A Bibliography of Robertson Davies

A Bibliography of Robertson Davies


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Publication date: 07/21/2014
Pages: 538
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About the Author

Carl Spadoni is the former director of the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections at the McMaster University Library.

Judith Skelton Grant is the author or editor of eight books, including the authorized biography of Robertson Davies. Her most recent book is A Bibliography of Robertson Davies (written with Carl Spadoni).

Table of Contents


Introduction: Scope and Arrangement of the Bibliography; Descriptive Elements; Sources Consulted; Index

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A Section: Separate Publications

Shakespeare’s Boy Actors. 1939

Shakespeare for Young Players: A Junior Course. 1942

How Stupid Is Canada? 1946

The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks. 1947

Overlaid: A Comedy. 1948

Eros at Breakfast and Other Plays. 1949

Fortune, My Foe. 1949

The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks. 1949

At My Heart’s Core. 1950

Tempest-Tost. 1951

A Masque of Aesop. 1952

Leaven of Malice. 1954

A Jig for the Gypsy. [1955]

A Mixture of Frailties. 1958

Battle Cry for Book Lovers. 1960

A Voice from the Attic. 1960

Literature in Medicine. 1962

A Masque of Mr Punch. 1963

In Memoriam Lionel Vincent Massey 1916-1965. 1965

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1965

A21 Massey College Calendar 1966-1967. 1966

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1966

At My Heart’s Core & Overlaid. 1966

Massey College Calendar 1967-1968. 1967

Marchbanks’ Almanack. 1967

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1967

Massey College Head Remembers Vincent Massey. 1968

In Memoriam The Right Honourable Vincent Massey 1887-1967. [1968]

The Voice of the People. 1968

Four Favourite Plays. 1968

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1968

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1969

Stephen Leacock. 1970

[Citation of Dora Mavor Moore for Honorary Degree]. 1970

Feast of Stephen. 1970

The Other Leacock [program poster]. 1970

The McFiggin Fragment. 1970

Fifth Business. 1970

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1970

The Heart of a Merry Christmas. 1970

What Do You See in the Mirror? 1970

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1971

Hunting Stuart & Other Plays. 1972

The Manticore. 1972

An Evening with Ben Jonson [program poster]. 1972

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1972

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1973

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1974

Question Time. 1975

World of Wonders. 1975

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1975

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1976

One Half of Robertson Davies: Provocative Pronouncements on a Wide Range of Topics. 1977

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1977

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1978

The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies. 1979

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1979

[Gaudy Night broadside]. 1980

The Well-Tempered Critic. 1981

The Penguin Leacock. 1981

Brothers in the Black Art. 1981

The Rebel Angels. 1981

On Being a Professional. 1981

High Spirits. 1982

Thirty Years at Stratford. [1983]

The Mirror of Nature. 1983

The Deptford Trilogy. 1983

Introduction to The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks. 1985

What’s Bred in the Bone. 1985

The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks. 1985

The Salterton Trilogy. 1986

The Lyre of Orpheus. 1988

[Folio Society promotional leaflet. 1990?]

Opera and Humour. 1991

Murther & Walking Spirits. 1991

The Cornish Trilogy. [1992]

Reading and Writing. 1993

An Introduction to the Twenty-First Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair. 1993

Jezebel: The Golden Tale of Naboth and His Vineyard, and of King Ahab and His Wicked Queen. 1993

Revelation from a Smoky Fire. 1993

Why I Do Not Intend to Write an Autobiography. 1993

Two Plays: Fortune, My Foe & Eros at Breakfast. 1993

A Return to Rhetoric. 1993

The Cunning Man. 1994

Two Plays: Hunting Stuart & The Voice of the People. 1994

The Dignity of Literature. 1994

A Christmas Carol Re-Harmonized. 1995

A Gathering of Ghost Stories. 1995

Animal U. 1995

The Merry Heart: Selections 1980-1995. 1996

Happy Alchemy: Writings on the Theatre and Other Lively Arts. 1997

The Golden Ass, a Libretto. 1999

For Your Eye Alone: Letters 1976-1995. 1999

Discoveries: Early Letters 1938-1975. 2002

The Quotable Robertson Davies: The Wit and Wisdom of the Master. 2005

Selected Plays. 2008

Selected Works on the Pleasures of Reading. 2008

Selected Works on the Art of Writing. 2008

B Section: Contributions to Books

“Diary of Christmas Excitement” in Souvenir Edition Examiner for the Annual Christmas Party 1945. 1945

