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A Country Legacy: 1930-1939

A Country Legacy: 1930-1939

by Cliff CarlisleCliff Carlisle


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These recordings show Cliff Carlisle to be more or less a contemporary of the great Jimmie Rodgers, albeit a far more obscure one. There are definite comparisons musically, however: Carlisle also used the yodel as part of his vocal repertoire, as well as bringing in lap steel -- more often than Rodgers, on the evidence presented, and playing it himself (a custom-built National Resophonic, for those who like exactitude). With 83 tracks recorded over a period of nine years, Carlisle was certainly prolific, and you have to wonder why he wasn't better known -- the man could certainly play and sing, even if some of the material wasn't always up to scratch. However, it's a set that reveals its joys, however mad they can be (listen to the falsetto chorus on "Shanghai Rooster Blues," for example). Like many country artists from this formative period, his music and lyrics easily straddle the amorphous border between country and blues, with Hawaiian touches coming in quite often (not surprising, given the fad for Hawaiian music at the time). It's an insight into one of country music lesser-known pioneers -- and one who deserves more credit.

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Release Date: 10/05/2004
Label: Jsp Records
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Disc 1

  1. A Wild Cat Woman and a Tom Cat Man
  2. Memphis Yodel
  3. Desert Blues
  4. High Steppin' Mama
  5. Rambling Yodeler
  6. Dear Old Daddy
  7. Seven Years with the Wrong Woman
  8. Gamblin' Dan
  9. Handsome Blues
  10. When the Evening Sun Goes Down
  11. That Great Judgement Day
  12. Goodbye Old Pal
  13. I Want a Good Woman
  14. My Lovin' Kathleen
  15. You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone (Just Because)
  16. Nevada Johnny
  17. There Is No More That I Can Say
  18. Prepare Me O Lord
  19. Roll on, Roll On
  20. When It's Round Up Time in Heaven
  21. Home of the Soul

Disc 2

  1. Ash Can Blues
  2. Mouse's Ear Blues
  3. That Nasty Swing
  4. Sal's Got a Meatskin
  5. Ring Tail Tom
  6. Onion Eating Mama
  7. It Takes an Old Hen to Deliver the Goods
  8. Shanghai Rooster Yodel
  9. Chicken Roost Blues
  10. Wigglin' Mama
  11. Sugar Cane Mama
  12. Tom Cat Blues
  13. No Daddy Blues
  14. My Rockin' Mama
  15. Rooster Blues
  16. Guitar Blues
  17. It Ain't No Fault of Mine
  18. Shine Your Light for Others
  19. Two Eyes in Tennessee
  20. The Blind Child's Prayer
  21. When the Angels Carry Me Home

Disc 3

  1. Columbus Stockade Blues
  2. Shanghai Rooster
  3. The Brakeman's Reply
  4. Waiting for a Ride
  5. Hobo's Fate
  6. Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride
  7. Get Her by the Tail on a Downhill Grade
  8. My Travellin' Night
  9. True and Trembling Brakeman
  10. Hobo Blues
  11. Pan American Man
  12. Pay Day Fight
  13. Far Beyond the Starry Sky
  14. I'm Saving Saturday Night for You
  15. Dang My Rowdy Soul
  16. My Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  17. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
  18. Georgia Moon
  19. I Don't Mind
  20. I'm Sorry Now
  21. Lonely Orphan Child

Disc 4

  1. Trouble Minded Blues
  2. A Mean Mama Don't Worry Me
  3. Why Did It Have to Be?
  4. When It's Round Up Time in Texas
  5. Shine on Me
  6. A Stretch of 28 Years
  7. Footprints in the Snow
  8. Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight
  9. Going Down the Valley One by One
  10. Memories That Haunt Me
  11. Black Jack David
  12. Going Back to Alabama
  13. Lonesome for Caroline
  14. Uncloudy Day
  15. Broken Heart
  16. Shot the Innocent Man
  17. Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
  18. Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  19. Where My Memory Lies
  20. New Memories of You That Haunt Me
  21. On the Banks of the Rio Grande

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