A Concise History Of The Universe

A Concise History Of The Universe

by V. P. Canton


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A Concise History Of The Universe by V. P. Canton

The fact is, Canton may be one of few Homo sapiens "humans" who can see the Big Picture, one encompassing the beginning of time and the end of time, the creation of the universe and all the galaxies, including the Milky Way, and the millions of species and their destruction through haphazard unpredictable evolution and mutation, without appparent rhym or reason culminating in one species, Homo sapiens "humans,"a relatively late-comer that in a short time would become a threat to all other species, and finally to his fellow species, leaving few if any survivors.

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ISBN-13: 9781456752088
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/22/2011
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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A Concise History of the Universe

Before Time to the End of Time
By V.P. Canton


Copyright © 2011 V.P. Canton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5208-8

Chapter One


For some inexplicable reason, Canton was born with an instinctive mistrust of Authority. It began to strongly manifest itself in both elementary and high school when his attendance was often dismal to say the least. However, back in the early days of the 20th century, there was little the school staff could do.

Canton never lied about his being absent. In spite of all this, he was elected by the teaching staff to become a member of the ARISTA, an honor society. That is how desperate they were to have members or they were intimidated by the recenly established IQ. After only three years instead of the usual four, Canton graduated from Morris High, the same school later attended by General Colin Power who was and has always been a strict conformist. That is how he played the game and rose to the top.


Just as Canton nears completion of this manuscript, he came across an excellent book, "LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME" By James W. Loewen. The facts are, Canton never believed anything his teachers said, that is if he were present. In High School, he rarely attended classes. He played hooky or was a truent while doing his own research concerning History. History in his opinion is a point of view that only includes whatever supports it while excluding all that might alter it.




Greetings, my fellow highly advanced expendable primates and cousins. You have journeyed six million years from the earliest known hominids, one might say from that first chimpanzee able to walk upright, and then through various stages, all the result of haphazard evolution and mutation, apparently without rhym or reason, you are still here Homo sapiens and fellow "humans", in this, the 21st century.

One could say that about 40,000 years ago, you fellow cousins finally evolved from Cro Magnon, before finallly becoming Homo sapiens, a relatively new species, and that is what you are today dear cousins.

The fact is, going far back in time, all humans are in fact related, the short, tall, the fat, the thin; all are cousins in a sense, not first or even third cousins, but 10th cousins, 1,000th cousins, even 10,000th cousins.

A person in China, Japan, somewhere in Africa and elsewhere on planet Earth is in a sense one's cousin. And cousins, as V.P. Canton knows, quite often, do marry. Cousins also kill each other, that is, more distant cousins and the more distant, it easier to slaughter all remote cousins.

Well, no matter, cousins, and you are my cousins, no matter how remote. The one thing we all have in common is that the males of our species had this urgent need to copulate due to the high level of testosterone coursing through our veins along with a demanding, indiscriminate libido due to the females emitting all-powerful pheromones that temporarily immobilized the brains of the Homo sapiens males.

From one aspect evolution worked well but by developing a more highly advanced primate, Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench into the entire process. It was no longer survival of the fittest but survival of those less fit, an insignificant lucky few with money.

Money makes a big difference as you already know or will learn. That, among other matters, is responsbily for our growing population, depending on the availabilty of food. Read on, cousins.

There is much more that will be explained in greater detail. The fact remains: When different cultures come in contact with each other, individual humans find the opposite sex, or same sex, exotic and appealing, understandable from the fact, that person may be one's cousin.

Who is V.P. Canton? Dear cousins, you say you have never heard of him. The truth is he has always preferred obscurity to fame in his belief that fame, like any drug can be addictive, is only temporary and hardly worth the time, effort and loss of self-respect it takes to achieve it.

Fame, in Canton's opinion, is an indulgence and even as a young child, Canton has indulged in self-denial. This included having friends. Canton has no friends, only acquaintances and very few at that.

The simple fact is that Canton is reclusive, a maverick who prefers listening to classical music in the company of his thoughts rather than aimless conversations. He is also an excellent, creative dancer who has never had a dance lesson.

Others find it hard to believe. Canton's secret is to simply feel the music and dance, either with his wife or alone and not worry about looking foolish.


Due to certain circumstances, Canton had no choice but to educate Canton. In other words, he happens to be a "self-made scholar" with a far different perspective on many aspects of life. He has read many of the same books as acknowledged scholars from the various universities while always questioning, reasoning, evaluating, analyzing and then drawing his own conclusion, often far different than those of prevailing scholars while never accepting anything on mere faith.

