A Companion to the U.S. Civil War, 2 Volume Set

A Companion to the U.S. Civil War, 2 Volume Set

by Aaron Sheehan-Dean (Editor)


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A Companion to the U.S. Civil War presents a comprehensive historiographical collection of essays covering all major military, political, social, and economic aspects of the American Civil War (1861-1865).

  • Represents the most comprehensive coverage available relating to all aspects of the U.S. Civil War
  • Features contributions from dozens of experts in Civil War scholarship
  • Covers major campaigns and battles, and military and political figures, as well as non-military aspects of the conflict such as gender, emancipation, literature, ethnicity, slavery, and memory

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119716143
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/05/2020
Series: Wiley Blackwell Companions to American History Series , #77
Pages: 1232
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.60(h) x 2.20(d)

About the Author

Aaron Sheehan-Dean is Fred C. Frey Professor at Louisiana State University. He is the author of Why Confederates Fought: Family and Nation in Civil War Virginia(2007) and the Concise Historical Atlas of the U.S. Civil War(2008).

Table of Contents

Volume I

Notes on Contributors x

Preface xviii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Part I Campaigns and Battles 1

1 Virginia 1861 3
Clayton R. Newell

2 Missouri 19
Jeffrey Patrick

3 Mississippi Valley Campaign 41
Barbara A. Gannon

4 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign 56
Jonathan A. Noyalas

5 Logistics 74
Brian Holden Reid

6 Peninsula Campaign 95
Timothy J. Orr

7 Soldiers 114
Lorien Foote

8 Kentucky 132
Aaron Astor

9 Guerrillas 154
Barton A. Myers

10 Maryland Campaign of 1862 178
Benjamin Franklin Cooling

11 Battle of Antietam 195
D. Scott Hartwig

12 Civil War Tactics 211
Jennifer M. Murray

13 Battle of Fredericksburg 231
Mark A. Snell

14 Blockading Campaigns 240
Samuel Negus

15 Chancellorsville Campaign 262
Christian B. Keller

16 Battle of Gettysburg 280
Carol Reardon

17 African-American Soldiering 297
Andre M. Fleche

18 Vicksburg Campaign 316
Steven Nathaniel Dossman

19 Occupation 328
Jacqueline Glass Campbell

20 Arkansas 338
Buck T. Foster

21 Indian America 365
Megan Kate Nelson

22 Naval Development and Warfare 386
Kurt Henry Hackemer

23 Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga 410
Keith S. Bohannon

24 Atlanta Campaign 428
Robert L. Glaze

25 Georgia and Carolinas Campaigns 444
Anne Sarah Rubin

26 Prisons 456
James Gillispie

27 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign 476
Scott C. Patchan

28 Overland Campaign, 1864 492
Mark Grimsley

29 Louisiana and Texas Campaigns 501
Bradley R. Clampitt

30 Petersburg Campaign 521
Brian Matthew Jordan

31 Technology and War 540
Andrew S. Bledsoe

32 War and Environment 561
Kathryn Shively Meier

33 Appomattox Campaign 573
Bradley A. Wineman

34 Medicine and Health Care 590
Michael A. Flannery

35 Civil War Veterans 608
James Marten

Volume II

Notes on Contributors x

Preface xviii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Part II Leaders 629

36 Ulysses S. Grant 631
James J. Broomall

37 Robert E. Lee 652
Elizabeth Brown Pryor

38 United States Generals 673
Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh

39 Abraham Lincoln 691
Brian Dirck

40 Jefferson Davis 710
Lynda Lasswell Crist

41 Frederick Douglass 724
L. Diane Barnes

Part III Politics, Society, and Culture 741

42 Civil War Diplomacy 743
Jay Sexton

43 Ethnicity 763
David T. Gleeson

44 Women 779
Judith Giesberg

45 Manhood 795
Brian Craig Miller

46 Northern Politics 811
Adam I.P. Smith

47 Southern Politics 830
John M. Sacher

48 Northern Dissent 849
Matthew Warshauer

49 Southern Dissent 867
Margaret M. Storey

50 Northern Home Front 891
Robert M. Sandow

51 Southern Home Front 909
Aaron Sheehan-Dean

52 Abolitionists in the Civil War 927
Stanley Harrold

53 Slavery in the Civil War 949
Jaime Amanda Martinez

54 Emancipation 965
Yael A. Sternhell

55 Literature 987
Michael T. Bernath

56 Music 1003
Christian McWhirter

57 Religion 1021
Sean A. Scott

58 Constitution and Law 1035
Christian G. Samito

59 Nationalism 1056
Paul Quigley

60 Wartime Political Economy 1073
Sean Patrick Adams

Part IV The Civil War in History 1087

61 Theory and Method 1089
Paul Christopher Anderson

62 The Global Civil War 1103
Don H. Doyle

63 Wartime Origins of Reconstruction 1121
John C. Rodrigue

64 Memory 1139
Caroline E. Janney

Name Index 1155

Subject Index 1167

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"The literature on the American Civil War has grown to almost unimaginable proportion, leaving many readers and students frustrated as they try to engage with an enormously complex field. Aaron Sheehan-Dean and the contributors to this Companion have provided a most welcome tool that should find a large and grateful audience. Whether seeking information about thousands of titles or major historiographical trends, all who use these two volumes will profit immensely."
—Gary W. Gallagher, John L. Nau III Professor of History, University of Virginia

“Aaron Sheehan-Dean’s A Companion to the U.S. Civil War immediately becomes the indispensable guide to this sprawling, and ever growing field of historical study.  The contributors to this fine volume offer thoughtful and comprehensive assessments of a vast literature that will enlighten readers familiar with Civil War scholarship as well as providing an invaluable introduction for students.  A most impressive achievement.”
—George C. Rable, Charles Summersell Chair in Southern History, University of Alabama

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