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Child Is Born: A Chant Christmas

A Child Is Born: A Chant Christmas

by Trappist Monks Choir of the Cistercian Abbey

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  1. Missus est, antiphon in mode 7
  2. Conditor alme siderum, hymn, mode 4
  3. Rorate Caeli, Introit, Mode I Rorate Caeli Mass)
  4. Psalm 18 (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  5. Kyrie, Mode I (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  6. Festina, Quaesumus, Oration (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  7. Locutus Est Dominus, Lesson (from Rorate Caeli Mas
  8. Prope Est, Gradual, Mode VI (from Rorate Caeli Mas
  9. Missus Est, Gospel (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  10. Ave Maria, offertory
  11. Preface (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  12. Sanctus, Mode II (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  13. Agnus Dei, Mode I (from Rorate Caeli Mass)
  14. Ecce virgo concipiet, for Christmas
  15. Benedicamus Domino
  16. O Sapientia (from The "O" Antiphons, Mode I)
  17. O oriens splendor lucis aeternae, antiphon in mode 2
  18. Veni, Domine, Alleluia, Mode I
  19. Announcement of the Christmas Solemnity (Christmas Eve)
  20. Antequam, antiphons in mode I (from First Vespers of Christmas)
  21. Joseph fili David, mode VII (from First Vespers)
  22. Completi Sunt Dies Mariae, antiphon
  23. Ecce jam, Motet 21
  24. O Juda, Responsory, Mode IV (from First Vespers Of
  25. Christe, Redemptor omnium, hymn in mode 8
  26. Cum esset sero, antiphon mode 1
  27. Christus Natus Christos
  28. Hodie, antiphon
  29. O magnum mysterium, Christmas responsory
  30. Ecce agnus Dei
  31. Verbum caro factum est, responsory in mode 8 (Liber Usualis No. 390)
  32. A solis ortus cardine, hymn in mode 3 (Liber Usualis No. 400)
  33. Dominus dixit, introit for the Christmas midnight Mass
  34. Tecum principium, gradual
  35. Dominus dixit & Psalm 2, antiphon in mode 8
  36. Laetentur caeli, offertory
  37. In splendoribus sanctorum, communion chant (1st Mass of Christmas)

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