by Thomas Wakechild


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The text of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is difficult and mystifying for most readers. Both teachers and students struggle for many years with little success in unlocking the secrets to understanding this Course. They often abandon their studies and end up confused and discouraged. This ACIM for Dummies series cuts thorough the mystery of the Course's esoteric text and makes Jesus' message alive and accessible to the ordinary reader. The richness and simplicity of ACIM's message of freedom, joy and unconditional love awaits anyone who is willing to see things differently. The Course states that "Perception is a mirror, not a fact." Once decoded, it provides the formula that transforms and empowers the reader so that they are both free and capable of seeing things differently. You can exchange your fear-based thought system for the peace of God. Happiness is only a choice away and you can make that choice today. This is your time to shine.
ACIM uses a unique terminology that references two different levels of being that are dominated by two opposing thought systems. This book demystifies the text by replacing the pronouns and unclear references with their meanings and clarifies the appropriate level associated with each passage. All antecedent references made to ACIM's second edition are clearly noted in bold print for easy reference to the original text. Each text paragraph is then followed by an explanatory note to assist the reader in their own interpretation of the paragraph. These notes are designed to foster discussion and clarity, not to limit ideas and prevent individual interpretation. As such, ACIM for Dummies can be utilized as either a primary or secondary text for independent or group study. ACIM for Dummies is an excellent reference tool for those who seek a deeper level of understanding of the Course's teachings.

This edition, A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR DUMMIES: Volume I covers the text chapters #1-15.
The complete edition of A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR DUMMIES version covers the entire ACIM text which consists of 31 chapters. Because of publishing size restrictions, it is sold in paperback as two separate volumes. Volume I covers Chapters #1-15 of ACIM's text. Volume II covers Chapters #16-31 of ACIM's text.
You can visit Tom Wakechild at his website: acourseinmiraclesfordummies.com. for additional materials.

What instructors and students are saying about the clarity and ease of understanding that is found in A Course in Miracles for Dummies.
"This book provides an insightful student of the Course assistance in understanding the Text's passages. ACIM for Dummies is invaluable to clarify what various words refer to. For me the "notes" are more than worth the price of this book and could easily serve to support individual study or be the focus for a group discussion. I facilitated a group for 18 years in Colorado and am enthused about starting another group using ACIM for Dummies!" B. Kent
"I bought A Course in Miracles for Dummies and I cannot believe how wonderful it is and easy to understand ACIM! Sorry for my spelling in English as I am Spanish." F. Perez-Chies
"I have been studying A Course in Miracles for a number of years without much success in truly understanding what I was reading. Then I came across ACIM for Dummies and began to understand the meaning behind the words. It has helped me to accept myself and everyone I meet with love and respect and most importantly, I have learned to "honor their journey." It has been a wonderful way to understand and interpret for myself the beautiful words of Jesus." N. Harwood
"I've had over 20+ years experience working with ACIM. Tom's insightful writing of ACIM for Dummies has certainly shed some valuable new light on some of the more difficult passages. Tom is skilled at articulating the beautiful messages being transmitted throughout ACIM. Definitely a piece of work to have at your right hand while studying ACIM." T. Rice

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About the Author

About the Author: Tom Wakechild

Tom is a masterful teacher, who can break down and clarify the most difficult esoteric concepts of ACIM so that they can be understood, absorbed and implemented thus transforming the lives of his students.
Tom is what could be called a practical modern day mystic. This has served him well in both the business world and spiritual arenas. Tom states, "All my life, I have felt like the Holy Spirit was preparing me for something. Preparing for what? I did not know. I wanted to be ready when the call came. Now I know it is to be a messenger for A Course in Miracles."

You can visit Tom Wakechild at his website: acimfordummies.org. Additional materials and online classes are also available at this website.

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