99 Percent Mine: A Novel

99 Percent Mine: A Novel

by Sally Thorne


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ISBN-13: 9780062439611
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/29/2019
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 11,429
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Sally Thorne is the USA Today-bestselling author of The Hating Game. She spends her days climbing into fictional worlds of her own creation. She lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband in a house filled with vintage toys, too many cushions, a haunted dollhouse and the world’s sweetest pug.

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99 Percent Mine: A Novel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
It’s perfect.
wendm_ccbh 7 months ago
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne was one of my favorite reads of 2018. When the news that Sally was writing a new book came out, I was over the moon! I pre-ordered the paperback and put my heart out there to try and receive an early copy. Low in behold the universe loves me and heard my prayers because I got it!! . I squealed like a pig in the mud. I digress, let's get to the matter at hand. At first I was put off by some of low reviews, shocked actually. Then I started the book and I'm not going to lie, it began a bit slow. I had a hard time liking the heroine, Darcy but as I started reading and getting deeper into the story I found myself not being able to stop. I was on the edge every step of the way! I was swooning over Tom Valeska. He is this quiet, timid, and brooding brute of a man. A construction worker. His own boss, always ready to help his family, the Barret twins. His relationship with Darcy was stranded. He's always had feelings for her but Jamie always seemed to have all his attention since they were kids. Darcy on the other hand felt like a burden because of her heart condition. She loved Tom from afar, never realizing Tom loved her back. Darcy struggles to find herself and her identity away from her twin brother. After the death of their grandmother, Lorretta, Darcy and Jamie are left a cottage which she stipulates in her will that it must be renovated. She and Jaime have different views on how they want things to go. Darcy has so many memories at the cottage that it's so hard for her to let it go... And with Tom being the contractor you can imagine the sparks are flying! The attraction and chemistry between him and Darcy was so intense. It was just a lot of pent up feelings and the build up was so frustrating. 99 Percent Mine was nothing like THG. It was so different yet still good. Slow burn with a mix of friends-to-lovers/best-friend's sister all rolled up into one. I loved it! I loved the angst. Those moments where Darcy felt lost, hurt part of my soul. Though I really would have loved to get inside Tom's head and there were times I wanted to slap Jamie, I truly enjoyed this book and I seriously couldn't put it down. It's one of those books I say you take a risk on and don't let others opinions about it influence you. Go in blind, head first... You may just be surprised!
gaele 6 months ago
Darcy is difficult: not speaking to her twin brother, avoiding all things emotional, pushing everyone and everything away in an attempt to prove her independence. Can’t actually blame her for it really though, as she’s got a heart condition which meant her parents and her brother, as well as her childhood friend Tom have always tried to coddle her. Tired of being told ‘what to do’ or having people around who will make accomodations for her heart condition, or treat her differently because of it. But, she’s forced home after her grandmother’s death, her little cottage has been left to her and her brother with instructions for them to renovate and then sell the property. Their childhood friend Tom has been contracted to do the work, keeping her brother at bay and away from the site – these two would only bicker and push to ‘win’, purely from habits formed in childhood. Tom is everything that one would expect a kid with nothing to grow into, particularly when ‘adopted’ into the family unit with Darcy and Jamie. He’s both a best friend and a favorite pawn in the game between the two, and with Darcy’s inability to remain in one place when things get ‘complicated’, Tom has also suffered every time she’s disappeared. Tom is running himself ragged trying to be ‘all things’ to the both of them, and his control where Darcy is concerned is slipping. I could instantly see why Darcy was so prickly – a marshmallow dressed in porcupine quills: for someone who is so terribly full of life, snark and an artistic streak that doesn’t stop – her heart condition is a constant reminder of what she ‘can’t have’ and her way of being normal is to ignore her health. If she ignores it and doesn’t ask or allow herself help from friends and family – she’s in control. And control freak only goes a tiny way to explain how important that is to her. Funnily enough, she’s always had fantasies of Tom – first as a wolf who would protect and care for her always, and now that he’s all grown up – oh those have changed too. And poor Tom: so convinced that he’s not enough for either of them – as a friend, lover or contractor – this is battle that won’t have an easy ending. See, Darcy has always seen Jamie as having the larger percentage of their life: from affection and friendship, down to the little things like a shared piece of cake. And, until both the twins risk losing it all – this is her focus – getting a bigger percentage of friendships and of Tom. Thorne has written a lovely follow-up to The Hating Game – with complex characters that are growing and changing before our eyes, and giving us yet another couple to love dearly. Grab it for the unique voice of Darcy – her ‘devil may care’ appearance of offhanded casualness, and love it for the rock that is Tom. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous 3 days ago
The Hating Game, hands down is one of my favorite books! I was excited when I found out Sally Thorne was releasing 99 Percent Mine, unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. Storyline is not exciting, characters are dull. I was hoping this novel would surpass the success The Hating Game had, but it didn't.
