A Dirty Trade

A Dirty Trade

by Max Ruen


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Three deaths will not do it. There's justice, and there's justice. There's one death for a death, one life for a life. And then another, and another. But it is not enough. Those lives taken together are not enough. His life was better than that, worth more than this - these lives, these murders. Such rotten acts. Murder, even for retribution, for this strange trade work of morality, is still just murder, an awful thing to do. But what else is there?

Maybe, said the voice inside of him, no amount of death will be enough. No death will satisfy your need -


You're like a monster. A bottomless pit.

She'd lit a cigarette, sat back. She said his name with a mouth full of white smoke.

His mind was racing. He'd never thought about so much at once before. It was terrifying. His skin tingled. His hands were shaking.

If no amount of death, if no death after death after death, will balance out this loss, this one death, then maybe another death is not the solution. But if the solution is NO DEATH couldn't it just as well be, since death no longer matters ALL DEATH?

He thought about that. He didn't need to think too long or too hard. If those were the options there really wasn't a choice.

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