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A Call To Repentance by Dru L. Murray

This book is about change, A Call To Repentance will free us all from slavery, the ones being enslaved and the ones doing the enslaving as well. Voices, known to be the light unto the Black Race has been heard in time throughout the years. They have been heard and they have been silenced, from Christ to Eric Garner, the last voice heard on behalf of blacks, "I CAN'T BREATH", how blacks manged to live their lives in retrospect. We have been yelling I can't breath in so many different ways. Every black Person that stood up for blacks have been laid down, and it;s time to hear what we have too say, without the violence , or someone being killed. This book is A Call To Repentance because In the Eyes of God Black Lives matter, Now and Then, and every race can use change. To repent means turning from the wickedness of the world, and sin, and back to God where we were in the beginning, with Adam the first black man created by God. We have all been disobedient, walking away from God, and the enemy been disobedient keeping us from God. So when we turn the curse will break, and when they stop slavery, God may have mercy on them. The first Amendment is the Freedom of Speech, now you can hear God speaking through me. The Bible is his speech and it;s freely given to me to preach. So hear what God has to say about black nations as he is sending out A call To Repentance, the same way he did when Christ walked the earth. The plea too turn then is the same plea too turn today. God is still giving us a chance, all he want to know is what do you want, and A call To Repentance. Slavery hurts, but God heals. May God bless you

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ISBN-13: 9781505614893
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/18/2014
Pages: 52
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