A Daughter of Two Worlds

A Daughter of Two Worlds

by D. T. Nelson


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The debut novel in this adult epic fantasy series by author D. T. Nelson. When mysterious cloaked figures murder Chloe's father and drag her younger sister into the forest behind their home, she and her friends charge into the night in pursuit. But the dangers that lie ahead are far greater than any of them can imagine.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732651401
Publisher: Ingwaz Press
Publication date: 01/29/2019
Series: Chronicles of Chloe , #1
Pages: 606
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

D. T. Nelson came to writing later in life after a career in graphic design, photography and video production. He currently lives in California with his wife, three daughters, and two cats-Loki and Khaleesi.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note

Map of Dunnäg

Map of Kitar

Prologue:Another World

Chapter 1:A Daughter of Earth

Chapter 2:Family Dinner

Chapter 3:Teen Angst

Chapter 4:Home Life

Chapter 5:Incident on the Street

Chapter 6:A Friend in Need

Chapter 7:A Double Attack

Chapter 8:Through the Woods

Chapter 9:Of Pain & Loss

Chapter 10:Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 11:A Reluctant Guest

Chapter 12:Meet Mr. Fergusson

Chapter 13:The Soldiers Search

Chapter 14:In The Jungle

Chapter 15:The Fairy Forest

Chapter 16:Dunnikdål

Chapter 17:Waiting in Port Berth

Chapter 18:Out to Sea

Chapter 19:Captured

Chapter 20:The Sun Festival

Chapter 21:The Night Cloaks

Chapter 22:Tribunal

Chapter 23:Infiltrating the Castle

Chapter 24:The Queen of Dunnäg

Chapter 25:The River to The Obugo

Chapter 26:Shadows Around Every Corner

Chapter 27:Jail Break & Flight

Chapter 28:Another Night, Another Forest

Chapter 29:Mountain Pass

Chapter 30:Controlling the Queen

Chapter 31:The Demon’s Teeth

Chapter 32:Betrayal in Kilbray

Chapter 33:The Turncoat

Chapter 34:Repercussions

Chapter 35:A Daughter of Eratheal

Chapter 36:The Splitting of the Cluster, Pt. 1

Chapter 37:The Splitting of the Cluster, Pt. 2

Chapter 38:Rendezvous

Chapter 39:Keeping Secrets

Chapter 40:Isimbwazi

Glossary of Names & Terms


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