A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Prison - Part One

A Conscious Transformation: The Crystal Prison - Part One

by Anderson Andrews

Paperback(2018 ed.)

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The time came one day when I had to choose between what was in my heart, as opposed to what my logical mind was telling me … but like a few who had come before me … I chose the path less traveled … but in doing so, I would have to remember all the things I’d been taught … daily practice all of the spiritual teachings he’d ever learned.

In this book, you are asked to examine your own inner beliefs, and to answer this question about offenders of the law … Do we, as a modern civilized society, still need to cling to Old Testament beliefs and values about 'payback and retribution' simply for the sake of punishment … or can we learn to put the past behind us and actually begin to forgive?

We’re all engulfed in the toxic cloud of mass consciousness, trapped in a matrix called, the Crystal Prison … but as a former lawyer … I could no longer allow myself to be chained to these beliefs, or accept this fear-based society, one that believes in imprisonment as the only answer to solving our society’s ills. One day I found myself finally ready to make a huge leap of faith, to begin free-falling into the unknown, breaking out of the Crystal Prison … it was my humanity, becoming divinity. The moment it shattered … I realized the illusion of the reality I’d created.

This is a fictional novel based on true events, written to raise awareness about the need for prison reform … it also shows that those who reside in the ‘spirit realm’ are very real, and you are never alone. It’s multilayered, a memoir, a social commentary, and offers new revelations about living a ‘spiritual life’ in the everyday world. Each chapter is filled with surprises, and after reading it, you’ll begin to question almost everything you now believe.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781643163659
Publisher: Transformational Novels
Publication date: 06/21/2018
Series: Journey Into Mastery , #5
Edition description: 2018 ed.
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Anderson Andrews has written novels that cover a wide-range of topics that appeal to people from all walks of life, even into death. The first five novels are a 'Journey into Mastery' series using the same character to show a progression of experiences that lead to mastery...and transforms those experiences into astonishing wisdom. Transformational Novels was created in 2001 to offer readers a combination of spirituality, life as it is, and a vision for change.

Table of Contents

I: (Oct 2003) Ready, Set, Jump

II: (Oct 2003) My Way, 'Is' the Highway

III: Who I'd Been - Before Becoming - Who I Am Now

IV: (Oct 2003) My First Day of Freedom

V: (1993 to 2000) When Fantasy Worlds Fall Apart

VI: (Nov 2000) Discovering My Ancestral Heritage

VII: (Jan 2001) In the Belly of the Whale

VIII: (Jan 2001 to Oct 2001) Preparing for Trial

IX: (Oct 2001 to Aug 2003) More Delays

X: (Aug 2003) At Last, My Day in Court

XI: Why This Lamb...is on the Lam

XII: (Sept 2003) The Decision to Jump Ship

XIII: (Oct 2003) Magic, at Serpent Mound

XIV: Sacred Sites (1998-1999-2000-2003)

XV: (Oct 2003) Arrival in Steel Town

XVI: (Oct 2003) Blessings for Jule

XVII: (Nov 2003) The 'Dirty O'

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