“The Theatre: A Dialogue on the State of the Theatre in Canada” in Royal Commission Studies. 1951.

Preface, “The Director,” and “The Players” in Renown at Stratford: A Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada 1953. 1953

Statement for playbill A Jig for a Gypsy. 1954

Preface, “Rehearsal—A Study in Rhythm,” “The Taming of the Shrew,” “Measure for Measure,” and “Oedipus Rex” in Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded: A Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada 1954. 1954

Introduction to B.K. Sandwell’s The Diversions of Duchesstown and Other Essays. 1955.

Preface, “Julius Caesar,” “King Oedipus,” “Merchant of Venice,” and “A Note on Style in Acting” in Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d: A Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada 1955. 1955

“Sherry Trifle” in We Can Cook Too! Recipes Hot Off the Press. 1956

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“The Theatre” in D.C. Williams’s The Arts as Communication. 1962

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Testimonial letter in Lulie Westfeldt’s F. Matthias Alexander: The Man and His Work. 1964

Introduction to Stephen Leacock’s Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy. 1964

“Stephen Leacock” in Encyclopedia Americana. 1964

“The Implacable Educator” in Great Canadians, A Century of Achievement. 1965

Introduction to Horton Rhys’s A Theatrical Trip for a Wager! Through Canada and the United States. 1966

Preface to Ronald Borg’s Peterborough: Land of Shining Waters. 1966

The Centennial Play. 1967

The Centennial Play program. 1967

Program note for the play Caste, Hart House Theatre. 1967

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“Note on A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” in Peter Raby’s The Stratford Scene, 1958-1968. 1968

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Foreword to Betty Lee’s Love and Whisky: The Story of the Dominion Drama Festival. 1973

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Autobiographical essay in World Authors 1950-1970: A Companion Volume to Twentieth Century Authors. 1975

Preface to Abraham Rotstein’s Beyond Industrial Growth. 1976

“Massey College” in William Kilbourn’s The Toronto Book: An Anthology of Writings Past and Present. 1976

Statement in advertisement flyer, Masks of Satan. 1976

Program note to the MacMillan Theatre’s production of “Pontiac and the Green Man.” 1977

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“A Note on ‘Overlaid’” in Transitions I: Short Plays, A Source Book of Canadian Literature. 1978

Tribute in The Pierre Berton Celebration Dinner. 1979

“The Deptford Trilogy in Retrospect” in Studies in Robertson Davies’ Deptford Trilogy. 1980

Introduction to “Hope Deferred” in Anton Wagner’s Canada’s Lost Plays, vol. 3, The Developing Mosaic: English-Canadian Drama to Mid-Century. 1980

Introduction to Arnold Edinborough’s The Festivals of Canada. 1981

“Mixed Grill: Touring Fare in Canada, 1920-1935” in L.W. Conolly’s Theatrical Touring and Founding in North America. 1982

“What the Opera Is About” in Doctor Canon’s Cure, theatre programme. 1982

Foreword to Richard Perkyns’s Major Plays of the Canadian Theatre 1934-1984. 1984

Introduction to John Cowper Powys’s Wolf Solent. 1984

Introduction to Graham McInnes’s The Road to Gundagai. 1985

Foreword to vol. 1 of John Pettigrew and Jamie Portman’s Stratford: The First Thirty Years. 1985

“What Is Canadian about Canadian Literature” in Franz K. Stanzel and Waldemar Zacharasiewicz’s Encounters and Explorations: Canadian Writers and European Critics. 1986

