A Breath of Frost: The Lovegrove Inheritance

A Breath of Frost: The Lovegrove Inheritance

by Alyxandra Harvey


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ISBN-13: 9780802734433
Publisher: Walker & Company
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Series: Lovegrove Legacy Series
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.60(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

ALYXANDRA HARVEY is the author of Haunting Violet, Stolen Away, and the Drake Chronicles. She studied creative writing and literature at York University and has had her poetry published in several magazines. She lives in an old Victorian farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with a few resident ghosts, her husband, and their dogs. She likes cinnamon lattes, tattoos and Mr. Darcy.


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A Breath of Frost: The Lovegrove Inheritance 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
MissPrint More than 1 year ago
London, 1814: Emma, Gretchen and Penelope--three cousins and reluctant debutantes--discover their families have been hiding a host of secrets one snowy night at a dull party. It starts with a broken bottle and a fire. It ends with the girls discovering they have magical powers and a girl found dead, her body covered in strange bruises and, stranger still, a coating of snow. With their powers unbound, the gates of the underworld open to allow all manner of nasty creatures from the underworld including the feared ghosts of the Greymalkin warlocks--three dark witch sisters--to wreak further havoc across London. Worse, more debutantes are turning up dead. While all three cousins try to understand and control their new powers, Emma has an added problem. Somehow she is connected to the murders; she keeps finding the bodies. With the authorities targeting her as a suspect, Emma will have to work with Cormac--an unlikely (and entirely too attractive) ally--in order to clear her name and find the real culprit before it's too late in A Breath of Frost (2014) by Alyxandra Harvey. A Breath of Frost is the first book in Harvey's Lovegrove Legacy--a trilogy which will presumably allot one book to each cousin. The second book, Whisper the Dead, will be published in October 2014. In this alternate historical London, magic runs rampant for the people who know where to look including the Order of the Iron Nail, Madcaps and various sundry characters and groups readers will have to sift through in the early pages of the novel. Patient readers will be rewarded with explanations of all of these names and a motley group of characters magical and otherwise. Although the cousins often read more like sisters, Harvey still creates a romantic, adventurous novel with a strong familial bond at its core. The cousins are stronger together--something that is not often featured enough in literature. Magic and mystery come together here to create a suspenseful, if not always perfectly paced, adventure. Filled with wit, adventure, and just the right amount of romance, A Breath of Frost is a delightful start to what promises to be a superb trilogy. Possible Pairings: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carringer, Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe, The Woman Who Loved Reindeer by Meredith Ann Pierce, Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood, The Amulet of Samarkand by Johnathan Stroud, Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevemer
KEMA28 More than 1 year ago
I haven't read very many witch books and this book did not disappoint. While reading this book I kept thinking of the t.v. series "Charmed." Instead of three sisters, we have three cousins, Emma, Gretchen, and Penelope. Each character had her own voice and personality. Each had their own unique quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. I liked these three girls and how strong they are both in character development and delivery. You can distinctly tell who is who. There is also Moira, a MadCap whom I liked as well. She is a strong, well developed character and I am glad that she was present throughout the book instead of just at the beginning. The world building was good, but needed more description. The pacing fluctuated from slow to fast, and repeat. This is one reason why I docked a star off. Another is all the fluff in this book. There were things that didn't need to be in the book and it made me scratch my head asking, "Why is this even in here?" There were parts that didn't seem serious and was there just for making the reader laugh. There is not enough action in this book and I craved more. Don't get me wrong, there is danger and action, but not a lot. What intrigued me the most was the magic. Harvey created her own witch/magic mythology and was fascinating to read. One part of the magic that was amazing was the "familiars." They are part of you, represent you, and they slide out of your stomach. They are in spirit form but can possess the living creature that they are and fight for their witch. They protect their witch and is a source of the witch's power. Another is the different witch powers there are. Some witches can heal, others can control the weather, some can hear things that no one hears, and some that can see the dead. There are other witch powers but not really explained. The Greymalkin sisters are back, wanting revenge against the Order. They will do anything to destroy them including having one of their own working from the inside of the Order to get what they want. Girls are being murdered, their life force sucked out of them and their witch's knot unwinding to represent the Greymalkins. They are covered in frost and ice. No one knows who is responsible for these deaths, but they suspect Emma. Emma along with her cousins go through a series of events that makes them realize they are part of one of the most powerful witch families ever known. The cousins will do anything to protect one another no matter the cost, even if one almost gets turned to the dark side. Overall, it is a good book. I will continue reading the series.
