A Dream for Federation and Republic: Lian Bang Gong He Meng

A Dream for Federation and Republic: Lian Bang Gong He Meng

by Peixin Cong


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The author of this book had been living in China for fifty years. He is a family member of military family who was educated by almost all the Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought. He had worked with Xi, Jin Ping, who is now the leader of China, in Fuzhou City for nine years. Both of them came from the military families.
Today, he also wrote about his memoirs with inches thick. He has lived in USA since last 10 years where he has been peacefully transformed to a Capital-socialism. Under book's description, you will learn a group of Chinese army's children who were born after the Great Revolution and New China established, the games they played, the songs they sung, the movies and books they read, the education they received, and the life and social experience they learned. Walking close to their life, you will know from a different prospect what and how their social values formed and discover the key moments that modify their values in several key historic moments. The generation of Chinese military was not only influenced by the war but also wonderful ideal. They are coming from the war, revolution and songs. Therefore, they are more cherishing peace and happy ideal.
Back to the era when China was under the revolution and huge changes, the author went to Xiamen Gulangyu military primary school where was under fire from Kinmen island; he wore a red scarf and pledged loyalty to the Communism; he wore a Red guard sleeve and checked the Christ Church in Xiamen; he took off navy uniform from the South China Sea Fleet then started learning at Nankai University to learn the world history; he took off military uniform first time in the place located across from Matsu Island of Taiwan and retired from military service, and was assigned to learning capitalists in British colonial governed Hong Kong by Fujian provincial government and Mr. Xi, Jin Ping; he insisted on the belief of communism but gave best efforts to bury economic base of nation monopoly; in the 21th Century United States, he wore "Made in China" clothing and sympathized Christian's opinion that people were given birth with wicked idea. In peace and alienation modern China, all the miracles are possible. The title of his book shows his ideal, that people became more tolerant with each other's paralleling with the evolution of China and world peace.

He has selected several titles for this book -- "Journey to the West", "A Child of Chinese Army in the U.S.A", "Walk to Peace and Evolution", "Peaceful Evolution, The Wise Wins", all of which are the theme what he wanted to express. He hoped that the peace evolution of China and the world become the ocean to embrace all mankind.

Accounted by a computer program, this book has approximate 340,000 Chinese words and 5,800 English words. This book also includes 56 songs that had impacts on Chinese people values, 108 pieces of pictures, 4 principles (Capital-socialism principle that indicates convergence of Capitalism and Socialism, a principle of ending a military attack between China and Taiwan and worldwide, a principle of China accomplishing an election system with Chinese characteristics, and a principle of developing Democracy political system in the Union Nation); three famous battles in history between Mainland China and Taiwan; advantages and disadvantages of convergence of Capitalism and Socialism; uniform of worldwide religions. Look close to the rumour of Taiwanese and Mainland American Chinese in Los Angeles. The author's memory of Xi, Jin Ping and his wife.

Above themes are also described in author's other book "The Theory of Contrary".

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Cong, Pei -Xin (Independent Chinese-American scholar, Board of Director of American & Chinese World War II Memorial Committee, Chairman of US China Taiwan and Hong Kong Joint Reform of 100 Association).

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