thereadingchick 23 days ago
I really, really wanted to love this book. The Hating Game took me by surprise and delivered a powerfully snarky love story that was incomparable to any other. 99 Percent Mine, following that amazing debut had the burden of living up to that great first novel, and well, it paled in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it was totally readable, but there was just something missing. Darcy had the snarky attitude, the brash personality, and the emotional neediness of a great heroine, but she never felt three dimensional. She was a black and white sketch that needed color and warmth to flesh her out. Her brother Jamie was the same. What saved this novel from being bad was Tom, yet he had his issues too. The biggest problem was that I really couldn’t connect with Darcy and found her to be pretty unlikeable. If she is unlikeable, why would I root for she and Tom to get together? She does have a heart problem, and this will sound a little weird, but I liked that. It made her more human, but she fought so hard against appearing weak that she builds a shell that is almost unbreachable. There were a few plot points that if explained could have rounded out the story and provided depth with back story. For example, there was this scene from when she was eighteen years old and Tom had declared his love for her. She is immature and brushes off his declaration and although she regrets her action she doesn’t try to make amends. She runs to her grandmother for advice and her loving grandmother gives her money and sends her off to travel the world! What was up with that? Darcy does look back on that and wonder why her grandmother did that but the plot point was never resolved. Did grandma know Darcy would eat sweet Tom up and spit him out and was trying to protect him? I really wanted to know! This is just one example and I really think that if some of these questions had been worked through in the book, it would have helped me like Darcy just a little bit more. Why was she she so messed up? I really couldn’t tell you except that she had a heart problem. Tom was a prime male specimen. That fact was relayed in description after description that in my head I pictured he was a Viking god. Yet, his personality of the peacemaker was kind of an underwhelming trait as was his skills as a head contractor. This guy just kind of fell apart. I liked that he was sweet and sweet on her (but couldn’t really see why he’d pick her!), but other than his height, musculature, and size of his package he was.. and here’s that word again… underwhelming! There was a lot of tension surround our main characters, but that tension fed each of their jealousies and insecurities instead of amping up towards a big release of that tension. There was one, but it seemed a bit rushed which diminished the importance of their finally getting together. So, Surprise! I was disappointed in this one. It fell into the solid good, but not great category and I really think this author just mailed it in. I really hope she puts more into her next effort. ❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous 29 days ago
I loved it!! Almost as much as "The Hating Game." Great read!!
mdemanatee 3 months ago
After how much I enjoyed the Hating Game, I am sad about how much this disappointed me. The premise was fun. But the execution was often uneventful, frustrating, and occasionally depressing. The characters are often unlikeable, which would be fine if there’s also growth. Rather, it feels like we're watching someone spiral. There are also some really mean things said between certain characters that I didn’t feel were fully dealt with. I really do hope everyone in the book continues on their self improvement tracks because a lot of these relationships are unhealthy. The female best friend Truly may be my favorite part of this. I still think Thorne is an exciting new voice in romance, but this was just a miss for me.
eclecticbookwrm 4 months ago
Lots of reviewers are comparing 99 Percent Mine to The Hating Game, and I find that ... really unfair. 99 Percent Mine is a completely different, separate book. And Thorne makes sure readers know that right up front. Darcy is messy and complicated and laugh out loud funny. She doesn't know how to deal with emotions all of the time. She is a hot mess and that is what makes her so relatable and endearing. I loved this book. I will read all Sally Thorne books forever.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Definitely a disappointment after her first book. Not the same great writing as The Hating Game.
DRCSB 6 months ago
Oh Sally..... I just finished 99 Percent Mine. I started it last night. I went into it thinking there is no way I will like this as much as The Hating Game. Slowly, but surely I was sucked in. It was a battle to start each new chapter. I both wanted to keep reading, but also not....in order to not reach the end and better savor the story. Needless to say my need to consume it as quickly as possible won out. Well done. I am officially in love with Tom Veleska.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Darcy Barrett is the family screw-up, literally. While her twin brother Jamie is driven and successful she gave up a promising career as a photographer and now tends bar at a biker dive. She has spent the best part of the last decade travelling the world, coming home only long enough to earn money for her next trip. After their beloved grandmother died and left her crumbling old cottage to Darcy and Jamie, Darcy intends to jet off again but someone has taken her passport, then Tom Valeska an old family friend arrives to renovate the house and suddenly Darcy can't bear to leave her childhood crush. This is a difficult book to review, Darcy is both adorable and infuriating, she and Jamie are so selfish in some ways but also so generous in others. Both of them treat Tom like a loyal dog, and fight over him like the last slice of cake, but they also love Tom wholeheartedly. Tom has always felt like the charity kid around the Barrett twins, the child of an overwhelmed single mom, the Barretts took him under their wings and treated him as a third child, taking him to Disneyland when Darcy's heart condition forced her to stay at home with her grandmother for example. But Tom has always felt unsure in his position, like he has to be perfect and go along with everything the Barrett twins want or he will be cast aside. Yet this all felt very real, these were real people making mistakes, reading signals wrongly, being too self-absorbed, not thinking through the consequences, making things worse - and I liked that very much. The writing felt raw and vibrant. Not your usual cookie cutter romance but something different.
