by Dawna Flath


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ISBN-13: 9781504356169
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/21/2016
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.33(d)

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A Clear Blue Mind

By Dawna Flath

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Dawna Flath
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5616-9


My Journey

I never thought I would be a writer, but by searching for myself, who I am, and what my purpose in life is, I have found that this is one of my purposes in life. As I write this book, I am guided by my angels. They guide me by giving me the strength, the confidence, and the words I need to write.

I have found out about myself and what my beliefs are spiritually and in this earthly life. I have learned that not only am I a powerful spiritual being, but that power has become who my earthly being is. I have found the strength to overcome anything, and that love is most powerful over everything. I have found true faith and the power that it gives us to become who we truly are.

I know that my intuition is guided by my angels, and I have learned to listen to my inner wisdom. I know they are there for me every day of my life, and I have discovered the powerful being I am, as is everyone whom God has put on this earth. I have been given guidance to true self-healing, which has led to a new chapter in my life of learning and teaching.

This is who I am, and as I write, my story comes from my soul and the words and wisdom from the angels.

Every step I take on my journey brings me closer to achieving a clear blue mind. With every new piece of information, expression of guidance, idea, and intuitive thought, I find my true self and what my journey is and where it is taking me.

A clear blue mind will give you all the wisdom you need to find yourself and take your journey with endless power and confidence.


Who Am I?

My spiritual journey began as far back as I can remember. I call it a journey because I feel that we are continually learning and following our own paths in life and searching for what is true for each of us and what makes us happy. Even though we may forget that we are on a journey, our journey still continues.

I have always had spirituality in my life. In our home when I was a child, I always felt loved and safe. Mom read us Bible stories and taught us to say our prayers. I felt safe and comforted knowing that Jesus was there for me. I remember times when I was scared, and I would sing "Jesus Loves Me." Somehow, it would make me feel protected.

I've always watched people to see how they react in situations, both good and bad, and tried to learn from them. I tried not to make mistakes that other people would make. It seemed normal for me, and I thought everyone did this. This was part of my journey, learning about others so that I would learn about myself and make my life better.

I also would lose myself in some people's energy. I would be more focused on a friend and what they wanted or would go along with their ideas, not making my own decisions or deciding what I wanted. I was scared to express my thoughts and ideas for fear of being made fun of. I just wanted to fit in, belong somewhere. I didn't follow my ideas or beliefs, and I did not realize that I was not learning but just following. I wasn't being who I truly was. This would take me a long time to figure out, and at least for me, I thought it was too long.

We can lose ourselves so easily, and we all have at one time or another. From a young age, we can fall into the idea of trying to fit into the right group in school, and we can lose who we truly are because we are trying to be the person we think we need to be to fit in. For the most part, my school and community were pretty cool. The only problem for me was feeling that I could not be who I truly was. I felt different and sometimes awkward around people — adults or children. It is hard to explain, but I just didn't see things the same way others did. At times, I would say something that I thought was important or I would have an idea, and the people around me wouldn't understand it. I felt dumb for thinking that way. So I usually just stayed fairly quiet and did not give my opinions. I was a follower.

Many times, I felt alone. I felt like I had to figure everything out by myself because I was different from other people. They didn't think the same way I did. I wanted to belong and feel like I fit in somewhere, just like we all do.

As a child, I felt energies around me and had this knowing, from somewhere, that something else was out there — that there was more to life than what we could physically see. At the time, I didn't understand the things I thought or felt. I am not sure how to explain what or how I felt; it was almost like feeling something is there and knowing there is more to life or about life, yet I didn't know what or where it was. It was a sense or feeling.

I wish I could tell that little girl all the things I have learned now. But I know that we all learn what we need to in our own time, and things happen when they are supposed to happen.

I would have dreams that were as real as when I was awake. From what I can remember, a lot of the dreams were scary, too. My dreams would get even more real and intense as I got older. I could even physically feel the spirits grabbing me or holding me so that I could not move.

Not all my dreams were scary. Some nights, it was more like falling into a deeper sleep that was somewhere between heaven and earth, and when I felt like I could fall even deeper, a spirit or guardian angel would call out my name very clearly and loudly. I was always annoyed by this because I felt like I was floating, I was light as air, and I felt a sense of calm that I hadn't felt before. I didn't want to come out of wherever I was. It was an amazing feeling.

As I got a little older, around high school graduation, I started to feel more confident and comfortable with who I was, and I began following my own path. This was still not easy for me. There were ups and downs, but I knew I would always figure it out. I felt a little more free to be me, but I still held back my true self. I was too scared to show who I was and have people look at me differently or think I was weird.



