A Ballroom Called the Universe: Dancing with the Higher Energies of Life

A Ballroom Called the Universe: Dancing with the Higher Energies of Life

by Anne M. Ehmann


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Today we stand at an unprecedented point in human evolution. Life seems to be unfolding at a more accelerated pace.
As we travel within this vast context called the Universe, know that no matter how life manifests, we are never alone. We move always "to the rhythmic beat of an ever upward evolutionary emergence."
Trust this flow wholeheartedly. Learn to "dance" with the brilliance of the Universe already within you.
Shine on, dear one!

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ISBN-13: 9781982200008
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/23/2018
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

The poetic works within A Ballroom Called the Universe reflect and comment upon life's journey, as seen from the author's perspective. The poems span the gamut from childhood memories, to present day recollections and current events, and briefly examine the subject of loss and grief. "Like the seasons our souls go through times of challenge and change."
The author's affinity for the written word has led to a publishing career as copyeditor, advertising coordinator, and production manager in major publishing houses in New York.
Over the years, her poetry has appeared in various anthologies, journals, newsletters, magazines, CD's and on-line publications. Poetry continues to be her favorite art form, a place in her heart she calls home.
During her spare time, Anne loves exploring the culinary arts, delights in home gardening, and enjoys participating in the various writing networks and workshops on Long Island.
She and her husband currently reside in Merrick, NY, where they both enjoy boating on its many beautiful waterways.

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The Ballet of Life

A Ballroom Called the Universe

"Come dance with me,"
the moon beckons quietly,
as stars gleefully shine upon the Luna's incandescent face leaving upon her a silvery tinge

Sparkling swaths of stardust touch the deep expanse of night,
illuminating a lovely Venus
surrounded by planetary light

Afar, Mercury glances yearningly at the awaiting Goddess of Love.
He surreptitiously spins his strong fiery arms around his highly prized conquest

A passion dance commences between the two ardent lovers, prompting an epic-scaled ballet enveloping and consuming the mystery-filled night

In the distance, like a debutante, Mother Earth
waltzes majestically in full regalia flawlessly garbed in greens and blues, enthralling would-be suitors with her captive charm and dazzling hues

Throughout interplanetary time and space,
sound waves, travelling at recording breaking speeds create and gestate rich mellifluous symphonies yet to be heard and enjoyed

Alive is the cosmos with playful creativity,
fervently birthing within her cosmic canal,
a higher order of wisdom and illumination Dancing always to the rhythmic beat of an ever upward evolutionary emergence

"If you don't enjoy the journey, chances are you won't enjoy the destination."



Enjoy the Ride


Test-driving the rocky road of life Often refusing Divine direction living strictly under cause and effect blocking the grace of Gods intercession

Trailing on fumes of self-pity, mired in shards of broken, discarded dreams Drained and depleted of spiritual fuel

Fear tightens its fierce grip on the steering wheel of life as you struggle to relinquish control at the helm

That 'still small voice'
urges you to finally surrender Become the Universe's trusting and guided passenger

Divine Love always goes out-on-a-limb bestowing Its heavenly best Renouncing your personal will is the ultimate, life-challenging test

Remember when life's in a spin,
and you're feeling downtrodden ponder these wisdom-filled words

"The Kingdom of Heaven,
... Lies always within"


Wading through non-chartered waters at times deeply submerged in fear we often miss the hidden treasures that await forever, far and near

Many souls just drift through life never daring to make any "waves"
Skirting and skimming the surface,
contently remaining spiritual knaves

Others rise and fall, undulating aimlessly upon the open seas,
cresting between faith and doubt fostering tension and disharmony

Make a strong dynamic splash in life,
smooth sailing is never guaranteed It's by leaps of unfaltering faith that inner strength is ultimately achieved

When tidal waves of challenges knock you down to your knees,
remember your inner steadfastness will lift you back upon spiritual feet


Upon the winds of the restless sea you glide ever so gracefully with effortless navigational maneuvers imprinted on your soaring heart

Wings majestically performing skilled feats of feathery freedom above and across the frothy waves

You agilely coast without a care drifting to your destination with white sand beneath webbed feet

