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A Corazon Abierto

A Corazon Abierto

5.0 7
by Alejandro Fernández

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Mexican heartthrob Alejandro Fernández joins forces with hitmaker Kike Santander to deliver a ballad-heavy album that makes some sonic allusions to his heritage as son of the greatest living mariachi, Vicente Fernández, and his own history as a proud practitioner of big hat music. Swooning orchestras, occasional trumpet fanfare (as on the opener, "Para Vivir" and "Si


Mexican heartthrob Alejandro Fernández joins forces with hitmaker Kike Santander to deliver a ballad-heavy album that makes some sonic allusions to his heritage as son of the greatest living mariachi, Vicente Fernández, and his own history as a proud practitioner of big hat music. Swooning orchestras, occasional trumpet fanfare (as on the opener, "Para Vivir" and "Si Alguna Vez") give some context to Alejandro's dreamy tenor -- an instrument as awe-inspiring as his father's, given the same setting -- but the emphasis here is on dreamy, acoustic guitar-driven ballads. A minority of uptempo numbers includes "Se Va," with its flamenco rumba accents, which gets the most full-blooded peformance on this languid listening experience.

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All Music Guide - Jason Birchmeier
On A Corazón Abierto Mexican superstar Alejandro Fernández returned to Latin pop music for the first time in four years. Despite several album releases in the meantime, including Orígenes (2001), Un Canto de México (2002), Niña Amada Mía (2003), En Vivo: Juntos por Ultima Vez (2003), and Zapata: El Sueño del Héroe (2004), Fernández chose with each to focus on traditional Mexican music, particularly the ranchera style with which he had begun his career. Prior to A Corazón Abierto, the last pop album by Fernández was Entre Tus Brazos (2000), a chart-topping collaboration with producer/songwriters Emilio Estefan, Jr., and Kike Santander, who three years earlier had helmed his mainstream breakthrough, Me Estoy Enamorando (1997), a blockbuster pop-crossover effort that spawned four Billboard chart-topping hit singles. Consequently, the release of A Corazón Abierto was something of an event, a much-hyped return to pop by Fernández that was either long awaited (by those who enjoy his pop efforts) or unwelcomed (by those who would prefer that he remain focused on traditional Mexican music). Regardless of your preference, there's no question that A Corazón Abierto is exceptionally well crafted and graced with numerous first-rate songs. While Estefan is a no-show this time around, Santander plays a major role in the outcome of A Corazón Abierto. Not only does he produce the album alongside Aureo Baqueiro; he also is credited with writing five of the 12 songs. The production of Santander is key to the success of A Corazón Abierto. Glossy and multi-layered, his production work is broadly appealing and well suited to the pop-crossover market, yet at the same time, it remains firmly rooted in ranchera and other regional Mexican styles long associated with Fernández and his father, Vincente Fernández. Another key to the success of A Corazón Abierto is the stable of songwriting talent on hand. In addition to Santander, the album boasts the songwriting of Leonel García (of the Latin pop duo Sin Bandera), Gian Marco, Jaime Flores, and Reyli Barba (aka Reyli), each among the best Latin pop songwriters of his day. The result is a batch of well-crafted songs, particularly the hit singles "Me Dediqué a Perderte," "Canta Corazón," "Qué Voy a Hacer con Mi Amor," and "Qué Lástima." If Fernández sounds less in command of the music, that's simply the nature of a blockbuster pop album such as this, where the producers and songwriters are arguably as key to the success of the album as the vocalist. Relative to his previous pop albums, though, Fernández sounds more at ease on A Corazón Abierto, as if he's truly enjoying himself and singing from the heart. That he sounds more at home makes A Corazón Abierto perhaps his best pop album to date. Granted, it's not a monumental release the way Me Estoy Enamorando was back in 1997, breaking Fernández into the Latin pop mainstream as it did and establishing him as a crossover star in the process. But it's arguably a better album overall, in no small part because it's more respectful of his roots, and was well worth the wait for fans of Fernández the hitmaker.

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Sony U.S. Latin


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alejandro Fernández   Primary Artist,Vocals
Manny López   Acoustic Guitar
Novi Novag   Viola
Wendy Pederson   Choir, Chorus
Dana Teboe   Trombone,Trumpet
Jason Carder   Trumpet
Beto Dominguez   Percussion
Alfredo Oliva   Concertina,Concert Comedienne
Richard Bravo   Percussion
Kike Santander   Acoustic Guitar,spanish guitar
Pancho Ruiz   Electric Bass
Milton Salcedo   Piano,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Aureo Baqueiro   Percussion,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Ramiro Teran   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Marco Antonio Santiago   Guitarron
Rodrigo Cárdenas   Bass
Vicky Echeverri   Choir, Chorus
Fernando de Santiago   Vihuela
Francisco Carlos   Requinto
Miami Symphonic Strings   Strings
Daniel Betancourt   Keyboards
Pepe Damián   Drums
Daniel Ortega   Electric Guitar
Luis "El Potro" Contreras   Acoustic Guitar
Hector Infanzon   Piano
Marco Aurelio Sanchez   Guitarron,Vihuela
Jose Hernandez Mariachi   Trumpet
Gabriel Ramos   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Bill Meyers   String Arrangements
Novi Novag   String Arrangements
Gian Marco   Composer
Richie Perez   Engineer
Bernardo Ossa   Composer
Kike Santander   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Wind Arrangements,Audio Production
Luis Gil   Drum Engineering
Milton Salcedo   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Wind Arrangements
Aureo Baqueiro   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,String Arrangements,Art Direction
Juan Jose Virviescas   Engineer
Freddie Sandoval   Engineer
Ramiro Teran   Engineer
José Antonio Molina   String Arrangements
Raúl Ornelas   Composer
Ian Cuttler   Art Direction
Pablo Arraya   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Reyli Barba   Composer
Esteban Aristizabal   Vocal Engineer
Daniel Betancourt   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Paul Forat   Art Direction
Luis Carlos Monroy   Composer
Marco Moreno   Pro-Tools
Christian Leuzzi   Composer