I grew up with a grandfather who practiced massage therapy, and my mom is also a massage therapist. This seemed quite natural for me, and so I became the third generation of massage therapists in my family. Looking back at my family's history, I see many healers in my bloodline. It is interesting how our family members truly are a part of us and how similar characteristics go way back in time.

My grandpa was introduced to massage around 1955. How he became aware of massage therapy was definitely divine guidance.

Grandpa and Grandma lived on a small farm in a remote country area in central Saskatchewan. One day, a stranger came to Saskatchewan from the United States and met Grandma's brother, who introduced him to my grandpa. This stranger was looking for people who would be interested in learning how to massage. Grandpa was interested, and he began training through correspondence from Chicago.

As far as I know, this was the only place in North America at the time that taught massage therapy. I believe that this stranger was guided to Grandpa because he was meant to be a healer. Back in that day, massage was definitely not mainstream and was not understood by the medical profession or even the layperson. To be a part of something that was so new to society shows me that Grandpa had the strength and faith inside himself to know it was right and that it was a good way to help others. Grandpa is now ninety and is still practicing massage therapy today. How incredible is that?

My mom began her practice in 1982. She built her business slowly and was soon able to quit her other job and focus just on her massage practice. Many times, she would show me her study guides and anatomy books, which were very interesting. When I would massage her shoulders, she would tell me I had a very nice touch and that I was a natural. That was very encouraging to me. She is an amazing massage therapist and also continues today with her practice.

She also taught me how to be a good person, to have good manners, to share, to be kind, and to treat people with respect. I took everything I learned seriously and to heart. I was often a bit too serious. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up, and I took that seriously. I would never ask for anything extra. I remember one time my mom laughed at me (in a good way) because I didn't want to ask for a little change to go down to the store to buy some candy because I'd overheard her telling Dad that she had gotten a raise, but it wasn't very much. At the time, I thought it would be selfish to ask, but Mom gave me some change and told me everything would be just fine.

For some reason, when I was growing up, I took life too seriously. I had this idea in my head that I should act older, more mature. I believe this was a way for me to be taken more seriously. I have learned now that life needs to be joyful, and I take things day by day.

Take care of and provide for yourself and your family. Learn to focus on your own life and live, love, and laugh. And remember to trust that God is there to take care of you, too.

I know my dad loved all us kids, and he was a good dad. He was a truck driver, and many times during the summer, he would take one child at a time with him for the day on his truck run. I loved spending this time with him. Our summers were the most fun when we would go camping, which was every weekend from May to September and for a couple of weeks for our vacation. I can't think of a better memory than those days at the lake.

I loved him, and I always felt a closeness with him. When I think back to that time and look back as an adult, I can see a glimpse of who my dad was and that he had a great spirit. His spirit would shine when he played his guitar. He taught himself to play the guitar and played different kinds of music. I lost my dad in 1984; I was thirteen.

I still remember how lonely I felt when he passed on, so I can't imagine how my mom felt. Children mourn differently than adults. I didn't know this until I was older. Children move on to their routines ... school, friends, and play. I felt guilty at first for moving on so quickly, but that is what we kids did, and it was right for us. After losing someone close to you as a child, it is very natural and important to get back to your routine. Adults can process the death of a loved one, but children don't have the experience and mature mind to deal with death the same way. At some point in their lives, when the children grow up, they will mourn that death in their own way. They will understand what it all is about and how to deal with their emotions about it.

I prefer to say someone has crossed over rather than using the word died. It may be the death of the human body, but the soul lives on, so I think it is appropriate to say crossed over or passed on.

Both of my grandmas were angels who taught me so many things. One grandma had a heart and soul that were amazingly beautiful. I believe she was a healer, too, just in a different way. She inspired people by being very patient, understanding, nonjudgmental, and spiritual, and the energy that flowed from her was peaceful. Her energy would make me feel safe and loved. It wasn't till after she crossed over that I learned that she had Jewish bloodlines in her family. She always knew, but back when she was young, she learned not to tell anyone. I wonder if this made her feel like she lost a piece of herself. How did this secret affect her? I thought it was pretty cool to learn that I had a Jewish background.

My other grandma is a very big part of my life and my family's lives. She is a pretty cool woman, loving, friendly, always there for her family. She has taught me that family is very important, and she has been there for me whenever I needed her. She was open-minded when I told her about things I saw, and she never made me feel that it was weird or wrong. I would tell her when I saw Grandpa (he had crossed over in 1979); he would be standing tall by her side, as if protecting her. I know she felt comfort in knowing that he was there for her.

I grew up with a big family around me: my parents, two sisters and a brother, grandparents, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is really pretty cool to be close to my family.

Everyone in my family and extended family has affected my life in one way or another. No matter whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, I've learned from all the experiences I've had with them, and I am grateful to them all for everything I have learned. I know now that even in bad situations, there is something to learn, and there is something to learn from everyone in our lives — family, friends, acquaintances, or strangers.


