A Citizen's Blueprint: THE PDC MANIFESTO

A Citizen's Blueprint: THE PDC MANIFESTO

by Emgee


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In today’s conformist, censorious, politically-correct world we are not allowed to speak our minds for fear of being called a racist, a sexist or a bigot – and yet, when somebody does buck the trend and says what we all – or at least the majority of us – are really thinking, we often applaud it.

Why is that?
Surely if the majority of people think in a certain way, then that should be the way that our democracy is run. We should not have a silent majority wishing that the country was run in one way, while an arrogant minority is taking it in a completely different direction. Examples abound in UK politics of politicians not listening to the people who elected them (the EU, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan etc.) Indeed, in recent years, in politics as in TV, substance has given way to spin.

Well I intend to change that.

The PDC could not promise a horn of plenty for all but what it would promise is an honest, hard-working team of dedicated professionals working together to get the best deal for this country and its inhabitants – not for themselves, not for their cronies or for the self-serving elite but for the hard-working citizens of this country without whom there would be no Britain to make Great again

NB - I do not subscribe to social networks but if you would like to show your support for this project or make a pledge towards its funding you may do so at; www.the-pdc.org.uk

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