A Bundle Of Flirts! 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections

A Bundle Of Flirts! 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections

by Lisa Scott

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A Bundle Of Flirts! 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections by Lisa Scott

A Bundle Of Flirts! gives you three short story collections in one box set to save you a few bucks. That’s fifteen romantic short stories. At 8,000-12,000 words each, they’re the perfect length for your lunch break or kids' practices.

A Bundle of Flirts! contains all the stories from Holiday Flirts!, Wedding Flirts!, and More Flirts! including:
Holiday Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories
Get in the holiday spirit with these funny, sweet romantic short stories.

“Spooked by Love”
After divorcing her husband, Marnie’s afraid to trust her heart again. Is anything scarier than giving romance a second chance?

“Holiday Rush”
A Black Friday shopping-trip-gone-wrong loses Lindy her job, her guy, and her dignity. Then it gets worse—she has no choice but to take a job she loathes. But there’s one bonus in the deal: a seriously hot boss who might help her feel that holiday rush again.

“Missing Christmas”
Is Ginny just homesick, or did she make the mistake of her life moving south with her boyfriend?

“Tingle All The Way”
Jessica has never bought into the magic of Christmas, but when a mistaken call to 911 ruins the holiday for the little girl next door and her hottie uncle, Jessica might turn her worst Christmas ever into the best one yet.

“Giving Up Guys”
Three friends, one vow, and a drunken toast. These gals are giving up guys for their New Year’s resolution.

Wedding Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories
From bridezilla—and groomzilla—to lost loves and new starts, these short stories will take you on a sweet, funny, wild trip down the aisle.

"My Fake Fiancé" When Samantha’s invited to a frenemey’s wedding, she can’t show up dateless and pathetic. So Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fiancé. But when he needs her to return the favor, Sam starts wishing the fake relationship was real.

"Bridesmaid Blues"
Micki’s always the bridesmaid—and she likes it that way. She’s been burned so many times she just wants fun, not a relationship. Too bad her hot groomsman is looking for love, not a one-night stand.

"The One That Got Away"
Miranda’s just weeks away from what should be her dream wedding when she runs into an old flame—who’s getting married the very same day.

"Wedding Auditions"
Kelly’s best bud is tying the knot with bridezilla and she has to audition for a spot in the wedding. There’s one bright spot in the fiasco—the bride’s hot stepbrother.

"Do Over"
Moira’s the top wedding photographer in town, but she couldn’t have pictured a worse scenario—her high school crush is standing up in the wedding she’s shooting.

More Flirts! Five Romantic Short Stories
Life and love is a lot trickier for the Carter kids after a surprise multi-million dollar inheritance. Follow the five brothers and sisters through their rocky romances, disaster dates, and happy endings.

“Pickup Lessons”
Stone Kinney may have his PhD in astrophysics, but he knows nothing about women. When Kyla Carter overhears his pathetic pickup lines, she agrees to give him lessons on how to get a girl.

“Ex Therapy”
All of Aubrey Carter’s relationships have ended with her getting dumped. Her therapist suggests she interview her exes to learn what keeps going wrong so she can get things right with the next guy. But her exes aren’t quite what she remembered.

“Mr. Wrong”
Diana Hart is a relationship therapist desperate for her own happy ending. When she signs a publishing deal, she agrees to search for Mr. Wrong so she can document her dating don’ts. It’s certainly a bad time to meet Mr. Right, Toby Carter, who’s looking for his own perfect match.

“I Know Who You Kissed Last Night”
Eric Carter kissed the woman of of his dreams last night, but he was too drunk to remember who she was. His best friend, Emily, knows—it was her. But if he finds out, their relationship might be ruined.

“The Girl In The Pink Hat”
Zoe is fulfilling her late cousin’s bucket list that’s filled with dares, travel, and surprises. When Zoe spots herself described in a Craigslist missed connections ad, skydiving and tattoos are no longer the most thrilling things in her world.

Check out the other Flirts! Collections: Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts 2! and Reunion Flirts! Look for Office Flirts! in fall 2013. You might also enjoy Lisa's Willowdale Romance Novels: No Foolin' and Man of the Month.

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Publisher: Lisa Macdonough
Publication date: 11/27/2012
Series: The Flirts! Collections Box Sets , #2
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About the Author

Lisa Scott is a former TV news anchor who now enjoys making up stories instead of sticking to the facts. She's a writer and voice actor living in upstate New York with her husband, kids, cats, dog, and koi fish. Get the news on her latest releases at ReadLisaScott.com (sign up for her newsletter to be notified about new books.) You can also find her on facebook at Read Lisa Scott.