O majestic bird we welcome your beautiful sight as you surface upon the shimmering shoreline

Instinctively flowing with the currents of life you demonstrate an unswerving, steadfast trust

Praise the message that you bring

The Boat is Waiting to be Used

Forlornly, each morning it awaits silently patiently for its master to set it assail
... again he does not appear

Majestically it must linger and wait like the Queen Mary ever so eager to conquer the seas so to display its prowess supreme

But your much loved captain,
much to your dismay, lays inside his dark castle anchored and steeped in sadness, sorrow, and malaise

Yet you quietly yearn for the wide open spaces where strong winds and high waves fiercely intersect with
... liberating gusto

But the master cannot go to you Oh, that he could

Inside the prison of his mind,
the master cannot be set free until he conquers the ominous waves of his incumbent soul

There freedom awaits

"Your soul is made from all of the purest love in the Universe;
you can't get any closer to heaven than that."

(Robert Clancy)


Facets of Love

only love can open doors

no one loves a flower that droops and acts defeated;
no one loves beauty that cannot respond.

blossom if you will and you'll find the winds of change won't carry you away!

divine love is water to the spring of life

smile be happy you've only got yourself!


Counting sea-shells castaway like discarded dreams across the immortal sands of time

Surfacing in memory like one huge wave of passion,
wrapping my soul like a soft woolen blanket

during a bitter December's night.

the lonely swan

every morning like clockwork you glide through the river solo with utmost ease and elegance

oh, if you only knew that your life-long mate has been forever taken away from your noble side

treading through all kinds of weather,
blizzards, heavy rains, and insufferable heat you unremittingly continue your futile search


I think of your warmth and feel so good

I look into your face and see the sun shining through

Your uniqueness and inner strength surpassed only by your endearing smile

And smile for me over and over for time and again you make me feel alive

What power you hold sending my heart-a-flutter just by setting your sweet blue eyes on me

Circle of Love

Divine Love is a sacred place,
it cannot be restricted,
contained, nor ever bound For it is said, 'Where we stand is holy ground.'

Love cannot be contained within stained-glassed window walls,
nor in incensed-filled cathedral halls

Divine Love's unseen hand gently guides the Universe,
healing and restoring humanity's deeply-seated psychic wounds

To those willing to truly 'listen' and 'hear'
Divine Love unveils its hidden truths all the while adjusting our sails in the direction of wisdom and safety

Shining freely upon its Creation Love's light cannot be diminished nor extinguished for it excludes no one from its benevolence and grace.

"Never lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful.
It is God's handwriting ..."

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Divine Piaces


Skies lit by lighting,
pregnant with loud rumbling thunder.
The rains hit hard last night

Early this morning glancing at my garden joy seemed to emanate from each and every flower

Cleansed and nourished by torrential rains which drenched their thirsty roots,
the peonies' faces appear cheerful and grateful for the hammering downpour

Oh what happiness to behold!

The Divine at Work

You engulf the city in shimmering light a golden Presence heralding a majestic vision

I no longer feel alone when You tap on my window to remind me that You care

In all the busyness around You are the one who employs us with work tailor made for each

O' Magnolia Tree

Rooted and set in front of an old oil refinery building do not doubt your beauty because of where you stand

Your splendor cannot be diminished

Offering a soothing sense of loveliness as I travel by each and every morning

Displaying their exquisite charm white blossoms inaudibly speak beckoning me to carpe diem


Mere words cannot convey the magnificence of this day Choreographed perfection the dance of life on display

Breeze against my tanning skin seagulls gliding in tandem with Frisbees played by children

Sand covered seashells glisten like topaz colored footsteps lining and gracing the winding shoreline

Waves intricately dressed in white lace announce the beauty of this extraordinary day Land and sea join at the mouth of the ocean floor relentlessly embracing all the more

Surf stretching forth sunlights face surging toward the vast expansive sky Each rush matching heights unparalleled casting curl swells over eight feet high

Thank you Life for this sacred niche that for me is my favorite beach

I will see you soon Oh place divine where infinity joins eternal space and time

My Zen Garden

A novelty in my backyard a focal point of beauty and grace,
enshrined with trees, plants, and shrubs this, my quiet reflective space

