A Choice of Fate

A Choice of Fate

by Jezz de Silva

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ISBN-13: 9781640634626
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/29/2018
Series: Outback Hearts , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 507,795
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Jezz de Silva is a romance ninja, geriatric animal rescuer, carb junkie, domestic warrior, corporate fugitive, and personal protection instructor. I help tough heroes and even tougher heroines find their happily-ever-afters. Allow me the honour of taking you on journeys where love always finds a way. And may my stories leave you with a smile on your face.

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Olivia sagged against the Dinky Di motel's reception desk and lost herself in the blinding white sand, glistening cobalt water, and iridescent marine life splashed across the brochures welcoming her to Queensland, Australia: beautiful one day, perfect the next. But instead of lying on a deserted tropical island or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, she'd be driving five hundred miles into the Outback. To probably be mauled to death by a rabid kangaroo.

She shook her head and silently cursed her big sister. Why the hell couldn't Abi be marrying a scuba-diving instructor or tour-boat operator instead of a cowboy living in the middle of freaking nowhere ... literally nowhere? Baroona — the closest town to Wingarra, the million-acre cattle station her batshit crazy-in-love sister now called home — was indigenous for A Place Far Away. Which, according to Google Maps, was yet another example of the legendary Aussie knack for understatement.

She worked loose the kinks thirteen hours in economy had twisted into her spine and studied the seventies-inspired reception area of the quaint, if a little run-down, Dinky Di motel. Oh, who the hell was she kidding? The paisley-carpeted and wood-paneled monstrosity was a few stars south of where she'd like to spend her very first night outside the good ole U.S. of A. But luxurious hotels, business-class air travel, and fine dining would have to wait until the paychecks from the dream job waiting for her back in L.A. started flooding her drought-prone bank account.

"Thank you so much for your patience, Ms. Williams. Our booking system's temperamental these days."

"What did I tell you about that whole 'Ms. Williams' thing?" Olivia side-eyed the poor girl hammering the keys of what must've been one of Bill Gates's earliest prototypes.

"There you are, Ms. Will — I mean, Liv." Rachel's name tag glinted under the flickering fluorescent light illuminating reception as she leaned back triumphantly.

Olivia couldn't decide who was more thankful the booking she'd made a month ago had finally shown up. The young woman who'd just poured out her broken heart while wrestling not-so-modern technology or the exhausted close-to-thirtysomething doctor who'd just traveled eighteen time zones into the future and smelled like she'd flown across the world's largest ocean in an overcrowded metal tube.

"Room six." Rachel rummaged behind the desk and popped up with a key dangling from a hairless toy koala. "It's our best single room."

Olivia fought the urge to cringe and studied the tarnished key and tortured koala hanging from Rachel's bejeweled fingers. Single. The title had never bothered her before. Hell, she'd worn her freedom like a badge of honor and flaunted her bachelorette status in her sister's face so often it'd almost become boring ... almost. Yet after enduring her sister's stupid grin for the last year, semi-anonymous sexy times and relationships of convenience no longer held the allure they once had.

Cursing herself, she bundled up her first-world problems, shoved them back under the rock they'd lurked under since she'd kicked her sister and future brother-in-law out of her apartment, and accepted the key.

"Thanks for looking after me, Rachel. It was lovely meeting you." Olivia narrowed her gaze and jabbed the bedraggled koala at Rachel. "And no more blubbering over arrogant bad boys who don't deserve us. They're not worth it, and there are plenty of good guys out there."

Rachel's smile eased some of the melancholy dragging on Olivia, and she couldn't help grinning back. And she freaking should be happy. Ecstatic even. Unlike Rachel, Olivia had absolutely nothing to be sad about.

After enduring eleven years of college, med school, and residency hell, she'd start the career of a lifetime in just over five weeks. With her dream job at Cedars-Sinai came a salary that would enable her to stock her empty fridge with proper food, buy some decent clothes, and turn her Amazon wish lists into reality. And, to top off all that, she was only one day into the four-week vacation of a lifetime.

