A Divided Mind

A Divided Mind

by M. Billiter


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What if the only friend you have isn’t real?

When the voices in his head begin to make sense, high school senior Branson Kovac turns to the one friend he’s still got… only to discover he’s not really there.

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ISBN-13: 9781925853261
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Publication date: 07/27/2019
Pages: 322
Sales rank: 749,322
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.72(d)

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A Divided Mind 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
JanaT 21 days ago
A Divided Mind is the first book by M.Billiter (the alter ego of the writer Mary Billliter and I have enjoyed many of her books). I know that the story is being promoted as psychological thriller and I can see how some people might get confused by this but I get why it is so hard to define it – yes it is contemporary, yes it is about mental illness but there are some aspects of thriller there as well when you are not sure if it truly is the mental illness or maybe it is something else … A Divided Mind is the story of high schoolers Branson, Aron and their single mother Tara(there are also two younger siblings). The writer tells the story from Tara and Branson’s POV so we get deep into the mind and dynamics of the family members. The writer gives detailed insight into the Schizoaffective Disorder and how it affects the person suffering from it, the family members and the friends … you will cry and Branson will break your heart AND you will fall in love with Aron and the bond that the twins have. If you like stories about mental illness then this is definitely a book for you!
Debi-Kircher 3 months ago
A Divided Mind by M. Billiter 5 +++++++ Stars Its been 4 days since I finished this book...I'm still not sure if I'm ready to review it but I have to so that maybe I can get some closure. I've read a lot of books in my life and I've almost met my challenge this year and I've got a handful of favorites so far this year in many different genres. I have to say that this book touched me in ways no other book ever has. I've read many of the reviews where so many said it wasn't what they expected as they were looking for a thriller as it's described. LiteraryTerms.com defines thriller as A thriller is a genre of literature, film, and television whose primary feature is that it induces strong feelings of excitement, anxiety, tension, suspense, fear, and other similar emotions in its readers or viewers—in other words, media that thrills the audience. In my opinion this was every bit the Domestic Thriller I expected. As a Mom I was thoroughly invested in this story and felt every emotion described in the definition above. I can't even imagine how I would have handled everything in this story but kind of feel like it would have been very similar to the actions of what this mother did and how she reacted. I could completely relate to it all. I finished reading this book and had to sit after crying and having a hard time reading the words to finish and I just sat and stared. My husband even asked me if I was ok at one point. I was in awe at how well this story was written and how real this author kept everything. The Mom in this book wasn't perfect, she didn't do what society deems right in every aspect but the one thing she did do was Love with her whole being. I could probably sit here and write as many words for this review as there are in the book itself so I'm going to focus now on this author. I've read other books by her and genuinely loved them all, but this one has made me seriously want to meet her. I want this book in my hands physically and I know I will read it again and again. My advice...Read from cover to cover..not just the story but the before and after the story then do what i did and go to her website and read her about me. Thank you Miss Billiter for giving me this book, it will never leave my mind and no matter what I read in the future this book will always hold a special place with me and i saw a bit of a hint of another to possibly follow. Oh My Goodness I must start preparing for that.
E_A_Walsh 3 months ago
A Divided Mind by M. Billiter was a unique read that was a completely different then I thought it would be. I went into this book thinking it was a thriller but, it was more like a life contemporary, about metal illness, and how this family had to face that life challenge. So it was a little off putting for me that this wasn't the thriller I was hoping for, but overall I did like this story. You can tell a lot of care and research went into making the read as emotional and realistic as possible. I will say that, the mother was not my fave, as this book was told in dual POV, you got a few different angles. She has expansive taste, but complained about the financial stress; seemed like she didn't have her priorities all that straight. I just couldn't connect all that well with her. Branson on the other hand, was a well written complex character, that drew me in, and really made this story for me. I love when it was his POV, and that's what kept me reading. Overall this book is a surprise, and it as a whole, is quite the multi-layered tale about a families journey through the effects that mental illness has on not only the MC, but his family circle as well. On that note this book gets my high recommendation and my stamp of approval Happy Reading. -E.A. Walsh
SOMDReigel 5 months ago
An account of one family’s struggles as a high schooler descends into mental illness. It is told in dual POV – the son’s perspective and the mother’s perspective. Not only does the son have to come to grips with what is happening to him, but also the entire family and friends. Not only does he want his dreams and goals back, his family wants their son and brother back. A difficult subject that is written very well with emotional honesty and understanding.
Lisah01 5 months ago
I am not even sure what I want to write about this story. I thought it was going to be a mystery/suspense for some reason. It’s more about coming to terms with mental illness. This is on the heavy side because it’s a teen. So we learn a bit on how he deals with it as well as how his family learns about it and how they deal with it. At the beginning it seemed very confusing. I read the first couple chapters more than once. Trying to figure out whom was actually talking. It said at the beginning of the chapters who it was about but it was misleading in the chapter. I think the author tried to add some trickery at the end as well but it seemed to again confuse me. Anyway this is story is insightful and horrid at the same time. The author did a good job showing the reader both. I was happy at the ending but the Epilogue just threw me for a loop. Now I don’t know what to think. This isn’t my first book by this author. I enjoy her storytelling and her characters always seem so life-like. The book read choppy for me at first but then smoothed out.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 5 months ago
Only a few pages into A Divided Mind, my heart was already in my throat. I could tell this was going to be one powerful read. This story is told via dual points of view, by Branson and his mother, in alternating chapters. M. Billiter writes with such incredible care and sensitivity, I felt connected to each of these characters on a deeply personal level, whether I'd faced their struggles or not. This is a confronting book in many ways. It addresses immensely challenging issues and contains a side that is absolutely horrifying. I'm not sure I can think of many other fiction writers who've shown the level of compassion that the author does here. She drew me into her characters' lives. I watched their situations unfold as if they were happening to dear friends. I felt for them even when they made choices I would never make myself. Novels that do this are so important! This is the kind of story that helps us understand one another. It will resonate with anyone who has considered the issues that arise with mental illness, especially schizophrenia, and the complicated relationships among family. A Divided Mind will move you and give you a multitude of things to think about long after you finish reading.