Anonymous 6 months ago
ChaptersWeLove 6 months ago
Published: January 29th, 2019 Publisher: William Morrow Rating: 2.5/5 My thoughts Ok, so I read The Hating Game LOVED IT! so when this came around I was really excited so I requested a copy from Elderweiss Books and was really excited when I got approved for an e-Arc.  Fast forward few days later I start this book and I'm like ok, let me give it some time.  Well, I'm sorry that I have to be so negative but this was a complete let down.  I mean don't get me wrong it had very few good parts that I enjoyed but overall I found the main character to be so annoying and so irresponsible. Darcy the main protagonist was very annoying, for most of the book.  We hear about her short hair for about 90% of the book and then we hear about her pierce nipples and what not I mean I can't even believe I actually finished this book! Seriously, then we have Tom the love interest but We don't really get much from him either.  Other than Darcy saying how good he is and she wants him so bad, I mean jeezzzz. We also, have a few other side characters that are likable but again we don't get much from them either.  I did like a few of the moments with Darcy and Tom but that's about it. OH I almost forgot Darcy's twin brother kind of a jerk but then not so bad at the end. I don't know I didn't hate this book but I didn't love it or liked as much as The Hating Game (and that books had so much wrong with it but loved it) but this really wasn't for me.  But please don't let this get in the way of you picking up this book, read it and see you may ended loving it. Thank you to Elderweiss Books and the publisher for providing me with an e-Arc
Anonymous 6 months ago
5223486 7 months ago
Sally Thorne... SALLY. THORNE. Lady, you have done it again. I fell in love with Lucy and Josh in The Hating Game, and now Darcy and Tom have secured their own little place in my heart. I enjoyed this book so much. The fact that Darcy and Tom were so different than Lucy and Josh was definitely refreshing. Though don't let this put you off if you enjoyed The Hating Game. If anything this only goes to show that Sally Thorne is capable of writing a variety of different characters in her signature Sally Thorne voice and style. I especially appreciated the dialogue in this book - both internal and external. She creates the best kind of dynamic between Darcy and Tom which made me read well into the early hours of the morning. I was also a huge fan of Jamie, Truly, and Alex, Colin, and Ben. I know we don't see as much of them throughout the book, but I loved their interactions with Darcy and Tom nonetheless. 99 Percent Mine was such fun read, and I will without a doubt be coming back to it in a few weeks for a re-read. Sally Thorne is without a doubt an auto buy author for me. If you're contemplating getting this book, I highly recommend that you do so!
escape_inabook 7 months ago
A great sophomore release from the author of the EPIC romcom that stole my heart... this book swooped in and secured Sally Thorne as one of my top loved authors. Friends to lovers, brothers best friend, unrequited love finally realized... romance tropes that have been done time and again but in Sally’s hands they became fresh and lively. If you enjoy a slow burn happily ever after, this is your book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
BoundlessBookaholic 7 months ago
This was so freaking good! I loved every minute I was reading this book. I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. The Hating Game was one of my all-time favorite reads, and I wasn’t sure Sally could make me love another book as much as that one. But she managed to make me love this one almost as much, so major props for that. I cannot wait to read whatever she comes out with next! The name Tom usually doesn’t do anything for me, but after reading this book, the name made me swoon. Tom Valeska is without a doubt going on my book boyfriend list. He was so sweet, thoughtful, but had his alpha moments too. I also really loved Darcy. She was sarcastic, but Tom brought out the sweet side of her…just like she brought out his wild side. In addition to loving the main characters, I also loved Truly, Jamie (for the most part), and the construction crew. We were mostly focused on just Tom and Darcy for the entire book, and I was okay with that, because I loved the banter and chemistry between them. I highly recommend you check out this book, and The Hating Game as well!
book_junkee 7 months ago
4.5 stars I really liked The Hating Game, so I was eager to see what Sally’s second book would be like. I liked Darcy and Tom. She’s got a crusty outside {but is quite a soft marshmallow} and uses her smart mouth to evade real issues. He’s definitely a marshmallow under his gruff exterior and likes to avoid avoid avoid. So really, it was quite easy to want to mash their faces together. I also loved Darcy’s BFF and I’m hoping we get a companion book for her. Plot wise, it was a lot of push and pull. There were so many conversations, but nothing of value was ever said. I loved the house renovation as the moving time frame. I was so irritated that Darcy overlooked her heart condition and there are some behavior things I didn’t care for. Overall, it was full of heart and emotion. Sally definitely knows how to write a compelling story and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I would have loved more an epilogue, but that’s because I’m greedy. **Huge thanks to William Morrow for providing the arc free of charge**
Amy_Jo More than 1 year ago
I super, super, super need this. I have the feeling it's going to be another un-put-down-able Sally Thorne ride!