But the cherry on her freaking amazing triple choc-fudge sundae of a life was that her brain–tumor–killing sister was cancer free and a few days away from marrying the cowboy of her dreams. Ryder had shown Olivia what a real romance hero was and confirmed exactly what she'd been blindly searching for without even realizing: a best friend who made her laugh, respected her, loved her, and incinerated her lady parts on a regular basis.

"Dr. Williams, I presume?"

The voice rumbled through her chest and melted her insides like vintage single-malt bourbon. Olivia froze as Rachel's eyes widened, and something between a moan and a gasp leaked from her gaping mouth. Olivia slowly turned and slammed straight into the brown eyes of her sister's best man.

Jarrah Harper winked before pressing a phone to his ear. "Relax, I found her."

Will Smith's charm, Idris Elba's rugged sexiness, George Clooney's sophistication, and just enough Joseph Gordon-Levitt to disarm a woman's self-respect. Abi's description of Jarrah, Ryder's older brother, flashed through Olivia's mind as her wedding date's grin widened into a smile that consumed his mahogany features.

Ryder had shared hundreds of photos of his crazy adoptive family. And she'd gotten to know the Harper clan during the weekly Skype get-togethers that'd become an apartment ritual. But Jarrah, the reclusive playboy lawyer, had never joined the chaos. Rumor had it he worked even longer hours than she did and only returned home once a year to help with mustering.

Their initial emails and texts had focused on their official duties. But with each late-night and early-morning message they'd drifted further and further away from organizing pending nuptials and into a trans-Pacific battle of wills. There was something intimate about knowing they'd probably both been in bed in opposite hemispheres while teasing each other. The distance had tempted her into some less than polite maid of honor behavior and the resultant flirting had convinced her that spending her first night Down Under in his lair was a very, very bad idea.

She'd done everything short of going full Jason Bourne to avoid sharing quality alone time with the man currently rolling his eyes and holding the phone away from his ear until she'd at least had a decent night's rest. For one, it would annoy the crap out of her overprotective sister. Secondly, it'd been so long since she'd had a dance with no pants she couldn't risk even the slightest possibility of doing something monumentally stupid with her sister's future brother-in-law. Even if the sexy times were as wild as she imagined she'd be reliving the inevitable morning after for the rest of her freaking life. And most importantly of all, the darker version of James Bond studying her while holding a stunning wildflower bouquet scared her almost as much as he intrigued her.

"Wasn't I picking you up tomorrow morning?" The question blurted out like an accusation, but given the difficulty she had swallowing, she was lucky the words hadn't dribbled onto her blouse and dripped onto her practical yet hella stylish knockoff Jimmy Choos.

His ebony suit must have cost more than her ten-year-old Prius. The damned thing practically shimmered as he half strode, half floated across the worn carpet. The asthmatic air conditioner rattling above her barely pumped out any air yet still managed to tousle the jet-black hair brushing his collar like he was shooting an aftershave commercial. Before she'd even closed her mouth, she was slammed by the scent of money, power, and one-hundred-proof, prime-A-grade, Aussie male.

With a grin that disarmed her defenses, he swooped in and pecked her cheek before lingering just long enough to have her neck and certain parts of her anatomy snapping to attention. "Welcome to Australia, Doc."

She was still figuring out what was more intoxicating: his scent, the tenderness of his kiss, or the way he enveloped her without actually touching her when he leaned away and offered her the wildflowers.

She buried her face in the explosion of color to escape his gaze, while silently cursing herself and scrambling to pull her shit together. Drawing in as much of the floral perfume as possible to purge him from her lungs, she lowered the bouquet and smiled. At least she hoped she smiled, because she couldn't feel her face. "T-thank you, they're beautiful."

His sly grin confirmed he hadn't missed her pathetic stutter, but it also sparked something inside her that finally jump-started her stalled brain. Easing forward, she rocked onto her toes and pressed a kiss to his jaw. His entire body stiffened as she leaned closer and trailed her lips just above his stubble to his ear. "You don't scrub up too bad yourself ... for a lawyer."

When she pulled away, the mouth that had taunted her hung open, and his how you doing eyes looked decidedly more WTF.

An all-too-familiar bark from his phone tempered her victory celebration and shocked him out of his trance. Wincing, he shoved the phone at her and backed away as if it was radioactive.

