A Box of Crazy Toys: 100 Liquid Landscapes

A Box of Crazy Toys: 100 Liquid Landscapes

by Peter Dellolio


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ISBN-13: 9781879378933
Publisher: Xenos Books / Chelsea Editions
Publication date: 02/23/2018
Pages: 107
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Italian-American Peter Dellolio is a poet, essayist and screenplay writer. He has been a contributing editor for NYArts Magazine, writing art and film reviews. He authored monographs on several new artists as well. He was co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Artscape2000, an award-winning art review e- zine. He has taught poetry and art for the LeAP expanded arts program in New York City. His paintings and 3D works are represented online. His latest book is A BOX OF CRAZY TOYS: 100 LIQUID LANDSCAPES (Xenos Books, 2018). He lives in Brooklyn.

Table of Contents

Preface 9

Skeleton Accordions 14

Children with Violin Faces 15

Droplets of Blood 16

The Infant's Fingers 17

Meat Fires Writhe Musically 18

Propellers Made of Sparrows 19

He Was Attacked 20

The Spindly Branches 21

Sulfur Mask 22

A Robe of Blue Silk 23

Nightmare Premiere 24

Ruby Fornicators 25

A Cow Disguised as Einstein 26

Insect Jury 27

The Marbling of the Meat 28

An Army of Turtle Doorknobs 29

A Glass Chest of Drawers 30

Silvery Sombrero Breakfast 31

Ocean Bandage 32

Smiling Tubas 33

Slab of Hypnotized Bubbles 34

Cooked Shadows Pretend 35

Dead Soup Lather 36

Iodine Gems 37

Pirates Playing Piccolos 38

A Bucket 39

The Balcony Wanted to Taste 40

The Little Boy 41

An Ambassadorial Syringe 42

The String Quartet 43

A Rubber Floor 44

Mumbling Zinc Headaches 45

Emerald Balloon Shadows 46

Maggot Wheels 47

Mesmerized Kite Canvas 48

Regions of the World 49

Wooden Raindrops 50

Card Trick 51

Raped Hats Emit Farts 52

Screaming Walls 53

The Waves Rise and Curl Forward 54

Night Watchman 55

Tumbleweed Milky 56

Flavor Tundra 57

Rented Magnet Trucks 58

Someone with Little Lizards 59

Elmer Season 60

Harpo's Raincoat 61

The Clown's Three Large Buttons 62

Conundrum Tom-Tom 64

Lobster Puppets 65

The Slick Wet Skin 66

Ebony Bassoon Flesh 67

Let's Go with the Idea 68

Rinaldo Baker Machine 69

Maple Squares 70

Rented Box Lore 71

Owl Boat 72

Roast Beef Lotion 73

Cryptic Cackling 74

Frenzy 75

Sanction Puff Jars 76

Forensic Taste Conscience 77

There May Have Been 78

Flesh Rash 79

Let's Get Lost 80

There Are Four Men in My Dream 81

Wyoming Ted 82

Utensils and Pencils 83

An Ice Cube Turned Fascist 84

Bluto with Soppresseta Slices 85

Rippling Dark Wavelets 86

Blue Vase Butter 87

Cobweb Movie Screen 88

There Is a Tortured Package 89

There Are a Series 90

Placebo Timber Man 91

He Was Writing a Novella 92

A Sorrento Bully 93

Cannoli Cream Staircase 94

Fountain Pen Nib 95

During the Snow Fall 96

Cantankerous Cannibals 97

Quick Sand Memento Apron 98

A Ginger Snap Code Book 99

Esmerelda Mesmerized Zelda 100

There Could Be 101

Variations 102

About the Author 105

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