A Burn or a Shiver [EMI]

A Burn or a Shiver [EMI]

by Edison Glass



An emo-sounding band with complex instrumentation -- sounds familiar, eh? If you're a rock fan in the early 21st century, it certainly should, as it seems like just about every up-and-coming melodic rock band owed a thing or two to the aforementioned style/approach. And the Long Island, NY, outfit Edison Glass certainly fits this description on their 2006 debut, A Burn or a Shiver. Singers Joshua Silverberg (who doubles on guitar) and Mountain Morin (who doubles on bass) certainly have the "dual melodic vocal emo thing" down pat, while Silverberg and second guitarist James Usher have no problem alternating between clean guitar picking and washes of power chords. But the group's roots prove to be different than most of the competition -- the complex orchestral arrangements of Bach and the reggae-pop of the Police (the latter of which is evidenced at times by Silverberg and Usher's Andy Summers-esque chord voicings). While there is certainly a familiarity to the proceedings, such standout tracks as "Today Has Wings" and the album-opening "My Fair One" prove that Edison Glass is a cut above your average emo band. You get the feeling that if Edison Glass can keep forging forward and inject more of their own style and personality into the sonic stew, the quartet can turn into something truly special over the course of several albums. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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Release Date: 04/04/2006
Label: Credential Rec.
UPC: 0724347473425
catalogNumber: 74734

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