Olivia grabbed the phone and slammed it to her ear. "How the hell did you find me?"

"Nice try, Padawan."

Even the five hundred miles of snake- and spider-infested desert separating them couldn't dampen Abi's smugness.

"My future husband's ex–Special Forces and even more protective of you than I am."

Her frustration at being treated like a child on her first day of kindergarten evaporated as she pictured the giant six-foot-four-inch marshmallow who'd become the brother she'd never had. Wasn't being an overprotective pain in the ass exactly what big brothers did?

"So, what do you think of my best man?"

Olivia had heard that tone before and knew exactly where Abi was heading. Normally, she'd play dumb and revel in her sister's ridiculous attempts at subtlety. However, she was tired, jet-lagged, and way too preoccupied trying to pick up what Jarrah had whispered to the completely dumbstruck Rachel to torture her sister. "You're going to pay for this when I get to that dusty patch of hell you call home."

She canceled the call and was about to use the phone as a distraction to thwart whatever the hell Jarrah was up to when his screen saver appeared. She'd expected a half-naked woman draped over the hood of the ridiculously expensive Aston Martin Abi couldn't stop yammering on about. Instead, a grainy photo of the entire Harper clan grinned back. Black, white, and in-between, European, Asian, and Indigenous. The only thing they had in common was the love radiating from their smiles and the fierceness of their hugs. No wonder her sister had fallen so hard and so quickly for the crazy rednecks.

Olivia pulled free of the image just as Jarrah thanked Rachel and slid something back into his pocket. Rachel's flushed cheeks confirmed the receptionist had already forgotten about the little shit who'd stomped her heart and was well on the way to ignoring the hard-earned advice Olivia had just shared. Jarrah Harper was as cocky and dangerous as boys got, and Rachel was practically climbing over the counter to get closer to him.

Olivia drew in a fortifying breath and held out the phone. Jarrah pocketed it and refused to meet her gaze as he casually hitched her backpack over his shoulder and grabbed the handle of her pathetically underused suitcase.

Olivia folded her arms across her chest and blocked him. "Can I help you?"

With a pained sigh, he released her suitcase and raised his hands in surrender. "If I let you spend your first night in Australia alone when I've got a perfectly comfortable guest suite in my apartment, my mum and your sister will take turns beating me to death, and my brothers and sisters will help dispose of my body."

Through a convoluted saga of emails, texts, and more than a little meddling from his family, Jarrah had somehow ended up riding shotgun in the passenger seat of the top-secret wedding present she'd spent the last of her pitiful savings shipping across the Pacific. She'd only relented to his family's badgering because the prospect of driving solo across the desert in her father's classic if horrendously unreliable '67 Camaro was only slightly more terrifying than spending eight hours trapped in a car with him. But she'd drawn the line at sharing his apartment.

Her resolve weakened for just an instant. That was all it took for his pleading smile to turn calculating. "You swore an oath to save lives when you became a doctor. So, how about you save the life of an innocent best man simply trying to make his maid of honor's first night Down Under as comfortable as possible?"

There was nothing innocent about him, but holy Mary Mother of God the man was charming. Fatigue had dampened her senses, yet she couldn't shake the feeling that beneath the polished exterior he was completely genuine. That's what made him so dangerous. She glared at him to ensure he knew she hadn't fallen for his bullshit, and brushed past him before the grin she'd been fighting broke free.

She waited for Rachel to tear her gaze from the man hovering behind her before sliding room six's koala key across the counter. "I'm so sorry for yanking you around like this. But this poor guy's life's at stake. Do I owe you anything for the room?"

Rachel hesitated before shooting a nervous glance Jarrah's way.

Olivia spun in time to catch Jarrah shaking his head before he froze and grinned like the sneak he was. "You can pay me back later."

Olivia wondered how much shit that lopsided smile had gotten him out of and how many lingerie ensembles it had melted. She spun around and fished out her credit card before shoving it at Rachel. "This is exactly what I warned you about. Stay the hell away from guys like this." She hitched a thumb over her shoulder before cursing under her breath and shaking her head. "Now, please refund Mr. Harper's generous yet unnecessary gesture and charge any cancellation fees to my card."