Addicted_Readers More than 1 year ago
4 Stars A BREATH OF FROST was a spiraling, spellbinding, magical world, with tons of magic and romance, that unfolded into a world filled of witches, warlocks, ghouls, hellhounds, underworlds, magical elements, spells, and a turmoil of murders and mystery! It was breathtakingly beautiful. Every last page had me compelled to read more. It truly was unlike anything I've ever read. THE PLOT... It's 1814 in the sparkling city of London, where witchcraft is unknown, and only revealed to those with witchcraft lineage, and other deadly paranormal beings. It's beautiful, yet dangerous, and very deadly... But for Emma, Gretchen, and Penelope, the only thing they know is the sparkling ballroom parties, fantasy dresses, and their noble name. But all that changes when Emma accidentally breaks a perfume bottle at the ball, or so she thought it was a perfume bottle. Emma actually broke a very powerful binding spell when she dropped that bottle. And now the 3 cousins, Emma, Gretchen, and Penelope's true destiny is finally revealed... The cousins return from the ball with unknown powers, and uneasy feelings that their is more to their world then they once thought. But that's not all that happened when Emma broke that bottle. People are dying, but not just any people, witches. And for some crazy reason, the wind pushes Emma to the bodies, every single one of them. With Emma being at every murder scene, and her mothers defiance against the Order (The witch police), and her mothers insanity for her defiance. Emma becomes their number one suspect for the murders. But why are these witches being murdered, and why does the wind push her to every one? But then Emma desperately gets her answers. When she broke her mothers bottle, she not only unbound her and her cousins powers, but she also opened the gates to the underworld. And unknowingly, allowed the Greymalkin sisters to rise and enter the portals from the underworld, to their world. But the Greymalkin sisters have come with a purpose, to kill and drain witches for their powers, so they can build enough strength and power to eventually solidify, and become whole enough to reclaim their old life in their world to wreck havoc, and keep killing and draining witches... With Emma now the Orders number one suspect, and the crazy things happening to her, like growing antlers out of her head...Yep, you heard me right, ANTLERS... Oh, and lets not forget about her attraction to the insanely seductive, yet dangerously alluring Cormac Blackburn. And also a member of the Order that is hunting her!! And while she battles her undying attraction to him, and he fights to keep the Order at bay from her, she always knows that he has vowed an oath to always put the Order first. So where does that leave Emma and him, since you know, they think she's a murderer and all?? Emma will go on a journey like no other, as she unravels secrets and horrifying truths that were never meant to be revealed. It's why her mother sacrificed her sanity by trapping her familiar in a bottle, thus driving her mad. And if these buried secrets ever came to the surface and were revealed, it could very well get Emma killed... Emma will have to trust herself and her cousins, while building allies with madcaps, and secret allies with the handsome, yet dangerously alluring Cormac. All while trying to master her powers and unravel her families secrets, while evading the Order, and trying to stay away from all the murders that are literally pulling her to them. Oh, and staying out of the Greymalkin sisters paths, that she inadvertently can't stay a way from. Because Emma is treading on very dangerous territory, and one wrong move and she could meet her end, either by the Order, or the warlock Sisters, or the murderer on the loose aiding the warlocks sisters and killing witches. She's on her most deadliest adventure yet, and it may be her last... Overall, A BREATH OF FROST was a magically enchanting, and highly addicting world that was more then enough to keep me glued to the last page, not wanting to do anything until it was over. It's definitely a series that I will read for many years to come! I can't wait to jump into book two and continue these cousins journey, because I have no doubt that Alyxandra Harvey will surpass A BREATH OF FROST and have me falling in love with a whole story, but from the same series! NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Bloomsbury for reviewing purposes! All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way!
HorseAnimeFreak More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book!! It was sooooo good! It was fast paced, exciting, romantic, mysterious as heck, dark at some points, you root for these characters especially the mean girl, the witch craft in this (yes this book's base are witches!) is very well written. I forgot to breath sometimes ;D Anyway very good book can't wait till the next one!! XD XD <3 <3 <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cover time! It's so pretty!!! Omigawsh it's so perfect. It's mysterious but it exudes some clues about the story and that's the color that I think Emma's hair is and it's just perfect. The colors, everything. I love the font especially. This book was one of those that I finished in like a day - it was seriously, crazy good. I had no problems getting right into the story. I wish that books 2 and 3 were about Emma and Cormac. I ship them so hard. I really want Cormac for myself, but, well. I have to say that I like all the magical things that happened and all the powders that they used. I really like when books have original magical systems, it reminded me of Harry Potter in a way. The Goblin Market was like Diagon Alley in my head for some reason. Either way I loved the book and while I still think that there are way too many loose ends for Emma's story to be over (Book 2 is in Gretchen's POV, so I'm guessing 3 is going to be in Penelope's,) I'm looking forward to it. October can't get here fast enough. Theodora is way off her rocker, and the ending with her still confuses me quite a bit, but still. So much happened in these 496 pages and I still wish there were 500 more. Miss Harvey's writing is clear, descriptive and it lures you right into the story. I'm so wrapped up in the plot line that it all blends together, almost like it happened to me. I think this is called a book hangover. Yes, that's where I am right now. All I can say is that this gets 5 triquetras and I'd give it 10 if I could. You need to pick this up.