Although he lacks the usual degrees from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other top universities that might, in retrospect, have impeded his original thinking.

By daring to think outside of the box, unlike conventional scholars whose thinking is bound and restricted by too much formal education, he is free from such restraints.

Where many scholars believe that there are two sides to every question, Canton believes that there may be three or four or more. Also, while there are scholars who are far more knowledgeable, they would also lack the wisdom that he has acquired through a lifetime of living and questioning, and evaluating all that he has read.

The fact remains; he is nonconventional and a nonconformist, a maverick in its true sense. Above all, he is a great believer in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. He is a firm believer that no one should ever blindly accept orders from any other human without first questioning that order. In his opinion, that has always been a problem with his species.

It is more and more apparent that V.P. Canton of the Homo species is the only one born of his species with "common-sense." Nearing ninety, it finally hit home that he alone was gifted, all others having obsessions and delusions and invaribly becoming enslaved to them.

Consider "loyalty" and the fact every tyrant in the past or present, without one ioata of mercy, are surrended by loyal devoted high- ranking officers eager to carry out the tyrant orders. Finally, V.P. Canton offers the reader all one would need to know to sound somewhat intelligent at parties or other gatherings discussing the creation of life, the mysterious universe, primates, birds, dinosaurs, or religion.

Lastly, he offers a word of advice. This book should be read slowly, thoughtfully with many a pause to reflect on the wisdom of the author. And incidentally, V.P. Canton is actually the pen name of the author who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. His secret of achieving one's goal, whatever that goal requires patience, determination and persistence. But remember, all is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, including fame.

At a very young age Canton understood that, and planned his life accordingly. He intuitively felt that the greater the fame, the greater the sense of loss once fame is gone. Nontheless, for some curious unexplainable reason, fame has constantly stalked and pursued him, trying often to seduce him.

It appears no matter how hard he tries, he can't escape a bit of fame, mostly while dancing on cruise ships. He has stated that all is temporary, and life is terminal, that nothing lasts forever, including our Solar System, so why worry?

His advice, since no one lives forever, forever being a tiny, tiny infinite segment of cosmic time, is to live each day as if it were one's last, and one day you will be right.

His other advice is to eat less, exercise more, live healthyier, enjoy music and laugh a lot. It is easy. Watch your fellow cousins.


Planet Earth has always experienced earth-shattering catastrophes—earthquakes, floods, tital waves, tsunami, and the rare but occasional supertsunami when a large mountain collapses into the sea.

There are also firestorms, epidemics, plagues, all caused by Mother Nature. But all is temporary, Canton repeatedly states. Nothing lasts forever, including our Solar System.

If one can start by visulizing Planet Earth millions or even billions of years ago, and flash-forward, compressing all events in less than a second, one would see how Planet Earth changed along with the occasional mass extermination of most life forms.

The fact remains that well before there was a Planet Earth, as highly advanced primates "humans" have come to know it, all the elements necessary for life, such as the heavier metals came from exploding stars billions of years ago.

All the elements like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon etc, needed to comprise life came from the many comets that ventured into our solar system. Much later, many heavier metals came from the frequent asteroids that bombarded the young planet. However, astronomers have continued to learn many of the secrets of the universe, along with black holes, supernova, and the billions of distant galaxies, facts incomprehensible to 99.9% of the highly advanced primates "humans."

Also at one time, it was assumed that atoms were the smallest unit and could not be divided. With the recent spliting of the atom, scientists are seeking the atom's ultimate constituents. In addtion to protons, neutrons and other subatomic particles, there are quarks and electrons composed of more basic entities called spinions and preons.

Only a century ago, great physicists couldn't have imagined anything smaller than an atom composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Now by smashing protons, there are quarks and gluons and the Higgs particle, all is incomprehensible even to the mind of somone like Canton. In fact, in the last two centuries, technological advances have increased exponentionally, leaving most humans in the 21st century able to use but not understand what has been handed to them.

Finally, even a self-made scholar gets a bit bewildered. However, one fact is apparent; the Sun is the Earth's nearest Star. The Third Rock from this Star is Planet Earth. The Earth's nearest neighbor is the Moon. The Planet Earth is 4 1\2 billion years old, give or take a million or more years.

