A Crafter Hooks a Killer: A Handcrafted Mystery

A Crafter Hooks a Killer: A Handcrafted Mystery

by Holly Quinn


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Sure to delight fans of Betty Hechtman and Maggie Sefton, A Crafter Hooks a Killer is the second installment in Holly Quinn’s Handcrafted mysteries.

Community Craft proprietor Sammy Kane suspects that a tantalizing thread links the deaths of her best friend and a bestselling author. But can she weave together the clues?

Samantha “Sammy” Kane is settling into her new life in idyllic Heartsford, Wisconsin, running her late friend Kate Allen’s craft shop, Community Craft when one early June day, bestselling crochet author Jane Johnson visits Heartsford. Captivated by Community Craft, Jane devotes a chapter in her new book, Behind the Seams , to the store. Sammy is honored, though satisfaction quickly turns to shock when she finds Jane strangled to death—her cold hands clutching a copy of her most recently published book, with the words “THE END” raggedly scratched into the cover.

Heavens to Etsy! Not only must Sammy contend with the author’s inauspicious demise, she has to untie some knotty details from her own past. It turns out Kate’s death was not what it seemed, and instead somehow hooked to Jane Johnson’s demise. Handsome Detective Liam Nash is on the “skein”, more than happy to see the shop owner again, if less than enamored by her sleuthing interventions. But this was Sammy’s best friend—she has to know.

Fortunately, Sammy has a “lace” in the hole. As a child, she formed the S.H.E. detective team with her cousin, Heidi, and her sister, Ellie. Having already reconstituted their partnership, the S.H.E. team searches for a pattern behind the latest death. As the case starts to unravel, will Sammy and team be able to sidestep Liam quick enough to stitch together the clues?

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ISBN-13: 9781643850122
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Publication date: 06/11/2019
Sales rank: 104,944
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Holly Quinn has published two stand-alone fiction novels in another persona. She graduated from Carroll University in Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science in business and a minor in marketing. This is her second Handcrafted mystery.

