A Concise History Of The Middle East: Fourth Edition, Revised And Updated / Edition 4
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Taylor & Francis
A Concise History Of The Middle East: Fourth Edition, Revised And Updated / Edition 4

A Concise History Of The Middle East: Fourth Edition, Revised And Updated / Edition 4


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A Concise History Of The Middle East: Fourth Edition, Revised And Updated / Edition 4

The sixth edition of Arthur Goldschmidt’s widely acclaimed text has been extensively revised to reflect the latest scholarship and the most recent events in the Middle East, including an updated concluding chapter on events since Rabin’s assassination. As an introduction to the history of this turbulent region from the beginnings of Islam to the present day, the book is distinguished by its clear style, broad scope, and balanced treatment. Written for college students, the text assumes no prior knowledge of Middle Eastern history. It focuses on the evolution of Islamic institutions and culture, the influence of the West, the modernization efforts of Middle Eastern governments, the struggle of various peoples for political independence, the course of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the reassertion of Islamic values and power, the aftermath of the Gulf War, and issues surrounding the Palestinian Question. The sixth edition also includes a detailed and updated chronology of events from 570 to 1994, a glossary of names and terms, and a bibliographic essay listing books and other sources that will prove helpful to both teachers and students. Maps, tables, and figures enhance the value of this edition.

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ISBN-13: 9780813311173
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/10/1989
Edition description: REV
Pages: 465
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Arthur Goldschmidt Jr., is Professor Emeritus of Middle East History at Pennsylvania State University. He is (with Lawrence Davidson) the author of A Concise History of the Middle East, Eighth Edition , and is the author as well of Modern Egypt: Foundation of a Nation-State, Second Edition . He is the recipient of the Amoco Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching and the 2000 Middle East Studies Association Mentoring Award.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsxiii
Preface to the Eighth Editionxv
What Is History2
Then and Now, There and Here5
The Physical Setting6
Some Descriptive Geography7
2The Middle East Before Muhammad15
A Minimum of Antiquity16
Persia and Rome16
The Arabs21
3The Prophet of Mecca29
Muhammad's Early Life29
The Emigration (Hijra)34
Aisha Bint Abi-Bakr39
4What Is Islam?43
Basic Beliefs43
The Five Pillars of Islam46
Other Duties and Prohibitions49
5The Early Arab Conquests53
The Succession Issue53
The Initial Conquests55
The Beginnings of Islamic Government57
Dissension in the Umma59
Changes in the Government of Islam62
Mu'awiya Ibn-abi-Sufyan63
6The High Caliphate71
Restoration of the Umayyad Order72
The Downfall of the Umayyads76
The Abbasid Caliphate77
The Decline of the Abbasids84
7Shi'is and Turks, Crusaders and Mongols87
Shi'i Islam in Power88
The Turks94
The Crusades98
The Mongol Invasion101
Hulegu Khan103
8Islamic Civilization107
The Rules and Laws of Islam108
Development of Jurisprudence108
Islamic Society114
Importance of Family Life116
Intellectual Life119
Ahmad ibn Hanbal125
9Firearms, Slaves, and Empires129
The Mamluks130
The Mongol Il-Khanids134
Gunpowder Technology137
The Ottoman Empire138
Persia Under the Safavids152
10European Interests and Imperialism157
Ottoman Weakness157
The European Powers and the Eastern Question159
The Koprulu Family of Viziers160
11Westernizing Reform in the Nineteenth Century169
Westernization of the Ottoman Empire175
Mustafa Reshid Pasha179
Persia Under the Qajars180
Some Afterthoughts182
12The Rise of Nationalism185
Egyptian Nationalism187
Ahmad Urabi192
Ottomanism, Pan-Islam, and Turkism195
Nationalism in Persia198
13The Roots of Arab Bitterness203
Arab Nationalism203
World War I209
Faysal ibn al Husayn214
The Postwar Peace Settlement216
Conclusion and Summary220
14Modernizing Rulers in the Independent States223
Turkey: Phoenix from the Ashes224
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk233
From Persia to Iran235
The Rise of Saudi Arabia242
15Egypt's Struggle for Independence251
Britain's Role in Egypt251
King Faruq261
The Egyptian Revolution263
A Strange Ending267
16The Contest for Palestine269
Prefatory Remarks271
The Beginnings of Political Zionism273
Britain and the Palestine Problem277
Amin al-Husayni282
17Israel's Rebirth and the Rise of Arab Nationalism291
Israel's War for Independence292
The War's Aftermath295
The Arab Countries298
Israel's Early Years306
David Ben-Gurion309
Middle Eastern Oil311
The Great Powers and the Arab World312
18War and the Quest for Peace329
The June 1967 War330
The Palestinians as a Political Force335
Aborative Peace Efforts337
Political Changes: 1967-1970339
Danger Signs in the Middle East344
The October (Yom Kippur) War349
The War's Aftermath352
Anwar al-Sadat357
Lebanon: The Arena for a New Arab Struggle358
The Road to Camp David361
19The Reassertion of Islamic Power367
Prefatory Remarks on Islam and Politics369
The Iranian Revolution370
Sayyid Ruhollah Musaui Khomeini375
The Struggle for Persian Gulf Supremacy379
The Retreat from Camp David384
Western Policy Formation and Islamic Polity394
20The Gulf War and the Peace Process397
The Gulf Crisis398
Operation Desert Storm404
Palestinians and the Peace Process406
Yasir Arafat412
Whither Islam?416
21The War on Terrorism419
The Present in Historical Perspective420
Survey of Terrorism421
Osama bin Laden431
The Iraq War432
The Contest for Palestine (Redux)438
A Parting Message446
Bibliographic Essay499

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