Jarrah slid in beside her and leaned an elbow on the counter. He didn't look angry, insulted, or even the least bit put out. If anything, his smile grew as Rachel fumbled with the credit card machine while trying and failing miserably to ignore him.

After even more juggling, nervous glances, and whispered thank-yous, Rachel finally completed the refund and held out the machine to Olivia. She keyed in her PIN before jabbing her card at Rachel. "And you pay your own way and take care of yourself. Never forget, real men are attracted to strong, confident, independent women."

Rachel's hesitant smile confirmed the hopelessness of the situation. What was it about bad boys that turned women into mush? After another useless warning glare, Olivia sighed and exchanged a knowing grin with Rachel before readjusting the strap of her handbag and reaching for her suitcase. Only to have her hand engulfed by fingers that were a lot rougher than a lawyer's should be.

With an unstoppable tenderness, he peeled away her fingers and took control of her suitcase. "Look, I know you and your sister are independent women with a thing for taking care of yourselves bordering the psychotic. However, my brothers and I were brought up to carry luggage, open doors, and give up our seats. So for the sake of a helpless man stuck in a gender war he didn't start, please let me at least carry your bags." He extended the handle and wheeled her luggage back and forth before shrugging. "Technically, I'm not even carrying it."

She tried summoning outrage, she'd have even settled for frustration, only she just couldn't manage it. He was simply too damned sweet. Hiding her smile behind a scowl, she ignored Rachel's encouraging nod and two thumbs-up and shoved past him as all sorts of alarm bells and sirens screeched inside her head.

Australia wrapped around her like a thick blanket as the Dinky Di motel's automatic door groaned open. The picture-postcard scene greeting her was eerily familiar to the Santa Monica Beach sunsets she'd enjoyed her entire life. But instead of sinking into the Pacific Ocean, the sun disappeared behind the Brisbane skyline and the world's largest and driest island continent.

She turned and found Jarrah studying her with eyes that seemed to be staring straight through her. She'd been so captivated by the view she hadn't heard him pull up beside her. "Everything okay?"

He shook his head and cleared his throat like he'd woken from a trance before smiling and jutting his chin toward a mirror-polished black Mercedes parked in the shade of an overgrown palm tree. "Your chariot awaits, my lady."