Letter to Nicholas Goldschmidt in The Peeled Eye: An Author in Canada, Guelph Spring Festival programme. 1986

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Introduction to Robert Finch’s Sail-Boat and Lake. 1988

“Massey, Vincent” and “Massey, Raymond Hart” in Eugene Benson and L.W. Conolly’s The Oxford Companion to Canadian Drama and Theatre. 1989

“The Only Creatures in All of Nature Who Sing Are Birds and Mankind” in The Joy of Singing: 1989 International Choral Festival. 1989

Introduction to Francis Thistleton’s How I Came to Be Governor of the Island of Cacona. 1989

Statement in Edward Arlington Robinson. 1990

“A Chat about Literacy” in More Than Words Can Say: Personal Perspectives on Literacy. 1990

“On Macbeth” for the Stratford Festival Theatre programme of Macbeth. 1990

“Heartcry of an Over-Solicited Donor” in Margaret Atwood’s Barbed Lyres: Canadian Venomous Verse. 1990

“On the Dangerous Edge” in Clifton Fadiman’s Living Philosophies: The Reflections of Some Eminent Men and Women of Our Time. 1990

Chapter 4, “The Nineteenth-Century Repertoire” in Ann Saddlemyer’s Early Stages: Theatre in Ontario 1800-1914. 1990

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Introduction to Dorothy Sennett’s Vital Signs: International Stories on Aging. 1991

“Reading and Writing” in The Tanner Lectures on Human Values. 1992

“Reflections from the Golden Age” in The Greek Miracle Classical Sculpture from the Dawn of Democracy. 1992

“A Birthday Brindisi” in Red Jade Cups: John Espey at Eighty. 1993

“The Value of a Coherent Notion of Culture” in An Emerging North American Culture. 1993

“A Try for Greatness” in Clare Boylan’s The Agony and the Ego: The Art and Strategy of Fiction Writing Explored. 1993

Introduction to Anthony Trollope’s He Knew He Was Right. 1994

“Tanya Moiseiwitsch: An Appreciation” in T.J. Edelstein’s The Stage Is All the World: The Theatrical Designs of Tanya Moiseiwitsch. 1994

Tribute to Nicholas Goldschmidt in A Night in Old Vienna. 1994

“Getting There” in Constance Rooke’s Writing Away: The PEN Canada Travel Anthology. 1994

“Leacock Stephen (1869-1944)” in Eugene Benson and L.W. Conolly’s Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English. 1994

Introduction to Marie Elena Korey’s Elegant Editions: Aspects of Victorian Book Design. 1995

Untitled tribute to Robert Christie in Five Fond Tributes to Robert Christie. 1995.

Introduction to Mabel Smith, Dick Beck, and Beth McMaster’s Peterborough Theatre Guild: The First Thirty Years. 1995

Afterword to Mavis Gallant’s Across the Bridge. 1996

Foreword to Jerry Sontag’s Curiosity Recaptured: Exploring Ways We Think and Move. 1996

Libretto to The Golden Ass: A Two Act Opera. 1999

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“Summers, (Augustus) Montague” in H.C.G. Matthew and Brian Harrison’s Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, vol. 53. 2004

C Section: Contributions to Periodicals (Newspapers, Journals, Magazines, and Annuals)








D Section: Reports of Speeches, Lectures, and Public Presentations

E Section: Speeches and Lectures Given

F Section: Interviews

G Section: Unsigned Articles and Eitorials

H Section: Translations (organized under each language)

I Section: Films, Recordings by Davies, Audio Books, and Braille

J Section: Contributions in Articles and Books by Others


What People are Saying About This

Linda Quirk

“A richly rewarding bibliography that offers remarkable depth, breadth, and authority. Students and scholars in the fields of Canadian literature and book history, as well as librarians, booksellers, and book collectors will find this bibliography to be a powerful tool.”

Sandra Alston

A Bibliography of Robertson Davies presents an enormous amount of research in a concise and readable fashion. It will be of great benefit to both scholars of Davies’ work and historians of Canadian publishing history.”

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