pauses, while a star can grow81
79Whippoorwill this82
80If the Lovestar grows most big83
81Here's s84
82Now comes the good rain farmers pray for(and85
83Perished have safe small86
84How generous is that himself the sun87
85Here pasture ends--88
87Now(more near ourselves than we)91
88Joyful your complete fearless and pure love92
89Now what were motionless move(exists no93
91Unlove's the heavenless hell and homeless home96
92I carry your heart with me(i carry it in97
94Being to timelessness as it's to time99
95If up's the word;and a world grows greener100

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