A Country Doctor Goes to War

A Country Doctor Goes to War

by Tamara Thayer



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ISBN-13: 9780985093761
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Publication date: 08/07/2014

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful gem to discover on Amazon! A Country Doctor Goes to War captures World War II era and family ancestry through a wealth of letters, journal, photographs along with the author's genuine elaborative commentary. Although I have briefly skimmed the book thus far. I can barely contain my enthusiasm from consuming the entire book in a single reading. A must read for anyone interested in nonfiction. Plethora individuals may be gone since but not forgotten by those following like Thayer. I'm literally captivated by Tamara Thayer's heartfelt dedication. Right from the onsite I could tell this fine work was a true labor of love. I'm positive you too will be in sheer awe through the trials and tribulations Thayer's grandfather, his family endured. A fresh perspective from a very extensive collection of books written about World War II. A perfect read. Would make a delightful gift for any occasion. I recently met with Tamara Thayer and she is a delight. She has invested a great amount of time in researching her ancestry, sorting through the wealth of family correspondence, notes and journal of her grandfather. Thayer welcomes the opportunity to share plethora treasures she has uncovered along her journey. Should you have a chance encounter with the author at a book signing or other platform. Who knows, you may discover your own six degrees of separation. I would think any person interested in ancestry, family, history, relationships, military or war. Would have interest in this wonderfully thought out book. If not buying for yourself acquire for someone you know. A book is a gift for any occasion or non occasion.