A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life

A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life

by Rob Teigen, Joanna Teigen


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ISBN-13: 9780800722623
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,156,540
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Rob Teigen has been a publishing professional for more than fifteen years and is the author of three joke books, including Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids (under the pseudonym Rob Elliott). He and his wife, Joanna Teigen, have five children. They are the authors of 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates and live in West Michigan. Find out more at www.strongerdads.com.

Table of Contents

A Word from Rob 11

A Word from Joanna 15

1 When She Needs God's Salvation 17

2 When She's My Treasure 18

3 When She Feels Inferior 20

4 When She Covets More 21

5 When She's Afraid 22

A Dad's Story 23

6 When She Thirsts for God 25

7 When She Needs Peace 26

8 When She's Angry 28

9 When Her Life Is Set Apart 29

Her Relationship with Her Dad 31

10 When She's Rejected 33

11 When She's Finding Her Treasure 34

12 When She's Going through a Storm 36

13 When She Needs to Tell the Truth 37

14 When She Needs Wisdom 38

15 When She Needs Courage to Live for God 40

A Dad's Story 42

16 When She's Falling into Addiction 44

17 When She's Worried 45

18 When She's Proud 47

Her Blessings 48

19 When She's Grieving 51

20 When She Needs to Stay Pure 52

21 When She Needs to Honor Her Parents 54

22 When She Must Submit to Authority 55

23 When She's Making Plans 56

24 When She Hears False Teaching 58

25 When She Needs Good Advice 59

A Dad's Story 61

26 When She Needs to Give 62

27 When She Needs to Work 63

Her Identity 65

28 When She Needs Self-Control 67

29 When She's Looking for Fun 69

30 When She's Choosing Her Words 70

31 When She's Preparing for Marriage 72

32 When She's Doubting God 73

33 When She Needs Healing 75

34 When She Needs to Confess 76

35 When She Struggles with Gossip 78

A Dad's Story 79

36 When She's Facing a Change 80

Her Purity 82

37 When She's Finding Her Identity 85

38 When She Needs Community 86

39 When She's Rebellious 87

40 When She's Bored 89

41 When She's Feeling Bitter 90

A Dad's Story 92

42 When She's Lonely 95

43 When She Needs to Pray 96

44 When She Needs Discipline 97

45 When She Needs Modesty 99

Her Failures 100

46 When She Needs to Serve 102

47 When She Can Share Her Faith 103

48 When She's Unique and Special 105

A Dad's Story 106

49 When She's Using the Internet 109

50 When She's Dreaming about the Future 110

51 When She Needs My Influence 112

52 When She Needs Comfort 113

53 When She's Depressed 114

54 When She Needs Humility 116

Her Protection 117

55 When She's Managing Her Money 119

56 When She Considers Dating 121

57 When She Needs a Friend 122

58 When She Needs a Mentor 124

A Dad's Story 125

59 When She's Being Bullied 126

60 When She Connects with Her Mom 128

61 When We Need Time Together 130

62 When She Feels Pressure to Achieve 131

63 When She's Choosing Who to Worship 133

Her Idols 134

64 When She Needs to Abide in God 138

65 When She's Growing in Maturity 139

66 When She Has a Need 141

67 When She Needs Peace and Rest 142

68 When She Needs to Laugh 144

A Dad's Story 145

69 When the Enemy Is Attacking 146

70 When She's Discovering Her Spiritual Gifts 148

71 When She's Critical of Others 149

72 When She's Pressured to Fit In 151

Her Gifts and Talents 152

73 When She's Discontent 155

74 When She Doubts Her Worth 156

75 When She Tries to Be Perfect 157

76 When I'm Losing Hope in My Daughter 159

77 When She Expresses Herself 161

78 When I Give Her Too Much 162

A Dad's Story 164

79 When She Needs to Love God with All Her Heart 165

80 When She Needs Compassion 167

81 When She Goes through Trials 168

Her Relationship with God 170

82 When She's Feeling Guilty 172

83 When She Compares Herself to Others 174

84 When She Longs for Beauty 176

85 When She Needs to Hang In There 177

A Dad's Story 179

86 When Her Reputation Is at Stake 181

87 When She Shows Favoritism 183

88 When She Needs the Word of God 184

Notes 187

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A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter: Praying for Every Part of Her Life 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
beemama More than 1 year ago