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A Corazon Abierto 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It all started with "No Se Olivdar", but I bought the wrong album "Entre Tus Brazos", which turned out to be heaven sent with "Quiereme" & "Hablame". I have totally fallen in love with his voice, smooth, mellow and sensual! This album is no exception...yes at first it did sound a little different than his previous pop ablums, but by track #3, I was back to being a lovesick puppy! My music taste runs the gamut from all corners and I am so glad to "accidentally" hear Alejandro Fernandez!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alejandro Has Released A Gorgeous Cd, "A Corazon Abierto" Is One Of His Best!! "Tengo Ganas" Is Beyond Words...Tender, Beautiful & Showing Off His Lush Voice!!! The Single "Me Dedique A Perderte" Is Here In It's Pop & Salsa Versions!! The Dvd Is wonderful!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Im abit of a romantic at heart, and i guess that comes from my Argentine up bringing, and living in Australia. Has to be the best album ive heard, all the songs are great love songs, broken heart, missing that special someone, do yourself a favor, buy this cd, buy it for someone you love, it really is a great album, and the dvd is great too. I would have given the cd a 10 star if i could have.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alejandro Fernandez’s latest pop album is a fresher and more contemporary sound than his fans are accustomed to. Gone are the LUSH arrangements by a symphony orchestra. The focus instead is on a more personal, acoustic sound. Usually when a performer attempts an "unplugged" album, the result is rough and raw. It is impossible for Alejandro’s voice to ever be raw. In fact it is soft as butter, smooth as velvet, better than ever. This album is hard to describe in many ways. The songs all have the same theme, love lost, regrets, a broken heart. I am one of those die hard fans that ADORES the melodramatic LUSH over the top romantic power ballads that he is famous for. I am an incurable romantic! I love cheesy black and white movies on tv and the violins in the background. As much as I love the classic, romantic sound……..i can appreciate what Alejandro and Kike Santander have done here. The sound is so CLEAR and so SPARSE. Its as if you were listening to Alejandro in the corner club or café with a 3 piece ensemble. It is very intimate. Many of the songs have just a hint of blaring horns…..just enough to remind you that Alejandro is “Hecho En Mexico”! Its that slight touch of horns that makes the songs irresistible. Some of the songs are reminiscent of Juan Gabriel. Then, just when you think the whole entire album is ballads……..there is “Se Va” to WAKE YOU UP! It’s a sort of David Bisbal goes to Mexico tune! I just can’t even imagine Alejandro performing this. Bisbal would be flying around the stage on this! Poor alex doesn’t dance. Maybe he will surprise us! The last song on the album is a SALSA version of “Me Dedique a perderte” ! Watch out Marc Anthony! I would not have believed it either. This album comes with many extras not normally included. There is a dvd that has 2 videos……”Me Dedique a Perderte” and “Luchare por tu Amor”……..terrific concert tour footage that is SO CUUUUUUTEEEEEE…..and a chronology (for those that are new to AF) So the ranchera fans will probably not like this too much. They do not want Alejandro to change. However, he has so much talent, and so much potential. It would be a crime to hold him back. Who knows what he is capable of? I look forward to each and every innovation, every creative moment. He is a work in progress, and the evolution is amazing to watch. ps. for the techno freaks, the cd is interactive with the official website. you pop the cd in your cd drive and with ConnecteD get access to videos and other exclusives. i tried it and it CRASHED my computer! but then, what do i know!
Guest More than 1 year ago
"A Corazon Abierto" feartures the single "Me Dedique A Perderte" in both pop & salsa versions both are beautifully done. "Tengo Ganas" is a stunning ballad that is tenderly sung with a simple arrangement!! The production & mastering are of the highest quality, As with all of Alejandro Fernandez cds!! What I love about this cd is that His voice is supported & featured beautifully!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
"A Corazon Abierto" Is A Beautiful Cd, The Mastering Is Gorgeous, Clear & Bright!!! The Production Is Great, Adding New Sounds While Keeping The Romantic "Alejandro Fernandez" Sound Intact!!! Favorite Tracks Include "Para Vivir", "Tengo Ganas", "Lo Que Pudu Ser", "Me Ire" & "Me Dedique A Perderte"!!The Sound Of His Voice Is Like Heaven On Earth!!! Is the most romantic title from alejandro and shows his open heart.You will fall in love once again. This album from Alejandro Fernandez is best. He is excellent singer. Every of his songs is beautiful. BUY IT!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Is the most romantic title from alejandro and shows his open heart.You will fall in love once again.