A Cold Creek Christmas Story

A Cold Creek Christmas Story

by RaeAnne Thayne

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Sparkle In The Snow Leads To So Much More 

Celeste Nichols has always preferred to keep to herself in her hometown of Pine Gulch, Idaho…until she becomes an instant celebrity! When one of her children's stories becomes a major success, she's suddenly the talk of the town. Celeste should be gloriously happy…but something, someone, special is still missing from her life. Could the return of her childhood crush be the answer?  

Flynn Delaney has moved back home for his daughter's sake. Yet all the millionaire's resources can't help the little girl heal from the tragic loss of her mother. Shy librarian Celeste and her stories do hold some indefinable magic, though. Flynn came home looking for support—can he find that, and true love, in the one who got away?

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ISBN-13: 9781460387139
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 27,167
File size: 494 KB

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne finds inspiration in the beautiful northern Utah mountains where she lives with her family. Her books have won numerous honors, including six RITA Award nominations from Romance Writers of America and Career Achievement and Romance Pioneer awards from RT Book Reviews. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at www.raeannethayne.com.

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If she didn't have thirty children showing up in the next half hour, Celeste Nichols would have been tempted to climb into her little SUV, pull out of the Pine Gulch library parking lot and just keep on driving.

She shifted the blasted endlessly ringing cell phone to the crook of her shoulder while she sorted through the books scattered across her cubicle in the offices of the library to find what she would be reading for story hour.

"I told you earlier in the week, I'm not ready to make a decision about this yet."

Joan Manning, her and Hope's long-suffering literary agent, gave a low, frustrated sound of disapproval. "We can't hold them off much longer. We've already stalled for two weeks. They want to start production right after the holidays, and they can't do that without signatures from you and Hope."

Celeste gazed down at a copy of Dr. Seuss's perennial holiday favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She had a feeling she was the one being the Grinch here. Hope was completely on board with the extraordinary offer one of the leading animation companies had made for movie rights to their book, Sparkle and the Magic Snowball.

Celeste was the one who couldn't quite be comfortable with the idea of someone else taking control of her words, her creation, and turning Sparkle into an animated movie, complete with the attendant merchandising and sublicensing. A fast-food chain was already talking about making a toy for its kids' meals, for crying out loud.

The whole journey of the past twelve months seemed like a bizarre, surreal, completely unbelievable dream.

A year ago she had known exactly who she was—an unassuming children's librarian in the small town of Pine Gulch, Idaho, in the western shadow of the Teton Mountain Range.

Now, to her immense shock, she was a celebrated author about to see the release of her second children's book with several more scheduled in the next few years. Along with that had come things she had never imagined when she'd been writing little stories for her niece and nephew—she had a website, a publicist, a literary agent.

Her quiet, safe world seemed to be spinning out of her control, and this movie deal was the prime example.

"A few more days, Celeste," Joan pushed. "You can't keep stalling. You have to make a decision. Hollywood has a short attention span and an even shorter supply of patience. Do you want your story made into a movie or not?"

She liked Joan very much, as brash and abrupt as the woman could be, but everything with her was an emergency and had to be decided right now. Pressure pains stabbed with little forks behind her eyes and her shoulders felt as if someone had jammed them in a vice and was cranking down hard.

"I know. I just need to be sure this is the right choice for Sparkle."

"Sparkle is a fictional character. You need to be sure it's the right choice for you and for your sister. We've been going over this for weeks. I don't know what else I can say to convince you this is the best deal you're going to get."

"I know that. You've done a great job with the negotiations. I just need…a little more time."

"A few days," Joan said, her voice clipped with frustration. "That's all, then I have to give them some kind of an answer."

"I know. Thank you. I'll get back with you tomorrow or the day after."

"Just remember, most people would see this as a dream come true."

Apparently, she wasn't most people. After they said their goodbyes, Celeste set her cell phone back on the desk, again fighting the urge to climb into her SUV and keep on driving.

That was her sister Hope's way, to wander from place to place as they had done in their itinerant childhood. Celeste was different. She liked security, consistency.


In the past twelve months her life had been anything but normal. She had gone from writing only for herself and her niece and nephew to writing for a vast audience she never could have imagined.