A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter By Rob and Joanna Teigen Publ: Revell   c.2014 This book of prayers for a father to pray over his daughter is a wonderful resource for any father.  Being a daughter myself and the mother of two daughters, I can only say that I wish this resource had been available years ago.  They would have been a real blessing to my father and to my husband.  Though my daughters are grown, both are unmarried and still view their father as their spiritual head so some of the prayers in the book will still be very much of use.  Some of the prayers even lead themselves to married adult daughters. Don’t get locked into the idea that these prayers are the only prayers, but they are an excellent guide to help fathers pray for their daughters.  These prayers will help fathers help their daughters become the women that God intended them to be.  They will also help the fathers become the kind of fathers they want to be. Thank you Rob and Joanna for a wonderful resource to help fathers be the kind of fathers that God intended without being preachy or saccharine.  I will definitely encourage my son to read this book and use it as a tool to help him raise my precious granddaughters. I was provided a copy of this book through The Book Club Network for my unbiased review.
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
Although I am a mom, A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter, has really been a blessing to me. I have two daughters, one in her late teens and one just beginning her early elementary years. With the world offering so much, and the enemy on the prowl, the only real way to keep our daughters safe is by surrounding them with the power of prayer. The Teigen's cover a variety of topics in their book including some of the following: Her Blessings Her Identity Her Purity Her Failures Her Protection  Her Idols And so much more. There are also stories from other dads and things they have encountered or ways God has spoken to them. Each topic has several verses and prayers beneath it covering a various aspects of the topic. There are a total of 88 prayers and at least one Scripture included with each prayer.  As I read this book, I found myself praying these prayers not only for my daughters but also for my sons, and others that came to mind depending on what subject I was on.  This book will enhance your prayer life, and help you consider different areas of your daughters life to pray for. Sometimes dads struggle to understand their girls and this book enlightens and encourages dads to bring these differences to their Heavenly Father who created both of them and put them together.  I think it would make a great gift for a baby shower, a parent whose child is going off to college or other occasion. A big thanks to TBCN for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my review. 
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
A Dad’s Prayer for His Daughter is a book I would recommend to fathers who have daughters. Prayer is so powerful, even more so than we think. This book has 88 sections. It starts off with what type of prayer to pray for like: When she needs comfort, or when she starts dating. There is than a Bible verse or two and a specific prayer. Throughout the book is sprinkled Dad’s stories, where other fathers share from the heart their experiences. This book is not just prayers but is also a teaching book for fathers that could be used as a devotional as well. The cover of the book says it all: Praying for every part of her life. And it does just that. This would make a very good father’s day gift as a supplement to a dad’s prayer life. I have passed this on to my husband and he is enjoying it. I received my copy from The Book Club Network, Inc., however the opinions are my own.
ShareeS More than 1 year ago
A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter is a book that every father or father-to-be would benefit from. With 88 different areas of prayer and concern, this book offers practical advice, relevant scriptures and great articles in between. It’s a book that is beneficial from birth through adulthood. There is nothing more important than a daughter seeing her father live a godly life and pray over his family. In situations where a father might be unsure exactly how to pray, A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter provides a concise and accurate prayer for every need. This book would be a wonderful Father’s Day gift! I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.
Cheri5 More than 1 year ago
As the father of a daughter, A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter by Rob and Joanna Teigen was helpful. Looking through the book, it’s broken down into specific prayers for specific issues which, as a dad, that’s a great way for me to find exactly what the issue is to bring before God. She is just reaching middle school age and building that foundation of prayer coverage now before the hard years hit (friendships, self esteem, dating, emerging independence) will help me as I try to be the best father ever. I received this book for free from BookClubNetwork in exchange for my honest review.
Robbi44 More than 1 year ago
Having two grown daughters and two granddaughters, I really understood and appreciated Mr. Teigen’s heart for his three girls. This book consists of 88 different prayers, covering a very wide range of concerns, that a father would seek help from God. The author prays for his daughters’ salvation, their thirst for God, their struggles and their peace just to name a few. Mr. and Mrs. Teigen certainly challenged me to reconsider how I pray for my whole family. This book is definitely worth the read. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review from BookClubNetwork.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I’m glad my wife got a copy of A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter for me because praying for my daughter has been a priority since she was born 9+ years ago. And because I tend to be rather rote with my prayers, this book was much appreciated. It’s a well-done prayer guide, especially for dads who need help keeping their prayers for their daughter fresh, relevant, and thorough. Each of the 88 prayers (I sense a pattern, and a shrewd marketing job here…more on that later) is between one and two pages, easy to read, and helpful to use in our ongoing prayers for our little—or grown up—girls. Many evangelicals aren’t accustomed to using written prayers in their devotional life, and I’m no exception. Having grown up in a traditional, mainline denomination I’ve experienced the danger of pre-written prayers becoming dull, heartless, and detached in both personal and corporate worship. Since college I have almost exclusively prayed extemporaneous prayers. Thus, when I picked up this book to use in my prayer time for my daughter, I expected to struggle with the fact that, well, they were pre-written. I expected to be taken back to my traditional, mainline days and become bored and unengaged. Thankfully, nothing could have been further from the truth. In reading and praying these prayers I found my heart deeply resonating with them and my soul agreeing with what was written. Rather than becoming dull they added life and color to my prayers for my daughter. The prayers themselves definitely have the feel of informal, non-liturgical prayers, the style you would hear in an average evangelical church in Anytown, USA on a Sunday morning. They use non-technical and what I would call “typically evangelical” language. If you are a person more accustomed to the prayer language of a liturgical church (Anglican, Catholic, or Orthodox) or if you are a fan of the King James Version and can’t imagine prayers being spoken without “Thees, Thous and Thines” then this book may be a little too folksy for you. I found them warm, heartfelt, and personal. If there is anything negative to note about the book it would be just one thing: the choice of 88 prayers. Were 88 prayers really necessary? I get that the first book contained 88 great daddy-daughter dates. Its cute. It rhymes. But 88 prayers felt a little forced. There was enough overlap of prayer topics that the book could have been shorter. I’m probably making too big a deal out of this, and I’m probably being overly critical. I think the couple that authors this book is creative and I’d love to see them keep writing. But are they going to get stuck being branded into that-couple-whose-books-all-contain-88-things? That minor point aside, I found this to be a really enjoyable read with a very practical and spiritually enriching result: praying for every aspect of your daughter’s life. I trust that the Lord will use this book in the lives of many fathers and daughters and I would recommend it to any friend I know who has the privilege of raising a little girl.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
Every daughter wants her Dad to pray for her and this is the perfect guide to help get you started... A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter Praying for Every Part of Her Life By Rob and Joanna Teigen A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter is a guide to help dads know how to pray for specific issues in the lives of their daughters.  The issues cover loneliness, modesty, personal identity, doubting God, and much more. Each issue is introduced with a two or three passages of Scripture and followed by a prayer asking for God's help guidance in the life of both father and daughter in dealing with this issue. Interspersed throughout these 88 prayers are A Dad's Story in which different fathers share their experiences with their own daughters.  These are touching moments that show how unique each father/daughter experience is and how important it is for God to be at the heart of this relationship. There is another aspect of this book that I really liked, they are Her....(Blessings, Protection, Idols, Purity, etc.). This section deals with certain issues and offers words of encouragement and guidance to Dad as they seek to guide their daughters while seeking God's will for them. While this book is geared towards Dad, Mom is sure to find some important truths and helps when praying for her daughters.  I can even see this book being an integral part of the family devotion time as the prayers are adapted for each family's unique situation.  With this guidance Dad can take his place as a spiritual head in his family. This is the perfect gift for any Dad of daughters, or even a Dad-to-be.  After all what could be more important than  to learn how to pray for every aspect of your daughter's life and for God's will in it?  This book would be a great addition to the family home library or your church library. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Revell in exchange for my honest and timely review. 