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A Bundle Of Flirts! 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
A Bundle of Flirts! by Lisa Scott Three books - Fifteen Stories Holiday Flirts! I really enjoy the Flirt! stories. They are fairly short and quick reads and I enjoy the way the author integrates the characters from one story into another. At times it's something little like one character just popping in on the story and other times it's the friend or relatives story. And there are usually little quirks that add the humor. Spooked by Love: For Marnie James the scariest thing this Halloween for her is considering dating again. When she meets Jeff Williams at a Halloween party her daughter went to, she has to decide if she's willing to date again. Is there a ghost of a chance or will she be too spooked to try? Holiday Rush: Lindy Richards loved her fancy clothes and the chic shop she managed. She also loved Christmas. One night a ripped pair of tights changed her life. Alexander Whitney was managing one of the Save Land stores for his dad. Bidding his time before he could move on to a different city. When there was an emergency involving his store parking lot life got a lot more interesting. Missing Christmas: Ginny McDonald had told her family she'd be moving from New York to Florida in the first story, Spooked By Love. She was in love with Ryan and his job had him moving. Now it's a few days before Christmas and she's homesick. She misses her family, decorating and snow. And Florida's sunshine didn't have anything Christmas about it. She wanted to go home and there was nothing that Ryan could say or do to changer her mind. Or was there? Living in Arizona I could fully relate to this story. Away from family and looking at a cactus with lights and Santa hats is far from a Midwest Christmas Tingle All the Way: Jessica Richards didn't have the memory of any great Christmas or her sister Lindy's excitement over the holiday. When she called the police on a would be robber, she just ended up ruining a little girls Christmas. Every thing she tried to make it up to Morgan just ended up in a bigger mess. Charlie Grant was watching his niece and wanted to give her the best Christmas ever. The nosy neighbor ruined that idea. The more the woman tried to make things right...the more he was intrigued with her. Maybe he would have the best Christmas ever. Giving Up Guys: Three of Ginny's friends were out celebrating New Years Eve when they decided they would give up guys for a month. Ginny and Ryan seemed happy in Florida, but Lori, Claire and Harper seemed to be finding only duds when it came to men. Lori takes an upholstery class and her resolve for no guys is on shaky ground when the Tom Murphy, the instructor, turns out to be an uber-hottie. Harper Reese figures she's safe from men when she takes a belly dancing class. Figures that handsome Patrick Dunn is a student too. Claire Pennington signs up for scuba diving classes, forgetting how she's not fond of swimming. After class she finds a friend in bartender Nate Johnson. As always Lisa Scott finds a unique way to end the book with a glimpse at the previous couples who met in the other four stories. Wedding Flirts! Lisa Scott's Flirt! books are full of humor and romance. The fifth story always brings everyone from the first four stories together for a finale, and now and then they even pop in from previous books. Which I personally enjoy when you get to see the people you met come back for a special appearance. Great stories that are also short enough to read when you aren't in the mood for a long novel. They are connected by characters, but standalone so that you can read one and come back for more later. My Fake Fiance: When Samantha Cooper gets a wedding invitation from her arch frenemy from school she decides she needs to find a way to go with her head held high. So she hires a fake fiance with a fake accent and fake job. Justin Banks was only acting for the money but he found himself wishing he was the kind of guy Sam would really want, because she could sure be the right girl for him. Bridesmaid Blues: Micki Keegan was invited to be in so many weddings that she started blogging about it. Of course that just got her invited to be in even more. She wasn't at all blue about being a bridesmaid, no plans to marry, ever. It wasn't in her family genes to have good marriages. And then she met Ben, not the one night stand type. All or nothing. The One That Got Away: Miranda, who was first introduced in Flirts! The Hot Girls Friend, just wanted to find a rich Australian to marry. And she found one. Running into someone from her past at a wedding made her realize she had unfinished business. Kevin had never known why Miranda had left him without any explanation. And now they meet when they are both engaged and about to get married...to other people. Wedding Auditions: Kelly Warner has no desire to be in a bridezilla wedding. Since the nutty woman was marrying her best friend Bryce, she had no choice but to audition. Yup, the woman had three dozen men and women trying out to be in her wedding. At least bridezilla had a handsome step-brother. Liam Streeter was the one bright spot of all the craziness. Do Over: Moira Moore was the most wanted photographer around, especially weddings. She wondered if she'd always be on this side of the camera looking in when it came to love. Then came the wedding where one of the groomsman brought back every humiliating moment she had felt one day at school. A humiliation that had hung on for ten long years. Craig Fitzpatrick. More Flirts! These five stories follow the romances of the Carter family. Three brothers and two sisters who had a surprise when their mother passed away, she had money they didn't know about and each of them became millionaires. The problem with that was they never knew if the guys or gals they dated really cared for them or if they were just after the Carter money. Pickup Lessons: Stone Kinney is an absolutely adorable character. He is so smart in academics, but clueless with women. After reading books on dating he stakes out the perfume counter at the mall and uses cheesy pick-up lines. At the end of the day the gal working the counter, Kyla Carter, offers to give him lessons on picking up women. As it was obvious his books had failed him. Ex Therapy: Aubrey Carter, sister to Kyla from Pickup Lessons, needs to find out why her relationships never last. Realizing only six guys in her past made it past a few dates she targeted them. Writing up a survey she began contacting them. They didn't seem to be that excited to see her, but she pressed on. What better way to find out how to make her relationships last longer, then by finding out why they failed? Mr. Wrong: Lisa Scott has outdone herself in this hilarious story. Diana Hart, Aubrey's therapist from Ex Therapy, needs to write a second book. She's decided to write on finding Mr. Wrong. She dresses much different from her usual conservative clothes and hits the bars instead of meeting men at charity balls or her usual outings. She keeps running into Toby Carter, Kyla and Aubrey's brother, but he's too much like her usual type. One blind date outing is enough to give her a lifetime of nightmares. I Know Who You Kissed Last Night: Lisa Scott has outdone herself in this hilarious story. Diana Hart, Aubrey's therapist from Ex Therapy, needs to write a second book. She's decided to write on finding Mr. Wrong. She dresses much different from her usual conservative clothes and hits the bars instead of meeting men at charity balls or her usual outings. She keeps running into Toby Carter, Kyla and Aubrey's brother, but he's too much like her usual type. One blind date outing is enough to give her a lifetime of nightmares. The Girl in the Pink Hat: When Zoe's cousin Jenny died, she left a bucket list for her to fulfill. It was hard to get motivated and the list seemed impossible. Then one day she saw a missed connection on Craigslist and contacted the author of it, Nick Carter. He was looking for a girl in a pink hat that had been on the train. She was the wrong girl, but for some reason he wanted to help her with her list. To live some of his life through helping her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is great to but i dont know bout u