A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky: The Best of the Sun

A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky: The Best of the Sun

by Sy Safransky (Editor)


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A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky: The Best of the Sun is a beautifully designed two-volume collection of the finest interviews, short stories, essays, photos, and poems from the first 10 years of The Sun. Each bountiful, oversized paperback contains more than 500 pages of writing -- by authors selected not for their literary reputations, but for the honesty of their reflections.

A Bell Ringing in the Empty Skyfeatures interviews with Robert Bly, Hugh Prather, Carl and Stephanie Simonton, Reshad Feild, Ram Dass, and Patricia Sun; plus intriguing fiction and pesonal essays from writers both well-known and unknown on such topics as good marriages, prison, struggling with cancer, jealousy, and being a parent. Fans of The Sun will enjoy this scenic, slow ride through the magazine's early years.

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ISBN-13: 9780917320125
Publisher: Sun Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/01/1992
Pages: 492

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"Fear is often the enemy of love....Fear constricts, limits, and bounds me. I fear the future and I buy insurance. I fear death and I go to doctors for solutions. I fear pain and I take asprin or tranquilizers. I fear hell and I go to church and follow the teachings without question...And over and over I see how often fear is used to motivate and control us. I am getting sensitive to those people who would first scare me in order to sell me their remedy for my panic. From halitosis to communism, from anti-nukes to pro-lifers, I see that whether I agree with the cause or not, I distrust those who sell a cure by painting a picture of the horror of being without it."

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