A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Chrysalis - Part Two

A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Chrysalis - Part Two

by Anderson Andrews


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This is the fifth novel in the ‘Journey into Mastery’ pentalogy series. It’s also Part Two of the previous book, A Conscious Transformation, Free Falling - Part One ... that completes the ten-year saga. It’s a fictional story based on true events with a goal that it will raise awareness and change perspectives about the criminal justice system, especially when it comes to making changes in areas of prison reform, sentencing, and the treatment of first-time offenders. It also shows that communication with those in ‘spiritual realm’ is possible, and that you are never alone. This is an epic novel covering many years. It’s multilayered, complex, a journey, a memoir, a social commentary, and offers new revelations about living a ‘spiritual life’ in the everyday world. This is a book that's full of surprises. It was written to ‘awaken consciousness’ on this planet by challenging many of the things humanity has been taught to believe in, and will be of assistance to many of those already on the road to enlightenment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781643163642
Publisher: Transformational Novels
Publication date: 06/21/2018
Series: Journey into Mastery , #5
Pages: 430
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Anderson Andrews has written novels that cover a wide-range of topics that appeal to people from all walks of life, even into death. The first five novels are a 'Journey into Mastery' series using the same character to show a progression of experiences that lead to mastery...and transforms those experiences into astonishing wisdom. Transformational Novels was created in 2001 to offer readers a combination of spirituality, life as it is, and a vision for change.

Table of Contents

XVIII: (Dec 2003) It's Better to Have Loved

XIX: (Dec 2003) Shady People & Shady Lane

XX: (Jan 2004) A New Year Begins

XXI: (Feb to June 2004) My Last Fifty Cents

XXII: (Aug 2004 to Mar 2005) Return of the Lawyer

XXIII: (April 2005 to Sept 2005) Finding the Inner Author

XXIV: (Oct 2005 to Dec 2006) The Emerald Coast

XXV: (Jan 2007 to Dec 2007) Moving Beyond Death

XXVI: (Jan 2008 to May 2008) Into the West

XXVII: (June 2008 to Oct 2008) Relaxation Therapy

XXVIII: (Oct 2008 to Oct 2009) Back and Broke

XXIX: (Nov 2009 to June 2010) Blessings for Scott

XXX: (June 2010 to Dec 2010) The Ancients Speak

XXXI: (Jan 2011 to Dec 2011) Learning to 'Just Be'

XXXII: (Jan 2012 to Dec 2012) The End of the World

XXXIII: (Jan 2013 to Sept 2013) The Miracles Begin

XXXIV: (Oct 2013) The Future is the Past Healed

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