A Dangerous Passion

A Dangerous Passion


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The latest American historical romance from award-winning author E.E. Burke...

Can a hero lurk inside the heart of a villain?

Life in a small New England village is too quiet, too ordinary for a free spirit like Lucy Forbes. When her father lands a job out West, she packs her books and her dreams and eagerly sets off to pursue the kind of grand adventures she longs to experience and write about. Yet the moment she steps off the train in Kansas, she's thrust into the gritty reality of an untamed frontier--and into the arms of a scoundrel.

Henry Stevens, the ruthless railroad executive her father has been sent to investigate, is as passionate as he is ambitious. Brave and charming, as well as clever, and possessed of a sharp wit. He is, in fact, the most fascinating man Lucy has ever met. However, his opponents are vanishing, and strangers are shooting at him. Fearing for her father's life, Lucy resolves to unmask the secretive Mr. Stevens and expose a villain. What she doesn't expect to find is a hero.

Recommended for fans of the hit TV series "Hell On Wheels."

A Dangerous Passion is part of the series Steam! Romance and Rails, which follows the lives and loves of men and women caught up in a cutthroat competition between two powerful railroads.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989819251
Publisher: E.E. Burke
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Series: Steam! Romance and Rails , #3
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Award-winning author E.E. Burke writes romance from the heart, woven with history the way it really happened in the American West. Her latest series, Steam! Romance and Rails, includes Passion's Prize, Her Bodyguard and A Dangerous Passion. Her writing has earned accolades in regional and national contests, including the prestigious Golden Heart®.

