A Doghouse Manifesto: The Bulldog Diaries Readings...

A Doghouse Manifesto: The Bulldog Diaries Readings...

by Mitchell L. Peterson




Women have always known that men are boneheads and one dimensional, but they never really knew why... until now! A DogHouse Manifesto will shed some light on that murky subject, along with some stories, wild lies and excuses about my life. Some of the accounts are true, some aren't; you'll just have to figure out which for yourself!

The big book of the DOGHOUSE MANIFESTO, Chapter 6, PLAUSIBLE
DENIABILITY: THE ART OF DECEPTION- Rule 836.5 states, "Never let her know what you are thinking. It will only confuse her, but mostly it will make her suspicious that you have been thinking all along... but, probably not about the right stuff!"

The world can be a confusing and frightening place for a man, but more so for the woman trying to live with, love and understand him; especially if his motto is; "If I didn't get caught, then it's not wrong!"

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Publication date: 10/04/2013
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