A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict: Volume 3

A Critical Study of the Rule of Benedict: Volume 3

by Adalbert de Vogue


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Volume 3 of Adalbert de Vogue’s "A Critical Study of The Rule of St. Benedict" interprets The Rule, especially facets of monastic life that secular readers might find unimportant such as prayer regimen, psalmody, correction of faults, and everyday routines like sleeping arrangements. This meticulous scholarship—in an accessible translation by Benedictine Sister Colleen Maura McGrane—traces how Benedict departed from earlier “Rules” and explains why, more than 1,500 years later, monasteries still follow these practices. Benedict was expert organizer, creative liturgist and informed student of human psychology.

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ISBN-13: 9781565486010
Publisher: New City Press NY
Publication date: 01/11/2019
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Adalbert de Vogüé was born in 1924 and became a monk of Pierre-qui-Vire in 1944. He taught patristics and early monasticism at Sant'Anselmo in Rome. From 1974-2011 he lived as a hermit near his monastery. His six-volume work on the Rule of St. Benedict is considered to be the definitive work on the Rule. He was regarded as the authority on the Rule of Benedict and the Rules of western monasticism. In recent years he published twelve volumes on the history of western monasticism.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Work of God

Chapter 1 The Treatise on the Divine Office(RB 8-20) 11

I The Importance of the Treatise 11

II Position in the Rule 11

III Chapter Tides 16

IV The Order of the Treatise 21

Endnotes 31

Chapter 2 The Hour of Vigils 37

Endnotes 43

Chapter 3 Ferial Vigils 47

Endnotes 57

Chapter 4 Sunday Vigils (RB 11) 63

Endnotes 76

Chapter 5 Matins and Vespers 83

I Matins (RB 12-13) 83

II The Our Father at the End of the Hours 88

III Vespers (RB 17-18) 89

Endnotes 91

Chapter 6 The Discipline of the Alleluia (RB 15) 95

Endnotes 102

Chapter 7 The Cycle of the Hours (RB 16) 105

Endnotes 112

Chapter 8 The Little Hours and Compline 117

Endnotes 126

Chapter 9 The Weekly Recitation of the Psalter (RB 18) 131

Endnotes 139

Chapter 10 Psalmody and Prayer (RB 19-20) 143

I RM and RB: The Texts 143

II Did Benedict Know the Psalm Prayer? 155

Endnotes 160

Chapter 11 Office and Work 167

I The Horarium (RB 48) 167

II Exemptions (RB 50 et passim) 173

III Those Who Come Late (RB 43) 176

Endnotes 179

Chapter 12 The Oratory of the Monastery (RB 52) 187

Endnotes 198

Chapter 13 Conclusion 201

Endnotes 205

Part 2 The Dormitory and Night Silence

Chapter 14 The Dormitory (RB 22) 209

I Structure of the Text: RB and RM 209

II History of the Practice: From the Cell to the Dormitory 217

Endnotes 233

Chapter 15 Silence After Compline (RB 42) 245

Endnotes 257

Part 3 The Curbing of Faults

Chapter 16 The Penal Code (RB 23-30 and 44) 265

Endnotes 287

Chapter 17 The Scattered Penalties 293

Endnotes 309

Chapter 18 The Treatise on Making Satisfaction (RB 43-46) 315

I Place and Genesis of the Treatise 315

II Those Who Come Late and Making Satisfaction (RB 43-44) 319

III Faults in the Oratory and at Work (RB 45-46) 332

Endnotes 342

Chapter 19 Conclusion 349

Endnotes 354

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OSB, School of Theology-Seminary, St. John's University, Collegeville, MN - Mary Forman

This translation is certainly a welcome addition to Benedictine scholarship on the Rule of Benedict and the Rule of the Master, by one of its foremost scholars. It represents a careful and meticulous, yet easy to read representation of the original. It is a work that needs to be in every academic library that takes up theological and monastic works and would serve monastic houses where the study of RB and its sources is undertaken beyond a cursory reading of introductions to the Rule.

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