A Day I Won't Forget

When I graduated from high school, I put the massage therapy on the back burner. I wanted to go out and work and take life from there. I moved from home and waitressed, which I was good at, and I had a good job at a nice restaurant. I had two really good roommates, and they are still my friends today. When I look back, I wish I could have been more open with them. We always got along and we had fun together, but I think I always had a bit of a wall up, trying to protect myself. I was emotionally struggling with my secrets and too scared to deal with them. I always tried to do my best, and I hope, after reading my book, my friends will see another part of who I am.

It was like I forgot who I truly was. I felt confused, scared, and a little angry. I was trying to fix something inside me. Something was not right, and I knew what it was, but I really was trying to forget about it. Even as I write about it now, my stomach turns to knots. It makes me feel nervous and ill, so I guess I still have some emotions to work on.

All of these emotions come from my being raped. I struggled emotionally with this for a very long time. It was hard to manage by myself, but I felt like I had to. Again, I told myself it would be okay and that I would figure it out. This is what happened:

It was 1989, and I was staying with friends. One night, we went to a bar. I didn't have much money back then, only enough to buy a drink or two. My friends went off somewhere in the bar, and I sat at a table by myself. A guy came up to my table and offered to buy me a drink. I said yes, and that was the beginning of a very scary night. Back then, I hadn't heard of the date rape drug, but that is what happened that night. I still tear up when I relive it. My friends said they saw me leave the bar with someone that night, early in the evening, and so when they went to leave and didn't see me, they just left, not realizing what was going on.

I didn't know I had left the bar that night. When I came to, I was in the bar's washroom after it had closed. The employees were still there, and one of them gave me a ride. My whole body felt dirty. I was so embarrassed. I knew I had been raped; I just didn't understand how I lost the memory of the entire night. I was so embarrassed to talk to the employees and ask for a ride. I was scared, alone, confused, and embarrassed that I didn't know what exactly had happened to tell anyone. I felt as though my spirit had dropped out of me. The hurt sank so deep that it felt like it broke my soul. How does someone do this to another person? I never understood how people can treat others this way.

It was very confusing to hear my friends say that I had left with someone that night, because that isn't something I would have done, so it upset me to hear that. I felt so alone and scared at the thought of what all could have happened that night. I was also confused about how I could have no memory of what had happened. How was I raped without some memory of it?

I tried very hard to forget it and even tried to convince myself that it hadn't happened at all. After a while, I had pushed the memory way back in my mind, but I still had emotions to deal with. Even though we can make ourselves forget a trauma in our lives, our personality, the spirit of who we are, and our energy changes. Some people become angry, withdrawn, or quiet, or they change any way that the person can just to manage. I felt like I lost myself. I felt sad and alone. I turned my emotions inside and told no one.

I had been married for a few years when I first heard about the date rape drug. I knew right away that it was what the guy in the bar had used. The emotions all came flooding back, and again I tried to ignore them. I knew it was time to confide in my husband, but I was so very nervous to tell him. It was an embarrassing thing for me to talk about, but he was understanding and supportive. Talking about it helped a little, but I had a long journey of healing ahead of me. I still didn't think about finding any help — like therapy. For some reason, I thought I should be able to deal with it on my own. I just had to find the right way to heal from this.


Excerpted from A Clear Blue Mind by Dawna Flath. Copyright © 2016 Dawna Flath. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, ix,
Introduction, xi,
My Journey, 1,
Who Am I?, 3,
Family, 6,
A Day I Won't Forget, 11,
Marriage, 14,
My Massage Practice, 16,
Believing Is Wisdom, 18,
My Dad and My Nephew, 21,
Depression and Decisions, 24,
Meditation, 34,
Angel Help, 39,
My Experiment, 44,
Working on Myself, 47,
Angel Helpers, 51,
I have, 53,
I have also found, 54,
True Self-Healing, 56,
Faith and Trust, 63,
Time and Space, 69,
Time Is in the Mind to Mold, 73,
Love, 79,
Magic and Miracles, 82,
Forgiving, 84,
Knowing When You Need Something, 86,
Higher Vibration and Time, 88,
Water, 91,
Yoga, 93,
Looking for Answers, 95,
Learning, 97,
Souls, 101,
Learning a Lesson, 103,
Fear, 107,
True Self, 110,
Simply Simple, 113,
All Is Well, 115,
Take a Chance and Try Something New, 117,
Intentions, 119,
Your Joy in Life, 121,
Take Charge and Have a Clear Blue Mind, 123,
Afterword, 125,

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an inspirational book! It's a book that I will go back and read again (and again) to remind myself to be who I be. Thank you for sharing this with us Dawna. I look forward to reading more from her.