A Brief History of Afghanistan

A Brief History of Afghanistan

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Facts on File, Incorporated

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A Brief History of Afghanistan

Located along the busy trade routes between Asia and Europe, Afghanistan was for centuries a place where a diverse set of cultures met and exchanged goods and ideas. It was also a country on the paths of many invaders. All of these conquerors and peoples left their mark on the land, eventually forming one of the most diverse societies in the world. Modern times ushered in a violent era, from the overthrow of the monarchy in 1973 to the fall of the Taliban almost 30 years later. The experience of mass destruction, death, exile, and tyranny touched every Afghan. Whether the legacy of civic strife can be overcome by the shared experience of suffering is the challenge Afghanistan faces today.

A Brief History of Afghanistan provides a clear, concise account of the country's historical and cultural heritage, from 3000 B.C.E. to the present. Comprehensive coverage examines the history of the country, its diverse peoples, its culture, and its political and economic situation. Current events, such as the attempts by the government to improve the country's security and economy and to establish a strong central government, are also included.

Coverage also includes: The Rise of Islam to the Afghan State, The Birth of Modern Afghanistan, Twentieth-Century Monarchy, Two Revolutions, Soviet Afghanistan, Afghanistan in Rebellion, Mujahideen Rule, The Taliban Era, The Legacy of the Civil War, The Post-Taliban Era.

About the Author:
Shaista Wahab is in charge of the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection at the University Library, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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ISBN-13: 9780816057610
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2007
Series: Facts on File Brief History Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations     vi
List of Maps     vii
List of Charts     vii
Introduction: The Challenge of Afghanistan     viii
Land and People     1
Early History (Prehistory-651)     31
From the Rise of Islam to the Afghan State (651-1747)     51
The Birth of Modern Afghanistan (1747-1901)     71
Twentieth-Century Monarchy (1901-1973)     98
A Coup and a Revolution (1973-1978)     129
Soviet Afghanistan (1979-1989)     149
Afghanistan in Rebellion (1978-1992)     171
Mujahideen Rule (1992-1996)     195
The Taliban Era (1996-2001)     212
The Legacy of the Civil War     227
Overcoming the Legacy     238
Basic Facts     257
Chronology     262
Bibliography     268
Suggested Reading     272
Index     291

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