Excerpted from "A Choice of Fate"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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A Choice of Fate 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
The attraction between Jarrah and Olivia developed between emails and Skype sessions, but it was in that first moment of meeting when it combusted and disarmed them in unexpected ways. The lives they lived, or will live as is Olivia's case, are brought into question the more time they spend together. Olivia's career is everything to her. Years of caring for her sister, scraping by, have paid off. The job she wants is hers. The life she's never had is hers. But this thing with Jarrah... It's throwing a wrench in her plans because what she's feeling is more than just attraction. Jarrah's practice is his life. The wealth and prestige he's acquired over the years are a testament to his drive and determination. But appearing to have it all doesn't mean actually having it all. Seeing his family through Olivia's eyes is an eyeopener. They're never far from his heart but going home, reconnecting with his roots, with the people that helped him become who he is today, breathed life into his weary soul. Exploring the attraction he feels for Olivia is a plus, but he knows her time in Australia is short. Well, his head knows that. His heart, not so much. Jarrah and Olivia's story is slow. Their attraction is off the charts but moving past coy looks and flirtations is slow and steady. When they do engage, they burn like propane fed fire. And it brings up the question of where do they go from here? Their hearts long for each other but their plans didn't account for this turn of events. Do they chalk it up as a fling and move on? Is it possible to move on from something this consuming without feeling like you're losing a piece of your heart and soul? One steady factor between the two books in this series is the Harper family. They're an eclectic bunch, connected because they're family but unique in their own ways. Their love of life, tradition, and each other is all encompassing. That sense of home, that feeling of belonging, that knowledge of always being welcomed, made me cry. In a good way. *smiles* After suffering such a huge loss in my family last year, I really needed this reminder. This story felt different from Against All Odds. That reminder of how important family is, is one reason why. The second is the reminder that change is okay and can, sometimes, be the best thing to happen. The third is the future doesn't have to be set in stone. There are, is, will be, times when something too wonderful comes along to ignore. In that moment, do you let it pass you by or do you experience it? For Jarrah and Olivia, their story is an experience of these three things. The choice they made to experience each other was enough for their future to be sealed by fate. I enjoyed this story, more than the first. It spoke to my heart and was a reminder to enjoy what I sometimes take for granted. It's a story I got lost in, a story I can read again. It's a terrific addition to this series, and, in my opinion, a hard one to top for Mr. Silva. But I can't wait for what he writes next. Received from publisher for an honest review
Steph_B More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars for the descriptions alone, they are just magical! I enjoyed this trip into the Australian outback. The setting is authentic and the large and diverse Harper family, as well as the townspeople of Baroona are just off-the-page realistic. The author is Australian and writes with a believable voice that is easy to understand. This is my first time reading her work but it won't be my last. Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read this story.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I have to say that I truly love this series. This family seriously cracks me up. I adore every member of the Harper family, which includes both Abi and Olivia. I think that is the biggest draw to this series for me, now after reading both books. But being a part of this family and how both Olivia and Jarrah contribute to it, makes it even better. Like Ryder and Abi, Jarrah and Olivia form an intense and immediate connection. They just try to resist it. I loved how they always watched each other and knew where the other was, defended one another, and tested each other. They were great. During one scene with Helen, you kinda get the feeling of how the story will end, but the journey to get there was still a question. I loved how it worked out and just a warning, the very last scene will definitely bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, and a warmth to your heart. Beautiful! Now I just need the story for Jai and Maddie! I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
A Choice of Fate by Jezz de Silva is the second story in his Outback Hearts series, set in Australia and featuring a diverse family of adopted siblings. This particular romance is about two career oriented people whose devotion to their families has left them with little time for relationships – until they are thrust into a family wedding and find themselves caught up in a whirlwind affair with long term consequences. Dr. Olivia Williams is ready to see her sister Abi get married to the man of her dreams in the Australian outback. She's in need of a vacation too, before starting her new dream job back in L.A. A vacation fling would be even nicer – except that the one man she's attracted to is none other than the best man for the wedding, and brother to her soon to be brother-in-law. Jarrah Harper, high priced and successful attorney has never forgotten his indigenous roots, or the family that adopted him. Protecting the family's ranch land in Wingarra is his top priority, as is helping out his family in any way, including being the best man for his brother Ryder's wedding. Helping see the maid of honor to the family home is the least he can do. Olivia is smart, insightful and super sexy – and definitely off limits. Yet somehow, the warm and comforting atmosphere of home leads both Olivia and Jarrah to throw caution to the winds and indulge in a steamy, no strings attached affair. Olivia has every intention of returning to L.A for her new job, and Jarrah has cases awaiting his attention. Can a vacation romance lead to something more? I enjoyed this trip into the Australian outback! The setting is authentic and I really enjoy reading about the large and diverse Harper family, as well as the townspeople of Baroona. The author is Australian and writes with a believable voice. The romance between Olivia and Jarrah moves at a slow pace to start as while they are both attracted to each other, they know that getting involved is not the best plan. Still they can't resist their attraction to each other for long. Their eventual love scenes are sexy and emotional. There is a tree close to Wingarra that has the reputation for giving psychic visions, which takes the story on a bit of a supernatural bent, though it's definitely a contemporary romance. Sometimes the story drags a bit with the tendency to over dramatize the characters internal musings. Also, the cover model does not reflect Jarrah's appearance as described in the story as an indigenous Australian. But overall, it's an enjoyable, entertaining, and sexy story with an emphasis on the importance of family. The next story in the series looks to feature one of Jarrah's sisters and an old 'frenemy' of the family. I'm looking forward to continuing the series!