It had all started when her sister Hope had come home the previous Christmas for what was supposed to be a brief stay between overseas teaching jobs. Hope had overheard her reading one of her stories to Louisa and Barrett and had put her considerable artistic skills to work illustrating the story to sell in the gift store of their family's holiday-themed attraction, The Christmas Ranch.

The result had been a sweet, charming Christmas story about a brave little reindeer named Sparkle. Neither Hope nor Celeste had ever imagined the book would be touted by a presenter on one of the national morning news program—or that the resulting sales would explode internationally and end up saving the floundering Christmas Ranch and the family's cattle operation, the Star N Ranch.

She was beyond gratified that so many people liked her writing and the story—and especially Hope's delightful illustrations—but some part of her wanted to go back to that peaceful time when her biggest decisions revolved around what to read for her weekly story hour at the Pine Gulch Public Library.

With a sigh, she turned back to the job at hand. She was still sorting through the final choices when the head librarian poked her head into the cubicle.

"Looks as if we're going to have a nice crowd." Frankie Vittori, the head librarian, looked positively gleeful. "I hope we have room for everybody."

"Oh, that's terrific!" she exclaimed, mentally shelving her worries about the movie deal for now.

She meant the words. She loved nothing more than introducing children to the wonder and magic to be found inside the pages of a good book.

Books had saved her. During the chaos of her childhood, they had offered solace and safety and hope amid fear. She had no idea how she would have survived without friends such as Anne of Green Gables, Bilbo Baggins, Matilda, Harry Potter and Hermione and Ron Weasley.

"I only hope we've got enough of our craft project to go around. It seems as if the crowd increases every month."

Frankie grinned. "That's because everybody in town wants to come hear our local celebrity author read in hopes of catching a sneak peek at the new Sparkle story coming down the pike."

She managed to conceal her instinctive wince. She really didn't like being a celebrity.

On one level, it was immensely gratifying. Who would have ever dreamed that she—quiet, awkward, introverted Celeste Nichols—would be in this position, having people actually care what she had to say?

On another, it was terrifying. At some point the naked emperor was always exposed. She feared the day when somebody would finally ask why all the fuss about her simple little tales.

For now, Frankie was simply thrilled to have a crowd at the library for any kind of reason. Celeste's boss and friend vibrated with energy, as she always did, her toe tapping to unheard music and her fingers fidgeting on the edge of the desk. Frankie was as skinny as a flagpole, probably because she never stopped moving.

Her husband, Lou, on the other hand, was the exact opposite—a deep reservoir of calm serenity.

They made the perfect pair and had two adorable kids who fell somewhere in the middle.

"I know it's more work for you," Frankie went on. "But I have to say, it's a brilliant idea to have two story times, one for the younger kids in the morning and one for early and middle readers after school."

Celeste smiled. "If you do say so yourself?"

Frankie beamed. "What can I say? I'm brilliant sometimes."

"That you are." Since Frankie had come to the library from upstate New York two years earlier, patron usage was way up and support had never been higher.

Frankie was bold and impassioned about the need for libraries, especially in the digital age. Celeste was more than a little envious of her overwhelming confidence, which helped the director fight for every penny of funding from the city council and the community in general.

Celeste would never be as outgoing and vivacious as Frankie, even though she was every bit as passionate about her job as the children's librarian. She liked being behind the scenes—except for the weekly story times, her favorite part of the job.

She checked her watch and quickly stood up. "I guess I'd better get out there."

She picked up the box of craft supplies they would use for the activity she had planned and headed for the large meeting room they had found worked best for story times.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Frankie said with a sly grin. "Make sure you check out the major hottie dad out there at ten o'clock."

Despite her amazing husband, Frankie was always locating hot guys, whether at their weekly lunches at one of the restaurants in town or on the few trips they'd taken into Jackson Hole or Idaho Falls. She always said she was only scouting possible dates for Celeste, which made Celeste roll her eyes. Her last date had been months ago.

"Is he anybody I know?"

"I've never seen him before. He's either new in town or a tourist. You can't miss him. He's wearing a Patek Philippe watch and a brown leather jacket that probably costs as much as our annual nonfiction budget. He's definitely not your average Cold Creek cowboy with horse pucky on his boots."

Okay, intriguing. She hadn't heard of anybody new moving into the small town, especially not someone who could afford the kind of attire Frankie was talking about. Sometimes well-to-do people bought second or third homes in the area, looking for a mountain getaway. They built beautiful homes in lovely alpine settings and then proceeded to visit them once or twice a year.

"I'll be sure to check him out while I'm trying to keep the kids entertained."

Frankie was right about one thing—the place was packed. Probably thirty children ranging in age from about six to eleven sat on the floor while roughly that same number of parents sat in chairs around the room.

For just an instant she felt a burst of stage fright at the idea of all those people staring at her. She quickly pushed it down. Normally she didn't like being in front of a crowd, but this was her job and she loved it. How could she be nervous about reading stories to children? She would just pretend their parents weren't there, like she usually did.

When she walked in, she was heartened by the spontaneous round of applause and the anticipation humming in the air.

She spotted a few people she recognized, friends and neighbors. Joey Santiago, nephew to her brother-in-law Rafe, sat beside his father, waving wildly at her.

She grinned and waved back at him. She would have thought Rafe was the hot dad—all that former navy SEAL mojo he had going on—but Frankie knew him well and he wasn't wearing a leather jacket or an expensive watch anyway.

She loved Rafe dearly, for many reasons—most important because he adored her sister Hope—but also because she wasn't sure she would be standing here, ready to entertain a group of thirty children with the magic of literature if not for his role in their lives so many years ago.

She saw a few other hot dads in the crowd—Justin Hartford, who used to be a well-known movie star but who seemed to fit in better now that he had been a rancher in Cold Creek Canyon for years. Ben Caldwell, the local veterinarian, was definitely hot. Then there was the fire chief, Taft Bowman, and his stepchildren. Taft always looked as though he could be the December cover model on a calendar of yummy firefighters.

All of them were locals of long-standing, though, and Frankie knew them well. They couldn't be the man she was talking about.

Ah, well. She would try to figure out the mystery later, maybe while the children were making the snowman ornaments she had planned for them.

"Thank you so much for coming, everybody. We're going to start off with one of my favorite Christmas stories."

"Is it Sparkle and the Magic Snowball?" Alex Bowman, Taft's stepson, asked hopefully.

She blushed a little as everyone laughed. "Not today. Today we're focusing on stories about Christmas, snow and snowmen."

Ben's son raised his hand. "Is Sparkle going to be here today, Ms. Nichols?"

Was that why so many people had turned out? Were they all hoping she'd brought along the actual Sparkle, who was the celebrity in residence at The Christmas Ranch?

Last year, Hope had talked her into having their family's beloved reindeer—and the inspiration for her eponymously named series of stories—make a quick appearance in the parking lot of the library.

"I'm afraid not. He's pretty busy at The Christmas Ranch right now."

She tried to ignore the small sounds of disappointment from the children and a few of their parents. "I've got tons of other things in store for you, though. To start out, here's one of everyone's favorite holiday stories, How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

She started reading and, as usual, it only took a few pages before a hush fell over the room. The children were completely enthralled—not by her, she was only the vehicle, but by the power of story.

She became lost, too, savoring every word. When she neared the climax, she looked up for dramatic effect and found the children all watching her with eager expressions, ready for more. Her gaze lifted to the parents and she spotted someone she hadn't seen before, a man sitting on the back row of parents with a young girl beside him.

He had brown hair shot through with lighter streaks, a firm jaw and deep blue eyes.

This had to be the hot dad Frankie had meant.

Her heart began to pound fiercely, so loud in her ears she wondered if the children could hear it over the microphone clipped to her collar.

She knew this man, though she hadn't seen him for years.

Flynn Delaney.

She would recognize him anywhere. After all, he had been the subject of her daydreams all through her adolescence.

She hadn't heard he was back in Pine Gulch. Why was he here? Was he staying at his grandmother's house just down the road from the Star N? It made sense. His grandmother, Charlotte, had died several months earlier and her house had been empty ever since.

She suddenly remembered everything else that had happened to this man in the past few months and her gaze shifted to the young girl beside him, blonde and ethereal like a Christmas angel herself.

Celeste's heart seemed to melt.

This must be her. His daughter. Oh, the poor, poor dear.

The girl was gazing back at Celeste with her eyes wide and her hands clasped together at her chest as if she couldn't wait another instant to hear the rest of the story.

Everyone was gazing at her with expectation, and Celeste realized she had stopped in the middle of the story to stare at Flynn and his daughter.

Appalled at herself, she felt heat soak her cheeks. She cleared her throat and forced her attention back to the story, reading the last few pages with rather more heartiness than she had started with.

This was her job, she reminded herself as she closed the book, helping children discover all the delights to be found in good stories.

She wasn't here to ogle Flynn Delaney, for heaven's sake, even when there was plenty about him any woman would consider ogle-worthy.

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A Cold Creek Christmas Story 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely delightful . It had everything- joy,love tears,hope ,and even snow . Christmas is magical and meaningful and this story successfully brought it all together. Thank you for such heartwarming words.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow this story has everything. Hope, kindness,tears, romance and finally love. This the first-time I have read RaeAnn and will be reading more of her books. Her words just pull you right into the story. Enjoyed from page 1 to the ever end. Wonderful read Thank you.
uhave2loveufirst More than 1 year ago
2 books in 1 - a holiday treat from RaeAnne Thayne A good start for the holidays in RaeAnne Thayne's newest offering. We begin with A Cold Creek Christmas Story. Celeste Nichols, children's librarian in Pine Gulch Idaho, and her sister have published a book. The title character is Sparkle the reindeer. It's story time at the library and she is alerted to look for the hottie dad in the audience. While reading to the children she notices Flynn Delaney. Oh yes he is the hottie. There is some history between them from their younger years. He has returned to town after many years along with his daughter Olivia, who wants to meet the Sparkle lady. Olivia and her mother were involved in a tragic shooting. Her mother did not survive. Will the Sparkle lady help with the healing of Olivia's heart? Will Flynn and Celeste lose their hearts to one another? We end with Christmas in Cold Creek. Police Chief Trace Bowman stops at the place to meet, The Gulch Diner. He notices a new waitress, Becca Parsons. Why is a well manicured, designer clothes wearing woman serving coffee at a diner? Her daughter, Gabrielle, spends before school time at the diner but does not interact with others. According to diner owner Donna, something is not right. Becca had inherited a house in town from a grandfather she hadn't even known about. Trace is wondering what her story really is. Becca had not expected such a good looking police chief. She is very uneasy around him. There is a mystery to unfold. What is Becca's real story? Will Trace and Becca have a future together? Thanks for another great read RaeAnne!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
judiOH More than 1 year ago
loved this first in a trilogy. can't wait for the next.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
5 stars I wanted to read this story for along time. It is charming, Christmas, cute characters and touched my heart. Also a clean read. Celeste Nicholas is the main character. She is a small town children's librarian in Pine Gulch. She has also written a children's book. Flynn Delaney has come back to Pine Gulch to go close his grandmother's house and sale it. He has brought with him his daughter. Olivia is cute, with some deep problems. She loves Sparkle and wants to hear the author read stories. I loved seeing her healing. Last year with the sale of Celeste's book & her sister Hope's illustrations of Sparkle had saved Christmas Ranch from closing. Now she has to decide if she wants to sale it to make a movie. This is a good Christmas book and I did not even cry in it. The setting is Pine Gulch, Idaho. A small ranching town. In December. The descriptions were very real I could picture a Winter scene on this hot Aug. day. I was given this ebook to read for free from Net Galley and Harlequin. In return I agreed to give a honest review of A Cold Creek Christmas Story.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderfully sweet story about love and healing. Flynn’s daughter Olivia has survived something devastating and she’s still dealing with it. He’s back in Cold Creek, after years in California, to take care of his grandmother’s affairs and he’s hoping that the place that meant so much to him as a child can help his daughter heal. But it is meeting the author of her favorite story that has Olivia showing real enthusiasm. Flynn’s love for his daughter and how he’s devastated by what she’s been through is so touching. He’s trying so hard to help her. But when it is obvious that Celeste is the key, he takes advantage of it … regardless of the attraction to the quiet librarian that he’s trying so hard to ignore. Celeste had a traumatic event of her own when she was a child, which gives her a special understanding of what Olivia is going thru. It takes dealing with the haunted little girl, and her father, to really face some of the scars she’s still holding onto. I’ve read other Thayne stories, but this is my first in the Cowboys of Cold Creek series. It looks like this one has been going on for a while (this is the 14th story) but I’m not sure how related they all are. Celeste’s sister Hope stars in Book 13, The Christmas Ranch, and while it isn’t necessary to have read it (I didn’t and it didn’t really bother me) I think there’s enough continuation that it probably would have made this one more enjoyable. So not required, but beneficial :) I got along just fine and Thayne did a good job of relating the necessities. A Cold Creek Christmas Story is super sweet and just about perfect for a holiday read. The characters are interesting and complex, the story is heartwarming and joyful, and it has that innocence that will make just about anyone feel good. I’ll definitely be looking for more in this series and by this author. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
cjp0 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful story and characters. Also read the Christmas Ranch by Raeanne Thayne
Cece56 More than 1 year ago
Celeste and Hope have created successful children's books. Celeste is truly astounded at the success of her Sparkle the Reindeer books. These are just the stories she wrote for her niece and nephew. Hope illustrated the books and they have become very popular with children. While Celeste struggles with whether the Sparkle books should be made into an animated movie, she works as a children's librarian at the Pine Gulch Library. She has a story hour for the children. She notices a man that she had a crush on as a teenager enter with his daughter. Flynn's daughter, Olivia, and her Mother had been involved in a shooting by Olivia's Mother's boyfriend. Her Mother did not survive. Flynn and Olivia are both suffering from the tragedy. Olivia has PTSD. Celeste feels an instant connection with Olivia due to her own tragedy as a child. Flynn and Olivia are only in town to clean out his Grandmother's house and put it on the market. As Celeste and her family embrace Flynn and Olivia, they both start a journey to healing. RaeAnne Thayne writes books of compassion and meaning. Everyone has some trama in their lives. She makes you believe that you can get through it. Her books are moving, well written and with a warmth that embraces you as you read. I never miss an opportunity to read RaeAnne Thayne's books! I received an ARC of this book for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.
Cathyquilter More than 1 year ago
A continuation of the story of the Christmas Ranch and the Nicholas family. You do not need to have read the previous book but it gives some of the family history. Celeste is one of three sisters, who along with their parents, were held hostage a number of years before this story takes place. Celeste, the youngest, still has some issues to deal with stemming from that traumatic time in her life. Flynn Delaney comes to town to clean out his grandmother's home after her death. His daughter has experienced her own trauma and he is hoping the small town will help her to heal. Celeste and her sister wrote and illustrated a book about one of the reindeer on the Christmas Ranch which has become a bestseller. It just happens to be little Olivia's favorite book. It is a charming story about people helping each other to heal. An added bonus is a second story - Christmas in Cold Creek - contained in the same book. Definitely two excellent books for the price of one.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I have been reading stories by RaeAnne Thayne for awhile now, and I have to say, she never disappoints the reader. This is another wonderful addition to the Cold Creek series, complete with a reindeer named Sparkles. Here you have Celeste, who is the local librarian, who during children's hour at the library, runs into her old crush Flynn and his young daughter. This is a touching, emotional, and just a wonderful story to add to your library.
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
I love Christmas stories and A Cold Creek Christmas Story is no exception. Christmas is a time for sharing, healing, love, compassion and magic and that is what A Cold Creek Christmas is all about. I really love Celeste's character. She is an amazing woman and I really love how she helped Olivia recover from her trauma and grief. A truly amazing and heartwarming story that will warm your heart even if it is cold where you are.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
RaeAnne never fails in weaving a magical family atmosphere that you can sink into for several hours as you enjoy her books. This one touched me because you met one person who had been touched by trauma as a child who was able to reach through and help another child suffering the same way. Celeste Nichols loves living in Pine Gulch, Idaho. When a children’s book that she wrote becomes super popular, she doesn’t much enjoy the popularity of that. When she runs into Flynn Delaney, she remembers how kind he was to her when they were young and can’t help but remember the crush she had on him. He’s in town with his little girl, Olivia who is suffering with how to deal with moving past the things that happened to her and things she saw. Will Celeste be able to help Olivia? And will the attraction brewing between her and Flynn be a passing thing or is there a possibility of a future there? ** Received free in exchange of an honest review **
CrystalCB More than 1 year ago
What could be better than another Christmas story by RaeAnne Thayne this year? Off the top of my head a really can't think of anything. I love Christmas stories and RaeAnne Thayne is one of my very favorite authors. Ms. Thayne writes a fabulous small town romance story that just makes you feel good. When it takes place during the Christmas holiday it's even better. This talented author does a fabulous job of creating characters and story lines that are chock full of emotion.A Cold Creek Christmas Story is no exception. I first meet the Nichols sisters in The Christmas Ranch last year. I formed an instant bond with this supportive and loving family and thoroughly enjoyed visiting The Christmas Ranch again and the Nichols sisters again. Celeste Nichols is the author of the Sparkle story and the local library's Children's librarian. She's a sweet, kind, caring, and really good with kids. She just seems to have the special touch when she meets Olivia Delaney and her father Flynn. Olivia is such a sweet child that has been through things no child should have to do. Flynn Delaney is a wonderful father that is hurting deeply for what his sweet daughter has been through. He has returned to Pine Gulch, Idaho to take care of his Grandmother's home. He attends a library children's story hour with his daughter and unexpected runs into his childhood neighbor Celeste. The sparks and emotions between Flynn and Celeste make for an incredible story. Celeste just may be the exact thing that both Flynn and Olivia need. I loved watching these three get to know each other and how they interact together. They have obstacles they are going to have to overcome if they are going to find a happily ever after together as a family though. A Cold Creek Christmas Story is a fabulous attention to the Cowboys of Cold Creek series. If you haven't read any of the other books in the series, never fear, they will all stand alone just fine. You may start with the wonderful Christmas story and not feel like you are missing any pertinent details. Overall it is a very emotionally touching story that kept me enthralled throughout the whole story. I loved the characters and who could possibly resist the adorable Sparkle the Reindeer that makes an appearance in the story. Celeste also has a very cute dog and cat that add their own special touch to the story. I can not wait to see what Ms. Thayne may have in store for us next in this series. I'm anxious to see if Faith Nichols will be able to find happiness again. I was given the opportunity to read this wonderful story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on A Cold Creek Christmas Story.
JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
Flynn has come to clean out his grandmother's house, get it ready to put up for sale and to help his daughter recover from the ordeal of being shot and watching her mother die. Celeste met Flynn when she was 13 and fell in love with him then. She also fell in love with his daughter and wants to help her recover. It is something that she and sisters know a lot about as they had endured a horrific time in another country when they were young. The problem is that Flynn doesn't think he is going to stick around for long and needs to concentrate on his daughter. He doesn't have time for a romance, but he really is falling for Celeste.
book-addictSR More than 1 year ago
RaeAnne Thayne has done it again. A Cold Creek Christmas Story is a wonderful story. It will fill you with the Christmas spirit. I really enjoyed this book and catching up with the Nichols sisters. I am looking forward to more stories about this family. Celeste has been through a lot in her life and now she is faced with making some big decisions about her books that she wrote for her nieces and nephews. Flynn has returned to his grandmother’s home in Pine Gulch to close out his past and try to help his daughter recover from some terrible trauma. Celeste understands Flynn’s daughter since she has had a traumatic past. She helps Flynn to understand more about what his daughter is going through. The story of their history and their reunion in Pine Gulch is filled with drama and passion. Together they all learn to overcome the tragic past and build a happy future. I was given this book in advance for an honest review. I would highly recommend this book. It is a heartwarming story that will put you in the Christmas spirit.
rphdarla More than 1 year ago
Delightful small town Christmas story, another sure hit delivered by author RaeAnne Thayne. A Cold Creek Christmas is the story of Celeste Nichols, the town librarian, and Olivia, the young daughter of Flynn Delaney. Well actually it is the love story of Celeste and Flynn, but it is Christmas in Pine Gulch and of course the little girl is the key to getting these two wonderful people together. Olivia and Flynn are in Pine Gulch to clean out Grandma's house but really to try to recover from a tragedy in their life. The whole town comes together to help each in their own way. I truly cannot say enough about how wonderfully written this heartfelt story is.... I laughed, I cried, I smiled, my heart swelled. So heat a cup of cocoa, put on some classical Christmas music and snuggle up with this great little story and enjoy!
gdsnv More than 1 year ago
I’m a big RaeAnne Thayne fan and all her books and series. However, her books are always more special to me during the holidays. She doesn’t disappoint with this latest holiday read – and it has a bonus story! A Cold Creek Christmas Story is about Celeste Nicholas and Flynn Delaney. Throw in Flynn’s little girl, Olivia? Ms. Thayne delivers heart, warmth, soul, conflict, desire, and love in this story. Celeste has demons, from her childhood, that help her understand and become close to Olivia. Throw in a childhood crush on Flynn and it is truly a sweet story. I love that the whole family shows up, including Sparkle the reindeer (!), and really loved this story. It’s a bit of a rough ride to Celeste’s and Flynn’s HEA but you won’t be disappointed. And Christmas in Cold Creek is a bonus! Another great story in this series. It’s truly a great deal.
mackandmilo More than 1 year ago
A Cold Creek Christmas Story RaeAnne Thayne Flynn Delaney finds himself coming back to Pine Gulch, Idaho to clean out his grandmother's house. The tragic death of his ex-wife and the shooting that left his daughter, Olivia, scarred and broken, physically and emotionally, are too much. He needs to be in control of something. Cleaning out the house and putting it on the market should help to center him. Not only that, but Olivia's favorite author, Celeste Nichols, lives there. He's had a crush on her since she tumbled off her bike years ago. Lonely, hurt and trying to help Olivia heal, Flynn is not used to depending on others. Will his visit help heal them both, or will it make things worse when he leaves to go back to California? Celeste Nichols, unassuming librarian, thrust into the spot light after her sister sent her book, Sparkle and the Magic Snowball to a publisher, recognizes Flynn and his daughter immediately. She's had a crush on him for years. The tragedy that took his ex-wife and left his daughter in the hospital and in rehab is still fresh in her mind. Feeling the spark of romance around Flynn makes Celeste more determined than ever to help heal Olivia. In this beautiful, heartwarming story about tragedy altering the life of a small child who needs love, compassion and healing, Mrs. Thayne delivers everything a reader is expecting and more. The love that blooms over the course of the pages you read, and the healing that Olivia receives because of Celeste and her family is emotionally fulfilling. The story is unique and captures the reader as soon as you finish page 1. This is a wonderful story to read anytime of the year, but especially around the holidays to put you in the Christmas mood. I find myself one clicking all of the other books on her bookshelf. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next. Simply beautiful writing. 5 stars
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
The emotions of this book grabbed me in from the very beginning. I love RaeAnne's books but this one was especially heartwarming and emotional. A perfect read for the holiday season where that Christmas magic can heal hearts and lift the injured soul. The unimaginable has happened to young Olivia - her mother shot & killed in front of her and her, shot & gravely injured also. Her father, Flynn, takes her to Cold Creek, Idaho to clean out his grandmother's house after her death and perhaps find some peace. Both of them never could have imagined that they would laugh and find love! Celeste is the children's librarian. She looks up one day to see Flynn and Olivia listening to her read during story time. She remembers Flynn from long ago when she was a child and crashed her bike in front of his grandmother's! So begins their journey. Celeste connects with the fragile, young Olivia and helps her through her recovery, both physical and emotional. She also connects with Flynn and he doesn't understand either one of them! I loved every character in this book! It was emotional but it was so much more. Celeste becomes so strong and so does Olivia! I love that little girl! This book is truly a lesson in overcoming difficult things in life and reaching for happiness and joy. I enjoyed the simple message of loving & serving other people to find true joy in life, especially during the holiday season, but really anytime of the year!
ReadsWithGranddaughters More than 1 year ago
This is a truly delightful and magical journey that takes place in Pine Gulch, Idaho, by the Teton Mountain Range, where The Christmas Ranch and the Star N Ranch reign. I can imagine the snow lightly falling and surrounding the land and home structures of the Nichols family. In addition, there is also a Christmas village, a reindeer herd, horses, cattle, and the St. Nicholas Lodge for Santa Clause, as well as a gift shop. Uncle Claude and Aunt Mary created this comfort for their three nieces, Faith, Hope, and Celeste, who they raised since their parents died. Uncle Claude is no longer with them, but this family is strong because of their tight bond and the caring, loving manner each had been taught. They have lived their life through this love. Celeste is a town librarian and author of the children's book Sparkle and the Magic Snowball. Her sister Hope is the illustrator. Faith runs the ranch. RaeAnne has a beautiful writing style that gifts us with warm, caring, thoughtful, yet strong characters, and my heart has been comforted through her words. Celeste and Flynn's story, centered around Flynn's six-year-old daughter, Olivia, has made me sing with joy. I am definitely going to read more Cold Creek novels, starting with The Christmas Ranch, as I don't want to leave Pine Gulch. I will leave it to other readers to find out how everything comes together, as I do not want to ruin anyone's chance of finding happiness in this charming, beautiful, and delightful story
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I love these Cold Creek holiday stories and this one is no exception. This one has us back on the Christmas Ranch. Celeste has always been happy living in the background but when her children's book character really takes off she is the spotlight whether she wants it or not. When Flynn Delaney (Celeste's teenage crush) comes back to town with his young daughter Celeste is immediately drawn to both of them. Could there be another holiday romance brewing??? You definitely want to grab a copy of this one and find out. I highly recommend it!
brandihowell1 More than 1 year ago
It is Christmas time again in Pine Gulch. This Christmas brings Flynn Delaney back to his beloved grandmother's house to clean it out after her passing. Flynn is hoping a change of scenery will help his daughter heal from a horrific trauma that has left her scarred. Celeste Nichols is contemplating whether to turn her beloved children's story into a movie. She runs into Flynn, her childhood crush, when he brings his daughter to her library for story and craft time. We get a wonderful story of two like souls learning from each other the way to forgiveness and rememberance. We visit with a few old friends and meet Sparkles the reindeer. RaeAnne has another great story on her hands and I can't wait to read what is in story for the rest of the Nichols family.
Virginialloyd More than 1 year ago
An Unexpected Christmas Present Celeste Nichols wasn't one for spotlights. She was happy in her position as children's librarian in her home town. Holidays, pressure to sign over movie rights of the book she and her sister recently published, and now the presence of Flynn Delancy, tossed her in a frenzy. Add to her growing number of stresses, Flynn came with a traumatized daughter who bonded with Celeste through her book, Sprinkle and the Magic Snowballs. Misunderstandings, pressures and decisions follow in the days prior to Christmas in the little town of Pine Gultch. Christmas Ranch, a Christmas play put on by the children, plus daily routines toss Celeste, Flynn and daughter Olivia together almost daily. So much forbCeleste's plan to stay away from Flynn whom she once had a teenage crush on... Will Christmas be merry and bright for those she loves? Will healing be the unexpected gift for Celeste, Flynn and Olivia? Read RayAnne Thayne's A Cold Creek Christmas Story for confirmation of hope, peace and joy only the holidays bring. To New Beginnings Becca Parsons knew only too well how to rise up from the ashes of life. Determined to break loose from the deceitful years of her childhood, she made a good life on her own until another blast from her past rode into town leaving her not only in financial disaster, but saddled with a sister she had not known existed. When her savings, her home and her job were gone, Becca knew she had to find another starting place. Inheriting her grandfather's house, gave she and her sister a home. Getting established with a job, enrolling Gabi in school created a tangled web of lies she detested. To make matters worse, Becca had an admirer who just happened to be Chief of Police of Cold Creek. How would she be able to keep up the charade her life had become? As if that wasn't bad enough, her sister Gabi tried to scam her little friends at school. Overwhelming days piled upon Becca like a snow drift of enormous proportions. Just when the holidays should be heralding in peace and joy, another disaster hit. Would Becca run yet again? Or would she stand firm? What type of a Cold Creek Christmas would it be this year? Read Christmas in Cold Creek by RayAnne Thayne to follow Becca through the holidays.
Grottoes More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. The wonderful town librarian who shuns the spotlight. The Christmas Ranch revisited. It was like coming home for Christmas, warm and wonderful. The love story adds just the right spark