A brush with Mr. Naipaul: (and other pieces)

A brush with Mr. Naipaul: (and other pieces)

by Suresh Subrahmanyan


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Suresh Subrahmanyan draws freely from his life experiences to present this compendium of acutely observed columns. His métier, humour and satire, and his abiding love for the English language, resonate on every page. He delves nostalgically into his childhood, ruminating on, among other things, boarding school escapades and a wide spectrum of music that saturates his life. He paints a vivid portrait of India's contrariness with a light brush, warts and all. Politics, sport, the arts, current affairs and selective autobiography - they are all grist to the author's mill. As he himself says, 'I write for fun. If the reader is amused, it's a bonus'.

Suresh Subrahmanyan is refreshingly different from others of his ilk. He is known for his eclectic tastes, partial to wit and satire, a cricket tragic (in Aussie parlance) and an aficionado of music of varied genres. Small wonder that he has been a regular columnist in leading newspapers. His writings, covering a wide range of subjects, come as a breath of fresh air. This delightfully humorous collection of his choicest columns, impeccably written, will lift the reader's spirits.

N. Murali

Chairman, Kasturi and Sons Ltd (Holding company of The Hindu Group) and President, The Music Academy

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ISBN-13: 9781644298510
Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/05/2018
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Suresh Subrahmanyan is an advertising and brand communications consultant, based in Bangalore, with over 40 years' experience in the field. He is a keen connoisseur of various genres of music, closely follows cricket, tennis and football. A regular columnist in various Indian publications, his forte is humour and satire. Unsurprisingly, his favourite author is P. G. Wodehouse.

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