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Wow! I really liked this story! This was a pleasant surprise and a great read. I've read Jezz before but really loved this one. It gave me the feeling that I was with the characters in the outback with them. That's tough to do in a book. I felt drawn to the characters, Olivia and Jarrah. Jarrah was quite a man, so many facets to him and I loved all of them. Fancy lawyer with his fancy car and suit and Liv is not impressed. But when he goes home to his tribe, he slides right into that role. That of a brother, son, cousin and one huge family. His dedication to his family, which extended to Olivia as well. He's quite taken with her. Olivia I loved. Right after finishing med school and has the perfect job waiting back for her in LA after she takes a month off to fly to Australia (in coach) for her sisters wedding. She's going to meet this large extended family of the Harpers which seemed like most of the town. She's missed that. They lost their parents when they were teens, Liv gave up things so her sister could thrive and took care of her. When she meets Ryder, and watches Abi fall totally into love with him she can move ahead with her plan. Med school. Ryder and Abi head back to the Outback and that's where Liv ends up for a month. The indigenous have their own wedding customs and the book was so filled with layer upon layer of life there I couldn't put it down and makes me want to explore that much deeper. Above all this is a love story. Olivia and Jarrah have deep feelings for each other. There is a sub plot as well as Jarrah fights big business from trying to buy off indigenous and protected land. As I said, it was almost like I could taste the dust, the constant coating of dust that covered everything. What a great book. It's a 4.5 for me. I loved it and it's a must read. Perfect. It's just perfect. **I voluntary read an advance copy of this book. My honest review and opinions are mine alone.** **arc form NetGalley and Entangled** many thanks.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable book! The writing was excellent with nice vivid detail that made the Australian Outback come to life for me. Olivia and Jarrah are awesome characters and the author gave me enough detail to feel like I really knew them. I really enjoyed how they both changed how they saw the world and what they deemed as important as their relationship grew. Overall a very good read and one I would definitely recommend to everyone.
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
Focal point is a wedding in Australia between Abi and Ryder. Arriving together after many Skype sessions are Doctor Olivia Williams and Lawyer Jarrah Harper. Getting to Wingarra is made magical with the appearance of the Wishing Tree which invokes voodoo magic. Romance is a road that has its speed bumps for Olivia and Jarrah. A month vacation fling is all that is possible. This is a continuation of earlier book by Silva in this Outback Hearts series. Choice of Fate can be read as a stand-alone but from the catch-up hints of the previous book it must be good. "A copy of this book was provided by Entangled with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
This book was a mixed bag for me - parts of it I absolutely loved so much it even brought a tear to my eye, while others were so over the top that it detracted from the story. I loved Olivia and loved her story and the sacrifices she willingly made to help with her sister's (Abi) health problems (in book 1). This novel picks up with Olivia traveling to Australia for Abi's wedding and first meets Jarrah (the groom's brother) in real life....as opposed to their skype conversations and messaging. Olivia immediately is smitten, but is wary of Jarrah's playboy reputation. Before long, Jarrah and Olivia are exploring their relationship, but believe it is just a fling. Jarrah is a hot shot attorney from the city and Olivia is a physician that just completed her residency and about to start her first big job with a big salary - after years of pinching pennies, and she will not do anything to jeopardize it. I loved the ending to this novel and would have rated the book with five stars based on it, however, some parts of the book were so over top, that I would have rated it a three star. The average left me with four stars. That said, the author is very promising and I am looking forward to his future books. He is on my must read authors' list. While this novel is part of a series, this is a stand alone novel.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
A Choice of Fate by Jezz de Silva Outback Hearts #2 Brilliant romance that took me to Australia, introduced me to wonderful characters and made me care. I enjoyed reading more about the Outback and felt I was there whether by the magical tree, near the huge pond or on the back of a horse. The small community charmed my heart and the Harper family was one I wouldn’t mind calling my own. I did not read book one with Abi & Ryder but that was fine as this story was perfect in and of itself. Dr. Olivia Williams has gone to Australia to be maid of honor at her sister Abi’s wedding. She has been interacting with Jarrah Harper, best man, via internet trying to get the wedding duties sorted. Both Olivia and Jarrah have felt something through their interactions but know that with distance, careers and so much going on in their lives nothing more than a holiday romance, if that, is likely. The attraction is mutual and instantaneous though a bit of time is taken before action is taken. The end of the month will come and they both know it BUT they make the most of it for as long as they can. They fall in love but the logistics of a HEA are not easily provided for the two…though they eventually do find a way to be together that was more than satisfying to this reader! I look forward to reading whatever this author writes next! Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars