A Collection of Love Gifts

A Collection of Love Gifts

by Helen Steiner Rice

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Experience the enduring love of your heavenly Father through this treasured volume of inspiring poetry by Helen Steiner Rice, the poet laureate of inspirational verse. Poems like Finding Faith in a Flower and Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled will refresh and inspire long-time and first-time readers and is perfect for ministry use or personal evangelism. You'll find your spirit lifted and your heart drawn to God as you read this wonderful collection of poems - A Collection of Love Gifts.

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ISBN-13: 9781607422990
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/2007
Series: Helen Steiner Rice Collection
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 96
File size: 6 MB

About the Author

Born in 1900 in Ohio, Helen Steiner Rice has been called the “poet laureate of inspirational verse.” She worked as a greeting card editor before she began writing poems and returned to her Lord in 1981.


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A Collection of Love Gifts

By Helen Steiner Rice

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2002 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60742-299-0


    The Magic of Love

is like magic and it
     always will be, for love still remains
     life's sweet mystery!
    Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange
     and there's nothing in life that
     love cannot change!
    Love can transform the most commonplace
     into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace!
    Love is unselfish, understanding, and kind,
     for it sees with its heart and not with
     its mind!
    Love is the answer that everyone seeks—
    Love is the language that every heart speaks—
    Love cant be bought, it is priceless and free,
    Love like pure magic is a sweet mystery!

    The Power of Love

    There is no thinking person
     who can stand untouched today
    And view the world around us drifting downward to
    Without feeling deep within them
     a silent unnamed dread,
    Wondering how to stem the chaos
     that lies frightfully ahead ...
    But the problems we are facing
     cannot humanly be solved
    For our diplomatic strategy
     only gets us more involved
    And our skillful ingenuity;
     our technology, and science

    Can never change a sinful heart
     filled with hatred and defiance ...
    So our problems keep on growing
     every hour of every day
    As man vainly tries to solve them
     in his own self-willful way ...
    But man is powerless alone
     to clean up the world outside
    Until his own polluted soul
     is clean and free inside ...
    For the amazing power of love
     is beyond all comprehension
    And it alone can heal this world
     of its hatred and dissension.

    Warm Our Hearts with Thy Love

    Oh God, who made the summer
     and warmed the earth with beauty;
    Warm our hearts with gratitude
     and devotion to our duty,
    For in this age of violence,
     rebellion, and defiance
    We've forgotten the true
     meaning of dependable reliance—
    We have lost our sense of duty
     and our sense of values, too,
    And what was once
     unsanctioned, no longer is taboo,

    Our standards have been lowered
     and we resist all discipline,
    And our vision has been narrowed
     and blinded to all sin—
    Oh, put the summer brightness
     in our closed, unseeing eyes
    So in the careworn faces
     that we pass we'll recognize
    The heartbreak and the loneliness,
     the trouble and despair
    That a word of understanding
     would make easier to bear—
    Oh God, look down on our cold hearts
     and warm them with Your love,
    And grant us Your forgiveness
     which we're so unworthy of.

    There's Sunshine in a Smile

    Life is a mixture of
     sunshine and rain,
    Laughter and pleasure,
     teardrops and pain,
    All days can't be bright,
     but it's certainly true,
    There was never a cloud
     the sun didn't shine through—
    So just keep on smiling
     whatever betide you,
    Secure in the knowledge
     God is always beside you,
    And you'll find when you smile
     your day will be brighter
    And all of your burdens
     will seem so much lighter—
    For each time you smile
     you will find it is true
    Somebody, somewhere will smile
     back at you,
    And nothing on earth can make life
     more worthwhile
    Than the sunshine and warmth
     of a beautiful smile.


    Count our Gains and Not Your

    As we travel down life's busy road
     complaining of our heavy load,
    We often think God's been unfair
     and gave us much more than our share
    Of little daily irritations
     and disappointing tribulations ...
    We're discontented with our lot
     and all the bad breaks that
    We got, We count our losses, not our gain,
     and remember only tears and pain ...
    The good things we forget completely when
     God looked down and blessed us sweetly.
    Our troubles fill our every thought,
     we dwell upon lost goals we sought,

    And wrapped up in our own despair
     we have no time to see or share
    Another's load that far outweighs
     our little problems and dismays ...
    And so we walk with head held low
     and little do we guess or know
    That someone near us on life's street
     is burdened deeply with defeat ...
    But if we'd but forget our care
     and stop in sympathy to share
    The burden that our brother carried,
     our mind and heart would be less harried
    And we would feel our load was small,
     in fact, we carried no load at all.

    The Peace of Meditation

    So we may know God better
    And feel His quiet power,
    Let us daily keep in silence
    A meditation hour—
    For to understand God's greatness
    And to use His gifts each day
    The soul must learn to meet Him
    In a meditative way,
    For our Father tells His children
    That if thev would know His will
    They must seek Him in the silence
    When all is calm and still ...

    For nature's greatest forces
    Are found in quiet things
    Like softly falling snowflakes
    Drifting down on angels' wings,
    Or petals dropping soundlessly
    From a lovely full-blown rose,
    So God comes closest to us
    When our souls are in repose ...
    So let us plan with prayerful care
    To always allocate
    A certain portion of each day
    To be still and meditate.

    My Garden of Prayer

    My garden beautifies my yard
     and adds fragrance to the air ...
    But it is also my cathedral
     and my quiet place of prayer ...
    So little do we realize
     that the glory and the power
    Of He who made the universe
     lies hidden in a flower.

    Our Soul Is Then Preparing

    For a deeper dedication
    That will make it wholly possible
    To quietly endure
    The violent world around us—
    For in God we are secure.

    If You Meet God in the Morning
    He'll Go with You through the Day

    "The earth is the Lord's
     and the fulness thereof"—
    It speaks of His greatness,
     it sings of His love,
    And each day at dawning
     I lift my heart high
    And raise up nay eyes
     to the infinite sky ...
    I watch the night vanish
     as a new day is born,
    And I hear the birds sing
     on the wings of the morn,

    I see the dew glisten
     in crystal-like splendor
    While God, with a touch
     that is gentle and tender,
    Wraps up the night
     and softly tucks it away
    And hangs out the sun
     to herald a new day ...
    And so I give thanks
     and my heart kneels to pray—
    "God, keep me and guide me
     and go with me today."

    It's a Wonderful World

    In spite of the fact
     we complain and lament
    And view this old world with
     much discontent,
    Deploring conditions
     and grumbling because
    There's so much injustice
     and so many flaws,
    It's a wonderful world
     and it's people like you
    Who make it that way
     by the things that they do—

    For a warm, ready smile
     or a kind, thoughtful deed,
    Or a hand outstretched
     in an hour of need
    Can change our whole outlook
     and make the world bright
    Where a minute before
     just nothing seemed right—
    It's a wonderful world
     and it always will be
    If we keep our eyes open
     and focused to see
    The wonderful things
     man is capable of
    When he opens his heart
     to God and His love.

    Be of Good Cheer—
    There's Nothing to Fear!

    Cheerful thoughts like sunbeams
    Lighten up the darkest fears For
    when the heart is happy There's
    just no time for tears—
    And when the face is smiling
    It's impossible to frown,
    And when you are high-spirited
    You cannot feel low-down—
    For the nature of our attitude
    Toward circumstantial things
    Determines our acceptance
    Of the problems that life brings,

    And since fear and dread and worry
    Cannot help in any way,
    It's much healthier and happier
    To be cheerful every day—
    And if you'll only try it
    You will find, without a doubt,
    A cheerful attitude's something
    No one should be without—
    For when the heart is cheerful
    It cannot be filled with fear,
    And without fear the way ahead
    Seems more distinct and clear—
    And we realize there's nothing
    We need ever face alone
    For our heavenly Father loves us
    And our problems are His own.

    He Loves You!

    It's amazing and incredible,
    But it's as true as it can be,
    God loves and understands us all
    And that means you and me—
    His grace is all-sufficient
    For both the young and old,
    For the lonely and the timid,
    For the brash and for the bold—
    His love knows no exceptions,
    So never feel excluded
    No matter who or what you are
    Your name has been included
    And no matter what your past has been,
    Trust God to understand,
    And no matter what your problem is
    Just place it in His hand—
    For in all of our unloveliness
    This great God loves us still,
    He loved us since the world began
    And what's more, He always will!

    What More Can You Ask?

    God's love endures forever—
    What a wonderful thing to know
    When the tides of life run against you
    And your spirit is downcast and low ...
    God's kindness is ever around you,
    Always ready to freely impart
    Strength to your faltering spirit,
    Cheer to your lonely heart ...
    God's presence is ever beside you,
    As near as the reach of your hand,
    You have but to tell Him your troubles,
    There is nothing He won't understand ...
    And knowing God's love is unfailing,
    And His mercy unending and great,
    You have but to trust in His promise—
    God comes not too soon or too late ...
    So wait with a heart that is patient
    For the goodness of God to prevail—
    For never do prayers go unanswered,
    And His mercy and love never fail.

    Let's Go and Let God!

    When you're troubled and worried
     and sick at heart
    And your plans are upset
     and your world falls apart,
    Remember God's ready
     and waiting to share
    The burden you find much too
     heavy to bear—
    So with faith let go and
     let God lead the way
    Into a brighter and less troubled day:

    Flowers Leave Their Fragrance on the
    Hand That Bestows Them

    There's an old Chinese proverb
     that, if practiced each day,
    Would change the whole world
     in a wonderful way—
    Its truth is so simple, it's
     so easy to do,
    And it works every time and
     successfully, too ...
    For you can't do a kindness
     without a reward,
    Not in silver not gold
     but in joy from the Lord—
    You can't light a candle
     to show others the way
    Without feeling the warmth
     of that bright little ray ...
    And you can't pluck a rose,
     all fragrant with dew,
    Without part of its fragrance
     remaining, with you.

    Look on the Sunny Side

    There are al-ways two sides,
     the good and the bad,
    The dark and the light,
     the sad and the glad—
    But in looking back over
     the good and the bad
    We're aware of the number
     of good things we've had—
    And in counting our blessings
    we find when we're through
    We've no reason at all
     to complain or be blue—
    So thank God for good things
     He has already done,
    And be grateful to Him
     for the battles you've won,

    And know that the same God
     who helped you before
    Is ready and willing
     to help you once more—
    Then with faith in your heart
     reach out for God's hand
    And accept what He sends,
     though you can't understand—
    For our Father in heaven
     always knows what is best,
    And if you trust in His wisdom
     your life will be blessed,
    For always remember
     that whatever betide you,
    You are never alone
     for God is beside you.

    Today's Joy Was Born
    of Yesterday's Sorrow

    Who said the darkness of the night would
     never turn to day,
    Who said the winter's bleakness
     would never pass away,
    Who said the fog would never lift
     and let the sunshine through,
    Who said the skies now overcast
     would nevermore be blue—
    Why should we ever entertain
     these thoughts so dark and grim
    And let the brightness of our mind
     grow cynical and dim

    When we know beyond all questioning
     that winter turns to spring
    And on the notes of sorrow
     new songs are made to sing—
    For no one sheds a teardrop
     or suffers loss in vain,
    For God is always there to turn
     our losses into gain,
    And every burden born today
     and every present sorrow
    Are but God's happy harbingers
     of a joyous, bright tomorrow.

    Finding Faith in a Flower

    Sometimes when faith is running low
    And I cannot fathom why things are so ...
    I walk alone among the flowers I grow
    And learn the answers to all I would know!
    For among my flowers I have come to see
    Life's miracle and its mystery ...
    And standing in silence and reverie
    My faith comes flooding back to me!


Excerpted from A Collection of Love Gifts by Helen Steiner Rice. Copyright © 2002 Barbour Publishing, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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