A Contemplative Mystic

A Contemplative Mystic

by Marie Gundersen


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A mysterious meeting in a lift in Oslo (1973) heralded the beginning of a series of mystical experiences that were linked to a process of inner transformation. After several years of practising meditation in daily life inspired by the teaching of J. Krishnamurti, one night a powerful force entered my body. It 'hollowed me out' resulting in a permanent shift of consciousness into the present moment. The observer and the observed had merged, self-reflection and emotional feedback had ceased. I was left feeling annihilated.

I searched for answers in spiritual literature but found that the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity tended to focus on the actual practices rather than what can occur as a result of these practices. Nine years later a powerful force ascended through my body and I was released into a state of Pure awareness. A channel was opened for the inflow of Divine Light - a Light that purges, purifies, illuminates and sanctifies.

The world at large needs to rediscover and redefine the spiritual dimension, to inform science, education, politics etc. My mystical experiences revealed the need for a revival of the contemplative dimension of scripture including the chakra system. I sense a certain urgency to respond to this need and hope that my own story can contribute to a better understanding of what the spiritual journey entails when transformation happens at a cellular level.

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