In the 21st century, only a few humans are responsible for all the advances in science, making it possible to explore our solar system and far beyond, including meteors and asteroids.

A typical conversation in a modern nation like the United States: "What are you doing after work?" "I think I'll have dinner and I think I'll watch TV?" "What do you think you'll be doing?" "I think I'll take my wife to dinner but first I'll see what she thinks." "What do you think of our President?" "I think he's O.K. I think I voted for him? I just don't remember."

If one were to think about the human brain, that is if any of you highly advanced primates out there, reading this book, have the capacity to think at all, with the possible exception of food and sports, you would be amazed at how the brains of "humans" evolved over time due to haphazard mutations.

Canton's guess is that 99% of the common masses are able to think but not reason. The ability to reason merely takes a bit of effort while "common sense" continues to remain rare in Mother Nature's most highly advanced primates.

It is a fact that of all the animal species created by Mother Nature, obsesions and delusions apparently exist only in Homo sepiens, the human species. That is the main reason that few "humans" have "common sense." It takes much thought and analysis and only a rare human ever bothers.

All humans are like cattle, complacently living their life unawhere of the forces that can suddenly, without warning, impact on their world. One may be living one moment, and dead the next second, all to the indifference of Father and Mother Nature.

In all ranks of the "human species," there is comfort in self-delusion. One's spirit will go on living forever after one dies.

Remarkably, Canton is able to view the past, present and future objectively, without emotion, much like Mr. Spock, from the film series Star Trek. The fact remains that since life began on Planet Earth billions of years ago, there have been over 100 million species, all the result of haphazard evolution and mutations, without rhym or reason, with only one or two percent of species surviving to the present 21st century.

For whatever reason, at the same time, there is such disparity in the life span of the various species. Some may live a moment or less, others weeks or months, still others may live for many years or decades, even centuries or perhaps even millennia.

Elephants live on an average of 65 years or slightly more while some species of parrots live as long as humans. Many large whales may live several centuries but that was before being killed by Homo sapiens, "humans."

At last count, there are in existence, at present, two or more million different species alive, comprising plant, animal, microbes, and viruses. There are species of trees that have lived for thousands of years. The Giant Sequoia trees of California are the largest living trees in the world and many are 3,500 years old. And there are whales that live for two or more centuries, dogs and cats for only about ten years.

The span of life of the highly advanced primate (humans) may be up to a hundred and even slightly more than that depending upon various conditions. And while human life has increased substantially in the more advanced countries, it has remained the same in backward areas.

Also, there seems to be great disparity in the life span of birds where a certain breeds of parrots, kept as pets by humans, live almost as long as their owners while dogs and cats have a life span of only a fraction of that of humans. Kept as pets, humans face an emotional crisis when a pet dies.


Scientists believe that once a second, somewhere in the universe, a star explodes with the brilliance of an entire galaxy. However, there is no predicting the future based upon reason or logic. The future will always be unpredictable, without any rhyme or reason that a mere mortal can define.

Canton has to agree with Bob Livingston's recent letter on "The Psychology of Conformity: All humanoids are social animals. So the instinct is to conform and to compel others to do as well. We are hard wired to feel more secure if we huddle together no matter where it leads us." In Canton's view, obsessions and delusions are the most outstanding characteristics of humanoids.


During the Great Depression, President Roosvelt had Congress pass laws to help the unemployed. There was the Works Projects Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps or (CCC). V.P. Canton was too young for either one.

In the late fall of 1939 while riding the subway, Canton overheaard a conversation about The Unted States Maritime Service Radio School run by the U.S Navy. The purpose was to train radio operators in the international Morse Code and how to use the latest radio equipment on board most ships and make any necessary repairs at sea. When Canton got home, he quickly sent a letter requesting an application that he soon filled out and mailed back.

By 1938, Germany under Hitler and the Nazi had become a military power and threat to the rest of the world. Hitler had a need of a scapegoat and an easy target.

Personally, Adolf Hitler both envied and resented the Jew because he had always seen the Jew with too much talent, too much culture and little interest in warfare.

Hitler's obsession would in only a few years result in the systematic roundup of Jews from all over Europe and shipped in cattle cars for a final solution, the unconscionable murder of over six million Jews with virtually no protest from the mass of Germans with few exeptions. Demanding more land for the growing German population of 60 million, the Nazi army invaded Poland in 1939. The British bound by treaty, declared war on Germany. This too was a part of the 20th Century.


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