Rising above worrisome thoughts meditative moments, just to be -the trickling sounds of water softly singing a soothing melody

Shrubs, flowers, bushes, trees once inconspicuous, unassuming seeds,
in concert with sun and rain made their full floral reckoning

Like a seed, we sometimes experience a metamorphosis of the soul where life seems devoid of purpose or goal Dormancy and stagnation its stronghold

Yet, with each positive thought we plant awakens us to a world of 'can do', not 'can't'
Negative thoughts are weeded out,
love and trust replace insidious doubt

Fear turns into courage unforeseen;
like a seedling when nothing
"seems" to be happening

Freely flowing water around stones, rocks and crevices,
silently speaks: non-resistance is the key to living life in peaceful tranquility

Step into my garden and be transformed by its colors, stillness, and waterfalls It reflects back, you see, the infinite potential residing in you and me

"We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes,
but they never break."

(Marquise deSeVigne)


Early Childhood

Iron-Willed Lady

Undeterred in her mission to live life her way,
unwavering in her beliefs

Vivid memories of her bike riding throughout our neighborhood,
happily chatting with acquaintances and friends she met along the way

Recollection of endless summers surface as she toiled and tended her vegetable garden underneath the blazing sun, long into weary dusk

And, yes, the countless holiday dinners tirelessly prepared, bring back sense memories of rich culinary aromas wafting through our entire household

Still at the end of any drawn-out day,
she always found time to sew missing buttons on my school uniform blazer

That's my mom


Early on you were the apogee of my youthful years I eagerly awaited your arrival

The day you debuted onto this earthly plane

was the happiest day any six year old could ever claim

MY NEPHEWS (Younger Years)


You look up at me with puppy brown eyes gleaming innocence Ageless, and, ah, so wise

What work of art God sculpted in you A marvel to behold an antidote for the blues

I thank the heavens night and day for having in my life God's little angel like you


Your eyes behold the secrets of the Universe Their 'blueness' the heavens and the stars

Your laughter speaks symphonies yet to be composed with gleefulness containing every color of the rainbow

You'll always make the world a better place because of who you are

"Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything except technology."

(John Tudor)


Plugged In (Bits and Bytes of Life)

Mind Versus Computer

Deciphering modes of problem solving empty messages bombard the human brain restoring information confirming to doubt man's existence in conjunction with the electronic age

a blip on the screen of immortality

The Office Saga

Indeterminable information regularly retrieved, downloaded,
and stored throughout the day

Filing digitally, hours on end the sheer futility, the pointless waste of irreplaceable time

Does not the great outdoors call,
beckoning me to wax poetically?
But indoors I remain reluctantly

Alas, the clock strikes five Gathering my remaining strength,
I become energetically alive

The next six hours life s regained Home to longing family and friends

Tomorrow is a distant, far-off land stretched before me light years away I delight in the moment at hand


Impatiently waiting to get on the net My web appetite can no longer wait

What's happening?
Can't log-on, can't log-on Gates you've fallen from computer grace,
no longer KING of cyberspace

The information highway
-- gridlocked -can't log-on, can't log-on all pertinent information is blocked

Someone tell me what went wrong?

Work is a downright chore when machines that store succumb to 'servers' that flaw.

Can't log-on, can't log-on where's my jacket I'm going home!

"The seasons are what a symphony ought to be:
four perfect movements with each other."

(Arthur Rubinstein)


Four Seasons


Like the seasons our souls go through times of challenge and change

We bloom, achieve, win,
sometimes we miss the mark,
lose and falter back onto negative patterns of thought

Changing seasons contain cycles where we harvest and uproot the ripened truths for our personal spiritual growth

Awareness, understanding, and wisdom indeterminably unfold

The hardships experienced recycle into positive fodder feeding our souls highest good

