A Continent In Tears

A Continent In Tears

by Roland A. Y. Holou


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A Continent In Tears by Roland A. Y. Holou

Africa is having many miserable problems. Changes are needed in that continent to free the population from poverty. However, these changes cannot be introduced without having first discerned the foundation of the problems in an integrated way. It is very serious and dangerous to attack the consequences of a difficulty believing that they are the causes. This shows the importance of accurately determining the source of African misery as a key in the approach to the solution.

Certain factors influencing the development of Africa have been studied by those outside Africa, but few thorough works by African scientists have systematically studied the real cause of Africa's misery through the practice of cramming, the African mentality, procreation, spiritual issues, politics, natural resource management, and the brain drain in the context of African countries. The purpose of this book is to fill this insufficiency of data and to show through a systemic analysis the causes, demonstrations and the consequences of the real difficulties of Africa, before suggesting ways to improve. Special attention has been paid to the challenges facing intellectuals.

After a review of literature about the development of African countries and the professional drifts, this book has shown the importance of human resources and of knowledge in the developmental processes of Africa. The weaknesses of education systems prevailing in Africa have been studied, as well as the religious skids. After an initial summary of the leading causes of underdevelopment in Africa, a thorough analysis of some causes has been made. The main roots of Africa underdevelopment analyzed and discussed include:

-The "brain drain" of educated, creative and innovative citizens
-Regional and tribal wars
-The lack of a relevant University educational system and its weaknesses
-Common African cultural thought that conditions people
-Mentality that blocks progress
-Negativism and lack of hope in daily life
-Unjust recruiting system
-Management of natural resources and how other countries are poaching Africa's resources
-Witchcraft and aberrant spiritualism as a deterrent to education and progress
-Political and administrative corruption, misdirection as well as delineating the characteristics of the leader Africa needs
-Birth control and other procreation issues
-African intoxication by Western cultures
-Rote learning and its negative impacts on economical and technological development

After analyzing the difficulties that are ravaging the continent, suggestions were made to improve the development by:

-Reform of educational systems and financing of education
-Support of scientific research
-Promotion and further encouragement of the deserving
-Management of the brain drain
-Better human resource management
-Birth-control and better parental responsibility
-Fighting against sorcerers
-Change of attitude of African politicians
-Changes in African mentality towards more positive attitudes
-Education and responsibility of Africans on development issues
-Finally, some examples of educated people that Africa needs have been listed

Thus, the present book provides to anyone interested in the development of Africa, a tool of information, reflection, and work on the true problems and solutions in these nations. Some ideas advanced in this book can be applied to other continents as well because the same difficulties can be encountered outside Africa. Therefore, this book is a compelling solution-directed study of African culture, assets, underdevelopment, and potential by a native-born African scientist. It is an analysis of the real causes of African poverty and the solutions to launch Africa towards prosperity with an insider's review of deeply held beliefs and practices that bar progress.

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