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A Crafter Hooks a Killer: A Handcrafted Mystery 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
KrisAnderson_TAR 2 days ago
A Crafter Hooks a Killer can be read as a standalone if you have not read A Crafter Knits a Clue. Samantha “Sammy” Kane is happy running Community Craft which fosters community spirit and encouraging artists. She is happy to be back in her hometown with Heidi and Ellie. Her budding romance with Detective Liam Nash, though, has stalled out since he has not contacted her since the case was closed. Jane Johnson, the Queen of Crafts, is coming to Community Craft for a book signing which is quite a coup for their small town. But then Jane ends up murdered after telling Sammy she had sensitive information to share regarding Kate Allen’s death. Kate was Sammy’s best friend and she realizes she does not know the details of how she died. I like how the author tied the two whodunits together. Sammy, Heidi and Ellie (the S.H.E. detective team) are quick to assemble so they can unravel this knotty mystery. Despite being told by multiple people to leave the case to the police, Sammy questions various people while Heidi wheedles information out of her police officer boyfriend (poor Tim). There is no absence of case details as the ladies’ work into the two crimes. I did find the pace in A Crafter Hooks a Killer to be on the slow side which made it hard for me to get into this cozy mystery along with the repetition of case details and endless speculation. I thought it was a breeze to pinpoint the guilty party with the limited suspects and obvious clues. I was not a fan of Ellie or the girls’ mother. They were both critical of Sammy, obsessed with cleanliness and basic worrywarts. All the various backbiting, boyfriend problems, and nitpicking got on my nerves. While it may be realistic, I would have preferred a little harmony. I liked when Sammy said that she had “a gift for seeking and finding the truth”. Friendship, family, and food are not lacking in A Crafter Hooks a Killer. Holly Quinn’s food descriptions will have your mouth watering. I enjoyed reading about the beautiful painted glasses and crocheted blankets. There are instructions for a lap blanket at the end of the book. A Crafter Hooks a Killer has three curious ladies, two complex crimes, one disgruntled detective and a delightful doggie.
Tangen 8 days ago
cozy-mystery, Wisconsin, murder, handcrafted, small-business, small-town, family-dynamics, law-enforcement, amateur-sleuth Well done! "Wisconsin has two seasons: winter and construction (obstruction)." Yup, that's about right. The story takes place in a small farm town in southern Wisconsin where everyone is connected. After a simple setting of the stage to understand the characters, the murder of a crafting celebrity who is in town for a book signing occurs. Let the sleuthing begin! The publisher's blurb covers much but there's lots of red herrings and plot twists to keep the reader's interest in the mystery and the interconnected characters. I loved it! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
Dollycas 11 days ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts We are back in Heartsford, Wisconsin, and it’s summertime. Sammy Kane is planning for a big event at Community Craft. A book signing with Jane Johnson, The Queen of Crafts. Jane is also writing a new book that will include one chapter about Community Craft and its original owner, Sammy’s best friend, Kate Allen. The author surprises Sammy by arriving in town early and requesting a private meeting with her. They agree to meet on a bench by the river. Sammy arrives a short time after Jane, but she is waaayyyy too late. The author is dead and holding her last book. The killer has scratched a deadly message too, “THE END” on the book. Sammy knows the author wanted to talk to her about Kate and the store, but why would anyone kill her over that? The death brings Sammy back together with Detective Liam Nash which seems to make them both very happy. But Liam tells her to let him handle the case. There is no way Sammy can do that. This case has something to do with Kate and she can’t just back away. She quickly assembles the S.H.E. team (Sammy, her cousin, Heidi, and her sister, Ellie) to help her untangle the clues. Together they are going to chain the information together to find the killer and get to the truth they all seek. ___ I was so excited to get back to Heartsford. I really enjoy the part the community plays in Holly Quinn’s stories. This time when the murder ruins Sammy’s big plans, she starts to plan another event that will benefit the town. The core characters in this series are strong and realistic. Sammy’s mother gets on my nerves a little bit but in ways reminds me of my own mother in certain ways. I was surprised that the relationship between Sammy and Liam didn’t progress at all, while Heidi and Officer Tim’s relationship is progressing nicely. Ellie is taking advantage of her parents being in town to get a little bit of “me time” while they babysit their grandson Tyler. Even if that “me time” means manning the store so Sammy can investigate. When Ellie can’t step in employee/crafter/friend Deborah takes over and keeps the shop running. Of course, Sammy’s lovable golden retriever returns. That dog just steals my heart. Like my dogs, Bara is usually by Sammy’s side or very close by. I really appreciate the way Ms. Quinn has laid out this mystery. She gives her protagonist a gift of “seeking and finding the truth” and gives us a detective that is man enough to know her information is important. He does his best to rein her in and keep her safe at the same time but Sammy is pretty headstrong. She may have her S.H.E. team to help, but she and Liam make a good team too. The plot is full of twists, and I loved the way the author crocheted everything together but I did figure this one out before Sammy. Even with that, I was entertained reading and following along as all the clues fell into place right up to the exciting ending. Holding back saying more but Sammy rocked! Fun characters, a great theme, not 1 but 2 mysteries all set in my neck of the woods. Books like this one are what first pulled me into the cozy mystery genre. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!
jwilhoite211 13 days ago
I liked this book a lot - there were a lot of unexpected events in this book. Sammy is still living in Wisconsin after she returned home to run the craft store started by her best friend, Kate. Kate has been dead for a while now, but Sammy is still trying to heal. Then it turns out that her death may not have been an accident - now Sammy can't let it go until she knows the truth. Is knowing the truth always the best, or is it better to let certain secrets remain buried. 4.5 stars. I voluntarily reviewed this book on Netgalley.
Mama_Cat 15 days ago