ShannonODonnell More than 1 year ago
This is the perfect read for fans of all things witches--familiars, spells, charms--paired with lots of mystery and a pinch of romance. The strength of this series opener is in the depth of character development. The three cousins are all so different, yet we come to believe that we really know each of them. Between the slow-to-be-revealed mysteries, the London teas and fancy balls, and the intriguing love interest, Cormac, I can't help but recommend this new Harvey series.
Teresa_H More than 1 year ago
Emma Day and her cousins, Gretchen and Penelope, are debutantes just trying their best to stay under the radar and get through the dreadfully dull balls Gretchen's mother demands they attend. At one such ball Emma accidentally breaks a bottle she found long ago in a box of her mother's. After this strange things start to happen. Girls are being found with severe injuries and frozen to death. Emma and her cousins find out that they are descended from the famous witching family, the Lovegroves, and their powers have just been unbound. Also, apparently the feared Greymalkin sisters are on the prowl again, trying to become corporeal. And things just get crazier from there. 4.5 stars. I really really enjoyed this one. It was so close to being 5 stars for me but I just felt something I can't put my finger on was missing to get it there. Other than that I loved the story and the characters. It had just the right amounts of danger, mystery, romance, and of course magic! Its told from multiple POVs too and that just adds to the story and enables the reader to find out more about this world. I thought this was a fantastic first book for this trilogy and am so excited to read the second one when that comes out! Its Gretchen's book, I believe
Sailon More than 1 year ago
A Breath of Frost is a magic filled, Regency era, adventure. Three cousins powers are awakened when a magical spell is broken but it also unleashes an ancient evil known as the Greymalkin. Now the cousins must traverse this new magical power, uncover a hidden world within society they never new existed and find a way to re-trap the Greymalkin before they end up their next victims. A Breath of Frost is a fun and exciting debut to a new series called The Lovegrove Legacy. With many first books in the series, their was some story developing and perspective jumping that seemed to slow the flow. The characters are intriguing and I'm sure Gretchen, Penelope and Emma each bring us the promise of many exciting mystical adventures to come. Magical creatures, English propriety (or the lack there of), emerging powers, discovering ones self while experiencing the first pangs of love...the cousins have a lot on their plates and will be a series I am sure to follow. I received this ARC copy of A Breath of Frost from Bloomsbury USA Children's Books - Walker Childrens in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication January 7, 2014.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Magical, thrilling, romantic, and full of surprises, A Breath of Frost was a brilliant YA read. I absolutely loved this book! Everything about it was amazing. I've read books by this author before and absolutely loved them. This book definitely doesn't disappoint. Emma was a lovely heroine. After living a fairly normal life, her world was absolutely flipped upside down when her magic was released. But, she stayed strong and held her own, even as she was faced with things she never even knew existed. I really liked her. I thought she was a fantastic character. Cormac was Emma's love interest and he was a total sweetie. Though he lived within the society of witches, he didn't have any magical power of his own. But, don't let that fool you. He held his own in a world of magic and proved that he was strong on his own right. He was wonderful. The romance was on the light side, with the story being more focused on the witch issues at hand, but it still played a significant role. Emma and Cormac were so sweet together. They were both strong and they made one hell of a team. I thought they were lovely together. The other characters were also great. Gretchen and Penelope (the cousins) were both wonderful. They were strong and clever and I really liked them both. The mystery of why Emma's powers were locked up was brilliantly done. I loved how the story of her mother's past and why she did what she did was done. Her story was brilliant and heartbreaking on its own and it definitely held a few surprises. I thought that was wonderfully done. The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There were tons of thrills and the mystery had me on the edge of my seat. I  never suspected who was behind the trouble with the Greymalkin Sister and why this person was doing it. It totally blew me away when I found out. I really enjoyed the story and the ending wrapped up the issue of the Sisters, while leaving things open for the next book. I can't wait to see what's coming up next in this brilliant series. A Breath of Frost was a fantastic YA historical/paranormal romance. It had magic, romance, mystery, surprises, and thrills. I loved every bit of it! Lovers of YA, magic, or romance, this is a book you have to read. *I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review