Fitzysmom More than 1 year ago
This book is not only a great resource but it is also an inspiration to fathers. There are eighty-eight different situations in which your daughter would need prayer. Each of those sections begin with a verse or two of Scripture and then it is followed by an in-depth and heart-felt prayer. My favorite part of this book was that as I read through each portion I automatically had to stop and pray for my girl. I know that this was the intention of the book, but I'm just here to tell you that they accomplished it.  Throughout the book there are personal stories from Rob and Joanna and other fathers. These stories are openly honest and thought provoking. After reading through the book I was left with a sense of gratitude that we don't have to shoulder the whole load of raising our daughters. Our Heavenly Father has promised us again and again throughout Scripture that He is there to help us and to sustain us. This would make a wonderful addition to any father's library. Pick up a copy for yourself or for the favorite dad's in your life! I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.
millstreetreader More than 1 year ago
This book cover showing the back of a father's head and the beaming face of the blonde daughter he holds grabbed my heart. My four granddaughters are all blonde and over the years, I've seen many times that their dads have picked them up and carried them.  Even the way the little girl holds her own hands and grins is spot on to the way one of our granddaughters hugs her dad.  From the moment I saw the book, I hoped that the inside was as inspiring as the cover.  I believe it is. Husband and wife, Rob and Joanna have written a collection of prayers to guide fathers as they pray for their daughters.  As Rob shares in the introduction, they've seen how much their parenting strength and wisdom has grown as they've laid specific concerns before the Lord.  Glancing over the table of contents will direct a father (parent) to a wanted topic --  When She feels inferior, When She is angry, When She's Bored, When She's rebellious, When She feels pressure to achieve, and more.  Prayers can be adapted to the gamete of ages.  Interspersed with the prayers are some true life dad/daughter stories. Recent statistics show that the relationship between a girl and her father is a strong deciding factor in how well the girl will navigate life as an adult.  If that relationship is crucial, imagine how much more important is the relationship between the girl and her heavenly father.  We, as parents, are given the responsibility to cultivate that relationship.  Dads (and Moms) who recognize how important family dinners are, how vacations can bring us closer together, and who are willing to coach softball and such, but who find that they don't pray over their children often enough, will see wonderful examples of praying the specifics in this book.  I like that each prayer need is coupled with appropriate Bible verses. The verses themselves are lessons in faith and trust.  I will be passing the book on to some important people in my family.  It would make a wonderful Father's Day gift.   Rob and Joanna Teigen will be publishing a similar book in fall 2014 for mothers and sons. They've also written 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates.  Rob is also the author of The Big Book of Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids under the name Rob Elliott.  I received a copy of this book for review purposes from Revell Nonfiction.  All opinions are mine.
Teresa_Konopka More than 1 year ago
This book is full of the prayers and well-wishes of a father for his daughter. There are Bible verses quoted from both the Old and New Testament as the authors share their encouragement with readers. Sections on happiness, joy, depression, school, fitting in, clothes, boyfriends, peer pressure, eating disorders, addictions, and more are covered. Parts of the book read like a letter where the father speaks about what he wishes for his daughter. Interspersed throughout the book are prayers and letters from other fathers (mostly pastors) for their daughters. Obviously, this book has religious undertones. One does not need to necessarily agree with all of them to enjoy this book as it is intended to help fathers pray for (and hence think about) good things for their daughter.