I greatly enjoyed this novel and visiting Sammy and her family and friends at Community Craft, a central part of life in Heartland, WI. It was started originally by Sammy’s best friend, Kate Allen. After Kate’s untimely death, Sammy took it over in her honor and to continue the goodwill Kate had instilled in it. The shop sells handcrafted merchandise made by local artisans, from furniture to painted stemware and lapghans. The artisans are also happy to sponsor fundraisers and work together for the good of others. The mysteries are intriguing and the characters engaging. Sammy arranged for Jane Johnson, the Queen of all crafts and a celebrated author, to do a book signing at Community Craft. While in town, Jane was going to interview Sammy about Community Crafts for a chapter in her upcoming book. Jane came the shop to meet with Sammy. She hoped to do so in private, as she had come across sensitive information about Kate that could “change everything”. Sammy gave her directions to a bench near the river where they can talk, then went to get beverages for them. As she neared Jane, it looked like she was reading a novel. Until she got around the bench, saw the message gouged into the book, “The End” and saw that Jane was dead. Sammy raced back to the store for her phone and found her cousin, Heidi, in the parking lot with her boyfriend, patrol officer Tim, and told him what was going on. Liam Nash, the homicide detective who came to town last summer, arrived quickly, while Heidi joined Sammy when heading for the bench. Liam had allowed Sammy to help him with a case last summer, and they dated a bit. Since Jane was to be a guest at the shop, and Sammy wanted desperately to know what Jane learned about Kate, she hoped Liam would allow it this time, also. Liam, however, simply wanted everyone away from his crime scene. Sammy is impulsive, quick to act and leap to conclusions before thinking something through. She has my empathy, especially when having to admit it as she does when confronted by Liam Nash. I like Sammy, who is hard-working, the younger of two daughters whose mother makes it clear how much she admires Ellie, her older sister, a great wife and mom. I especially like S.H.E. – the girl detective group they put together when growing up together. Sammy. Heidi. Ellie. Even if Ellie is a model mom, S.H.E. might be needed to solve Jane’s murder, and discover whatever Jane had about Kate. This armchair sleuth was kept on her toes throughout, especially with each new plot twist! I enjoyed seeing Sammy and Deborah talk plan a fund raiser that, if the library chose, could add a shelf of craft books in honor of Jane, or for additional books for the book club group. It was even better to see the fundraiser in full action! The author has a knack for understanding needs, whether crafting, fundraising, or solving murders. She brings the characters and situations to life with realistic conversations and actions. I enjoyed the interactions of S.H.E., as well as Sammy and Liam. I finally guessed who the killer was, but there wasn’t one specific thing that pointed to him/ her. The ending is very satisfactory, and I look forward to the next in series. I highly recommend this to folks who enjoy small, Midwest towns, well-written cozy mysteries, a possibility of romance, and close camaraderie between sisters and cousins. From a Thankful Heart: I received an e-ARC from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.
BookloverUT 15 days ago
Sammy Kane is busy running her late friend Kate’s craft shop. Community Craft has always been the place in town where people come to connect and relate with others. When craft guru, Jane Johnson visits, the town is excited to meet with their idol and learn some techniques. But, when Sammy finds her dead on a park bench, she intends to find out all of Jane’s secrets, even the ones pertaining to Kate. This was a great cozy mystery that was chock full of suspense. I was on the edge of my seat and staying up late to find out the identity of the killer. I love how the town gets together to help one another out and the businesses support each other. It was great to see Sammy’s family interact with one another. Lastly, the budding romance added a little sweetness to the tension of the story. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and am voluntarily reviewing it.
KimHeniadis 15 days ago
When I saw this one available on NetGalley, I had to give it a go, being from Wisconsin. And Holly Quinn did not disappoint with the composition of her scenes, making me feel like I was in one of the various small towns in Wisconsin. She was also spot on with how good the cheese is here, compared to most other states! Quinn had excellent dialogue between the characters, keeping it to how real people talk, and adding in some of the states colloquialisms. Her characters were also well developed. Even if you haven’t read the first book in the Handcrafted Mystery series, A Crafter Knits a Clue, she had all the characters fleshed out enough that you weren’t questioning what had happened in the first book. Sammy’s relationship with the detective was a bit more love/hate than love/love, which is common in other cozy mysteries. At times it was a bit much for me, how quickly she became mad with the detective. But whenever I have strong emotions towards a character, I feel as if the author is doing an excellent job writing them. It’s just if this was real life, perhaps Sammy would not be someone I would hang out with all the time. The mystery itself was well written, with lots of clues and some misdirects. I was convinced it was one character until close to the end of the book. And with all of the cozies I’ve read, this doesn’t happen too often anymore. I would definitely recommend this book, and am excited to see where Quinn takes this series.
chefdt 15 days ago
Samantha “Sammy” Kane is settling back into life in her hometown of Heartsford. She is very excited that her store, Community Craft, is doing well. She is also very excited that best selling author, Jane Johnson is coming to Heartsford for a book signing and to interview Sammy for her next book. When Jane arrives it doesn’t take long for word to get out and people start coming to the store to see the author. Johnson is really comfortable with crowds and asks Sammy if they can meet somewhere quiet to talk, as Johnson has something sensitive to share with Sammy. They agree to meet at a bench down by the river. Before heading for the bench, Sammy stops by Liquid Joy for a couple of iced coffees and a quick chat with the owner, Douglas. As Sammy is approaching the bench and seeing Jane who appears to be reading a book, a chill goes down Sammy’s spine. A pencil was used to dig the words THE END is the pages of her latest book. After calling for the police, Detective Nash is one of the first to arrive at the scene. Sammy and Nash had worked on a previous murder. Sammy had hopes that there might be something starting in the romance department, but she hasn’t seen him in some time. Based on that Nash tells Sammy to let the police handle the investigation...once again. Sammy heads to the B&B where Johnson was staying, hoping that she might be able to look in her room for something that would tell Sammy what information she wanted to share. As she is about to go into the room, Nash arrives to also search the room. Sammy is able to convince Nash to let her help. Sammy soon finds that what Johnson had to share was information on the death of her friend, Kate Allen, who had left The Community Store to her. Even being told numerous times to stay away from any investigating, she talks the childhood group S.H.E. to help with the investigation. S.H.E. stands for Sammy, her cousin Heidi and her sister Ellie. The story is well-written and plotted with interesting and believable characters. The sisters and Heidi have their times when they might get upset with each other but that’s part of being family. Sammy and Nash continue to dance around being more than just be acquainted. A delicious recipe is also included as well as a crochet pattern. I will be watching for the next book in this enjoyable series.
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 15 days ago
Sammy is such an impetuous innocent. She’s also a bit of a trouble magnet. Once again, she’s tangled up in one of Detective Nash’s investigations. And this time it all ties back to the loss of her best friend. I have a feeling it’s just my suspicious nature that doesn’t trust anyone that meant the true culprit wasn’t much of a surprise to me. But it did keep me guessing to the end if I was going to be right or if I’d bought into a bright shiny red herring. I also love seeing the romantic tension between Sammy and Liam. I can’t wait to see where this is going to take us. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book through NetGalley.