When we learn the lessons When we learn the lessons

spring forward,
don't fall back

winter has long come to a close losing its futile grasp upon remnants of melting snow

hidden and silenced beneath a solitude of ice and freezing rain,
spring graciously makes her entrance ... once again

cold winds morph into warm breezes subtle fragrances waft through the air evoking nostalgic memories
... perhaps creating new ones

budding trees, glistening brooks,
melodic songs of mockingbirds,
the invigorating scent of fresh rain awakens a sense of new beginnings

this spring don't fall back onto old,
negative ways of doing and perceiving,
pull up from the dead weight of yesteryear's burdensome and unsavory habits

observe with innocent eyes the sights,
sounds, textures, aromas infusing and permeating this vast wondrous world

as spring carries you under its wistful wing don't ignore her indisputable beckoning,
nurture and tend your innermost garden a sacrosanct place for your flowering soul


how flawlessly trimmed and dressed you appear

gracing a courtyard like a royal perennial princess

crafted with tender and resplendent beauty

a gentle reminder of love's existence

Autumn's Sonata

Driving through parkways and highways amazed and bewildered at what I see,
foliage composed like melodic notes hanging from vibrant, colorful trees

Summer has folded her suitcase and packed away her wares Fall is busily arranging landscapes -dazzling crimson and golden rays

The coolness of each passing day refreshes the tired, worn-out soul,
and just beyond the vast horizon a hint of winter's approaching cold

Seasons never waver nor look back to mourn and grieve what's been before,
Mother Earth moves in steady rhythms modifying her facial appearance all the more

Imperceptibly each unique new cycle beats to the ever continuous flow of nature's good,
reminding us to leave the unalterable past behind,
the "could haves," "would haves," and "shoulds"

Step boldly into the ever-present now,
experience treasures heretofore untold,
witness excitement and newfangled adventures governed by the soft soothing music of the orbs


Too many shapes all different non-replicable

a phenomenon nothing less

glistening shadows of purity covering rooftops gracefully leaving a silvery tinge on trees –-

aesthetic beauty on a city fire hydrant

"Let your love for one another be your reason to celebrate holidays together;
rather than holidays being the only reasons to come together with family and friends."

(Edmond Mbiaka)


Commemorating Holidays


Over two thousand years ago an unassuming man walked among the rich and poor, taught in parables,
healed the sick, the lame, and more.

He espoused pearls of wisdom such as
"these things you can do, and more."

This 'Prince of Peace' never sought self-deification, nor personal prominence.
His only request that we love one another No one has made a wider impact since.

Rising above human tribulations, overcoming the "Gethesetheme' of his mind,
he merged his 'humanness' with the divine,
leaving unnecessary doubts and fears behind.

Possessing a higher consciousness,
he resurrected his thinking above the lower energies of this earthly world,
persevering with courage undeterred.

With faith and love in tow, this exemplary counselor understood the law of 'we reap what we sow."

Jesus' messages reference like a spiritual handbook forever bestowing guidance and counsel to seekers of wisdom everywhere.


Amid flag-waving festivities, parades,
concerts, barbeques, poolside parties,
fireworks against evening celebratory skies,
today commemorates our nation's birth and the long-awaited freedom from British rule

A key note day for citizens to take stock and vow to keep a true vigilance upon our current political waters. A perfect occasion to recommit to the upholding and maintaining of the sacred tenets stipulated in the Declaration of Independence

Boldly 'declare' freedom and liberation from any form of governmental tyranny or absolutism that threatens to rear its ugly head and/or undermine our trusted, venerable and treasured civil liberties.

Our fore-fathers legal bulwark, protects its citizenry against the striping away, layer upon layer, of their inalienable rights and privileges.

This written document is an attestation, if you will,
that highlights every abiding citizen's irrefutable right to 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness'

May this and every day mirror and express what is indelibly etched upon our nation's collective heart, mind and soul. Equality and justice for all.

Let's honor and preserve our treasured heritage.


Excerpted from "A Ballroom Called the Universe"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Anne M. Ehmann.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Chapter I The Ballet of Life, 1,
Chapter II Enjoy the Ride, 5,
Chapter III Facets of Love, 15,
Chapter IV Divine Places, 27,
Chapter V Early Childhood, 39,
Chapter VI Plugged In, 47,
Chapter VII Four Seasons, 55,
Chapter VIII Commemorating Holidays, 67,
Chapter IX Times in Which We Live, 77,
Chapter X Nightfall, 89,

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