A Better Courtship: A Pride and Prejudice Variaton

A Better Courtship: A Pride and Prejudice Variaton

by Lorraine Hetschel


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In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have a spectacular disagreement in the form of Mr. Darcy's first botched proposal. He was confident of his success, and he showed it. This did not delight Elizabeth. Far from it. Instead, she lashed out at him with accusations she believed at the time. He left, feeling dejected and depressed.
Yes, I know they get together eventually, but I decided that our characters would have been too smart for this folly.
This story begins while Elizabeth is in Kent visiting Mrs. Collins and shows a better courtship for the couple we have all grown to love and care for. Gone are the harsh words. Instead, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are thrown together in situations that require them to discuss their differences. As a result, they both grow to be better people. People who are worthy of a love that will last a lifetime.
This story was intended to be light and pleasing and is almost angst-free. I hope you find it as such.

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