A Cutting Affair

A Cutting Affair

by Isobel Kelly


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When Jamie McIver, a dedicated pathologist, agrees to fill in for an old family friend in Bristol, she discovers she may have underestimated the difficulties. Unexpectedly, she is thrown together with Shaun Seaton, DCI of the local CID, who immediately stirs up all kinds of conflicts with his abrasive manner and contradictory appeal.

Against the shadowed backdrop of drugs, sexual depravity and the Bristol underworld, Jamie and Shaun combine forces to search for a serial killer,
working against the very real certainty that as they search for him, he is searching for his next victim.

Should they warn the city that young women are in great danger and risk driving the killer into hiding? Or work quietly behind the scenes and trust that they have made the right decision? In the race against a depraved killer, either choice may well mean that someone will die. What neither of them realise is that the someone might well be Jamie...

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ISBN-13: 9781522854319
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/20/2015
Pages: 430
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Curiosity is her middle name, researching unusual facts then using imagination to build a story around them portrays a mind that has a leaning towards murder and mayhem.
Retiring after many years working in art and the restoration of Fine Art pictures as well as rearing four children, she decided to lay down her brushes, have a change of career and begin to write. Once settled in her new home in Cornwall with her husband, enjoying the change of scene and making new friends, she began composing sundry articles, poetry, and then a magazine for the village. Following a bad accident, which kept her on crutches for two years, her computer became her best friend and she was able to learn what publishers required. Still angry with the curtailment of her activity, caused by negligence, perhaps this was when her bloodthirsty nature came to the fore and she made a success of it.
The writing is now a part of her existence, her imagination an untapped well. If our lives are mapped out for us in advance, perhaps she was always meant to be a writer.

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