A Book of Sparks: A Study in Christian Mindfullness

A Book of Sparks: A Study in Christian Mindfullness

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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An extended introduction into the universal human capacity for attention and awareness through what the author calls 'mindFullness'--the practice of being filled with the awareness of the presence of God.

In this second edition of A Book of Sparks, Shaun Lambert offers an extended introduction into the universal human capacity for attention and awareness, known in the world of psychology as 'mindfulness.' Shaun shows how biblical awareness and attention overlaps with secular mindfulness, and has distinctives. Transformation comes through what Shaun calls 'mindFullness'--the practice of being filled with the awareness of the presence of God.

This new edition contains a more detailed introduction and a thought-provoking, practical study guide. It enables us to go deeper on our spiritual journey of transformation through a 40-day study examining the watchfulness modelled by Jesus in Mark's gospel. The writer demonstrates how God can transform us as we develop our own watchfulness, and highlights key contemplative practices such as the Jesus Prayer and Lectio Divina. It is an invitation to mindful reading and living.

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ISBN-13: 9781909728158
Publisher: Instant Apostle
Publication date: 11/27/2015
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 209
Sales rank: 419,834
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About the Author

Shaun Lambert is senior minister of Stanmore Baptist Church as well as a trained counsellor and psychotherapist. He has been researching mindfulness since 2006 and is currently doing a PhD at London School of Theology, examining the biblical and historical roots of Christian mindfulness as it relates to the mindfulness revolution in today’s culture.

Table of Contents

Foreword 13

Author's note: Entering into full relationship 17

An introduction to mindfulness 24

A Christian perspective on awareness, attention and mindfulness 28

How can mindfulness be secular, Buddhist or Christian? 33

Mindfulness with a Christian scaffolding 35

Week 1 41

Introduction 41

Day 1 The kingdom of making new 48

Day 2 The Empty Self - working on our self-awareness 51

Day 3 Lectio Divina and spiritual awareness 54

Day 4 A real relationship with our creativity 57

Day 5 The distortion of narcissism 60

Day 6 Repairing our view of the body 64

Day 7 Remaking comes near 68

Week 2 71

Day 8 Peter and a crisis experience 71

Day 9 Volunteers - the working relationship 74

Day 10 A personal crisis experience - the spiritual relationship 77

Day 11 Learning to be real 81

Day 12 Correcting the distortion of ageism 84

Day 13 Repairing the wounds through silence 87

Day 14 Correcting a distorted view of Jesus and men 91

Week 3 94

Day 15 The parabolic 94

Day 16 A working relationship with learning 97

Day 17 Practising the presence of God - developing the spiritual relationship 100

Day 18 Real discernment 103

Day 19 The distortion of ecoalienation 106

Day 20 Repairing our vision 109

Day 21 The migrating journey 112

Week 4 115

Day 22 Jesus - master and commander of attention 115

Day 23 Working on our learning 118

Day 24 More on tire Jesus Prayer and the spiritual relationship 121

Day 25 Getting real with happiness 126

Day 26 Correcting the distortion of superiority 131

Day 27 Repairing our face-to-face relationships through compassion 134

Day 28 New 137

Week 5 140

Day 29 Opening our awareness 140

Day 30 Working with neuroscience and cognitive psychology 143

Day 31 The Jesus Prayer - the heart of the spiritual relationship 147

Day 32 Getting more real with happiness 151

Day 33 Repairing our vision 155

Day 34 The kingdom awakening 158

Day 35 Finding the doorspace 161

Week 6 164

Day 36 The riddles of learning 164

Day 37 The spiritual relationship on the street 167

Day 38 More on the real relationship with learning 170

Day 39 The distortion of narcissism revisited 173

Day 40 Repairing the relationship with business 176

Conclusion 184

A study guide for leaders' and participants using A Book of Sparks as a six-week course 189

Weekly guide 190

Other resources 205

Suggested reading and bibliography 206

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