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A Dangerous Passion 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
LBroday More than 1 year ago
Passion, Danger, Suspense--A Sexy Hell On Wheels! I loved many things about this story from the opening shootout to the final thrilling scene with Lucy in his arms. Henry Stevens is such an ambitious hero and love for the railroad beats in his heart. But he needs someone with whom to share all he's acquired--the beautiful Lucy Forbes. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem interested and that frustrates Henry to no end. He's not accustomed to rejection. I love stories where the hero doesn't get what he wants. Lucy does make him work hard for her trust, her love and her heart. Lots of twists and turns in this story as they struggle for their happily-ever-after along oodles of historical fact. I thought it was great how Ms Burke weaves a real life family of serial killers through it all. That added another level of danger. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend A Dangerous Passion to anyone looking for a good western romance. Whatever E.E. Burke releases next I'll be sure to read it. I wish her tons of success.
DaliCastillo More than 1 year ago
A Villain or a Hero? Henry Stevens is railroad chief who works hard and is driven by ambition. But there is another side to him. He is also caring, to the point that he gives from his own to help workers that have fallen on hard times or suffered tragedy. However, not everyone sees that side of him. In fact, some think that some bad things that have been happening are Henry's doing, which has them asking if Henry is a villain or a hero. Still in all, he is extremely dedicated to his job and hopes that some day his dedication will pay off in the form of a promotion. All seems to be heading in that direction until he finds out that someone has been sent to investigate the comings and goings of the railroad which in turn may jeopardize his promotion. Henry is prepared to take on whoever that person is, but he's totally caught off guard by and unprepared for that person's companion, Lucy Forbes.  Because her father has worked many years in the railroad business, Lucy has been around it all of her life. She's not your typical young woman of that era. She's headstrong, stubborn and quite unprepared for the likes of Henry Stevens. Still in all, neither her nor Henry can deny the strong attraction that they feel for each other. However, the attraction between them is challenged by many things, including self doubt and guilt, just to name a few. A Dangerous Passion is a story of guilt, redemption, love and of course, passion. Intertwined with those is mystery, intrigue, and humor. This mixture creates a wonderful and beautiful story that will have you laughing, holding your breath, and sitting on the edge of your seat up to the very end. But in the end, you'll come away knowing whether Henry is a villain or a hero. Steam factor (Scale of 1-5): 3 *****I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and viewpoints are my own.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
I have to say I love this book it is one of the best old west stories I have read in a long time. The author gives you passion as she places it in just the correct place in the story. I love how the author did her research and brought true stories into her writing. One of the first serial killers was born in the Wild West Ms, Burke writes that into a wonderful compelling story of distrust, love, passion, pain as she brings wonderful characters to the readers. There is nothing that I did not like about this story her writing style is wonderful. She knows how to keep her readers interested as she keeps you waiting with breath held to see who did it and what will happen. I highly recommend A Dangerous Passion for anyone who loves stories about the west and how it was won, historical novels with a touch of truth and a wonderful romance then this is the book for you. Lucy is a young women who has spend her years taking care of her father. Not that she minds but now it is time for her to spread her wings a little and grow as a women. She is ready for adventure, when she finds out her father is going out west there is no way he is leaving her behind. She has dreams that she is about to make come true. She has no time for a man, she isn’t interested in getting married like so many women in that time would die for, she is not in a place in her life where she is ready for children, she has no time she wants to write stories. From the moment she steps off the train her live changes forever. She has more adventure then you can shake a stick out. Gun fire explodes all around her but unlike most women who would turn, spin and run to safety she runs into it to help a fallen man who has been shot. We have the hero that holds off the bad men why she gets the wounded man to safety. What does she get for her trouble, but one angry hero who wants to know just what she thinks she is doing? Who is this scoundrel and just what and who does he thinks he is? She has a thing or two to tell him starting with I can do as I please and you can’t do anything about it. Henry is the ruthless railroad executive who is out to make a name for his self anyway he can. He has taken care of his family since a young age and thinks a women’s place is pretty much beside her man doing what he said. Lucy needs a man to take care of her and keep her out of danger, she seems to find more then her fair share. He isn’t looking for a wife but he is getting to the place in his life where one might be a good idea. Lord knows Lucy needs a man and he has about to show her that he is the man who can and will control her. The only thing standing in his way is her father (who he is about to send off to take care of a deal for the railroad) and Lucy herself. What is wrong with this wild women and why can’t she see what she really needs is a man to protect her from herself and well as keep her in line why keeping her safe. Oh my Lucky has other thoughts on this subject, dang the women with her set in the mind ways. He will have her and lord help anyone including Lucy herself that gets in his way. I have found a new favorite author in fact I enjoy this author story so much that I own this whole series. She weaves a story that is a page turner that you won’t want to put down. She brings true parts of history into her stories that flows so easy as she tells a story that you feel you are a part of. She brings the west to life between her pages with lived scenes that feel real. The chemistry and passion between Lucy and Henry are charged with electrifying energy as they butt heads neither willing to give in, why the author surrounds them with an outstanding cast of wonderful supporting characters. The author leaves you with hopes that you will see some of these wonderful characters in future books. The author knows how to tell a story with many twist and turns as she takes you on the ride of your life through Indian territory. What could have happen to all these men coming up missing? Who is trying to take the railroad down? Who is Henry and what could he be hiding? Will Lucky live long enough to tell her story about her wild ways to her someday child? The list of questions go on as the author takes you through a story that you never want to put down. This is one book you really should pick up and give a read, you will not be sorry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book took my breath away. For anyone who loves romance, westerns, historical novels, or just great books, A Dangerous Passion is a must read. Lucy Forbes is a young woman with an adventurous spirit who is excited to travel west on the railroad with her father. She is a heroine who is easy to admire with her mix of stubbornness and sweetness which are beautifully matched. She has a quick tongue which results in the dialogue being laugh-out-loud funny in many parts of the novel. She is brave, compassionate, determined, and intelligent, and is not above getting into a bit of mischief, even if unintentionally. She is determined to find adventure and great romance, and this story has plenty of both! Henry Stevens sees himself as a ruthless railroad chief with a troubled past who will stop at nothing to meet the demands of his boss. Needing to provide for his younger sisters caused Henry to grow up fast and loose most of the charm and sweetness he once displayed as a boy. As a man, he is strong, determined, and full of regrets over past miss deeds. When he learns that the railroad is sending someone to look over his books and possibly take his job, he knows he must do whatever it takes to keep his position. He's prepared for any challenge they could throw at him. What he is completely unprepared for, however, is the beautiful and charming Lucy Forbes - daughter of the railroad man that has been sent after him. When people start going missing, doubt is thrown Henry's way ... could the railroad chief be behind their disappearances? Just how far would Henry go to save the railroad? He's made a few enemies along the way, some of which might be brazen enough to try to take his life. With the railroad man coming, the last thing Henry needs is any word of scandal. He must protect his secrets while holding onto his job. However, when the threat on his life puts Lucy in danger, something inside him shifts. He feels drawn to protect the bewitching daughter of the man he believes to be his enemy. Similarly, Lucy feels drawn to the handsome devilish man whose reputation as a scoundrel and cheat has proceeded him. A man who is clearly against her beloved father. He should be the last man she thinks longingly of, but she cannot get him out of her thoughts. He could be dangerous to her if he is behind the missing persons cases. He could be even more dangerous, however, if he gets into her heart. The chemistry between Lucy and Henry is electrifying. Their conversations are well written and entertaining and their romance is heartfelt. They are surrounded by a cast of well developed characters that add depth and excitement to the story. The characters in A Dangerous Passion are ones that the reader will miss long past the final pages of the book. There is a lot of great symbolism in the story and the plot will leave you on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns in this novel make it an impossible book to put down. For anyone who loves historical romances, A Dangerous Passion will probably be the best book you read all year!