A Canyon Voyage: The Story of John Wesley Powell and the Charting of the Grand Canyon

A Canyon Voyage: The Story of John Wesley Powell and the Charting of the Grand Canyon

by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh


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In 1871, seventeen-year-old Frederick Dellenbaugh began a great adventure when he joined Major John Wesley Powell and a crew of scientists on Powell's second exploration trip down the Colorado River and into the Grand Canyon. These were the last great stretches of land and river still unknown in the continental United States. Powell, Dellenbaugh, and the rest of the group spent years exploring the Grand Canyon country, noting its geologic features, and observing its Native Americans inhabitantsA Canyon Voyage chronicles this historic expedition, and provides a detailed account of Powell and Dellenbaugh’s historic journey. Through his account the reader can pass through the rapid currents of the Green and Colorado Rivers; climb the crags of the Grand Canyon; trade with the original Native American inhabitants of the Southwest; and witness the picturesque flora and fauna of the area.Brimming with vivid imagery and unbridled adventure, A Canyon Voyage is a perfect read for every armchair adventurer.

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ISBN-13: 9781510724495
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 11/07/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 1,076,437
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Frederick S. Dellenbaugh was an American explorer, who took part in several notable expeditions including Major Powell’ s Second Expedition into the Grand Canyon. He became one of the founding members of the international Explorers Club in 1904. He passed away in 1935 in New York City.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Introduction xv

Chapter I A River Entrapped

Acquaintance not Desired

Ives Explores the Lower Reaches

Powell the Conqueror

Reason for a Second Descent

Congressional Appropriation


The Three Boats

The Mighty Wilderness

Ready for the Start 1

Chapter II Into the Wilderness

The Order of Sailing

Tobacco for the Indians Comes Handy

A Lone Fisherman and Some Trappers

Jack Catches Strange Fish

The Snow-clad Uintas in View

A Larder Full of Venison

Entrance into Flaming Gorge 9

Chapter III The First Rapid

Horseshoe and Kingfisher Canyons

A Rough Entrance into Red Canyon

Capsize of the Nell

The Grave of a Bold Navigator

Discovery of a While Man's Camp

Good-bye to Frank

At the Gate of Lodore 19

Chapter IV Locked in the Chasm of Lodore

Rapids with Railway Speed

A Treacherous Approach to Falls of Disaster

Numerous Loadings and Unloadings

Over the Rocks with Cargoes

Library Increased by Putnam's Magazine

Triplet Falls and Hell's Half Mile

Fire in Camp

Exit from Turmoil to Peace 34

Chapter V A Remarkable Echo

Up the Canyon of the Yampa

Steward and Clem Try a Moonlight Swim

Whirlpool Canyon and Mountain Sheep

A Grand Fourth-of-July Dinner

A Rainbow

Coloured Valley

The Major Proceeds in Advance

A Split Mountain with Rapids a Plenty

Enter a Big Valley at Last 49

Chapter VI A Lookout for Redskins

The River a Sluggard

A Gunshot!

Someone Comes!

The Tale of a Mysterious Light

How, How! from Douglas Boy

At the Mouth of the Uinta

A Tramp to Goblin City and a Trip down White River on a Raft

A Waggon-load of Supplies from Salt Lake by Way of Uinta Agency

The Major Goes Out to Find a Way In 61

Chapter VII On to Battle

A Concert Repertory

Good-bye to Douglas Boy

The Busy, Busy Beaver

In the Embrace of the Hocks Once More

A Relic of the Cliff


Low Water and Hard Work

A Canyon of Desolation

Log-cabin Cliff

Rapids and Rapids and Rapids

A Horse, whose Horse?

Through Gray Canyon to the Rendezvous 72

Chapter VIII Return of the Major

Some Mormon Friends

No Rations at the Elusive Dirty Devil

Captain Gunnison's Crossing

An All-night Vigil for Cap, and Clem

The Land of a Thousand Cascades

A Bend Like a Bow-knot and a Canyon Labyrinthian

Cleaving an Unknown World

Signs of the Oldest Inhabitant

Through the Canyon of Stillwater to the Jaws of the Colorado 94

Chapter IX A Wonderland of Crags and Pinnacles

Poverty Rations

Fast and Furious Plunging Waters

Boulders Boom along the Bottom

Chilly Days and Shivering

A Wild Tumultuous Chasm

A Bad Passage by Twilight and a Tornado With a Picture Moonrise

Out of One Canyon into Another

At the Mouth of the Dirty Devil at Last 115

Chapter X The Cañonita Left Behind

Shinumo Ruins

Troublesome Ledges in the River

Alcoves and Amphitheatres

The Mouth of the San Juan

Starvation Days and a Lookout for Rations

El Vado de Los Padres

White Men Again

Given up for Lost

Navajo Visitors

Peaks with a Great Echo

At the Mouth of the Paria 135

Chapter XI More Navajos Arrive with Old Jacob

The Lost Pack-train and a Famished Guide

From Boat to Broncho

On to Kanab

Winter Arrives

Wolf Neighbours too Intimate

Preparing for Geodetic Work

Over the Kaibab to Eight-mile Spring

A Frontier Town

Camp below Kanab

A Mormon Christmas Dance 152

Chapter XII Reconnoitring and Triangulating

A Pai Ute New Year's Dance

The Major Goes to Salt Lake

Snowy Days on the Kaibab

At Pipe Spring

Gold Hunters to the Colorado

Visits to the Uinkaret County

Craters and Lava

Finding the Hurricane Ledge

An Interview with a Cougar

Back to Kanab 174

Chapter XIII Off for the Unknown Country

A Lonely Grave

Climbing a Hog-back to a Green Grassy Valley

Surprising a Ute Camp


Following a Blind Trail

The Unknown Mountains Become Known

Down a Deep Canyon

To the Paria with the Cañonita

John D. Lee and Lonely Dell 195

Chapter XIV A Company of Seven

The Nellie Powell Abandoned

Into Marble Canyon

Vasey's Paradise

A Furious Descent to the Little Colorado

A Mighty Fall in the Dismal Granite Gorge

Caught in a Trap

Upside Down

A Deep Plunge and a Predicament

At the Mouth of the Kanab 215

Chapter XV A New Departure

Farewell to the Boats

Out to the World Through Kanab Canyon

A Midnight Ride

At the Innupin Picavu

Prof. Reconnoitres the Shewits Country

Winter Quarters in Kanab

Making the Preliminary Map

Another New Year

Across a High Divide in a Snow-storm

Down the Sevier in Winter

The Last Summons 242

Index 269

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