A Dream of Red Mansions (Volume II)

A Dream of Red Mansions (Volume II)

by Tsao Hsueh-Chin, Kao Ngo


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ISBN-13: 9781589635326
Publisher: Press Holdings International
Publication date: 10/28/2001
Pages: 736
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.62(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 81Four Beauties Fish in the Pond to Try Their Luck / Pao-yu's Father Orders Him Back to the Family School1
Chapter 82An Old Teacher Expounds the Classics to Warn Against Mischief / The Queen of Bamboos Falling III Has a Fearful Nightmare15
Chapter 83The Imperial Consort Falls III and Her Relatives Call at the Palace / Chin-kuei Makes a Scene and Pao-chai Has to Swallow Her Anger32
Chapter 84Pao-yu's Writing Is Tested and His Marriage Considered / Chia Huan Visits an Invalid and Arouses Fresh Resentment49
Chapter 85Chia Cheng Is Promoted to the Rank of Vice-Minister / Hsueh Pan Is Involved in Another Manslaughter Case65
Chapter 86An Old Magistrate Takes a Bribe to Re-open a Case / A Young Girl, to While Away Time, Explains a Lute Score82
Chapter 87Moved by an Autumn Poem, a Lutist Mourns the Past / One Practising Yoga Is Possessed Through Lust97
Chapter 88Pao-yu, to Please His Grandmother, Praises a Fatherless Boy / Chia Chen, to Uphold Household Discipline, Has Unruly Servants Whipped112
Chapter 89A Memento of a Dead Maid Leads Pao-yu to Write a Poem / A False Suspicion Makes Tai-yu Abstain from Food126
Chapter 90The Loss of a Padded Jacket Involves a Poor Girl with a Scold / A Gift of Sweetmeats Perturbs a Young Gentleman139
Chapter 91Wanton Pao-chan Lays a Cunning Plot / Pao-yu Makes Extravagant Answers When Catechized152
Chapter 92Comments on the Lives of Worthy Women of Old Fill Chiao-chieh with Admiration / Chia Cheng, Toying with a Mother Pearl, Discourses on the Rise and Fall of Great Houses163
Chapter 93A Servant of the Chen Family Offers His Services to the Chias / A Scandal in Water Moon Convent Is Exposed178
Chapter 94The Lady Dowager Gives a Feast to Celebrate the Strange Blossoming of the Crab-Apple Trees / The Loss of Pao-yu's Jade of Spiritual Understanding Heralds Trouble192
Chapter 95A Rumour Comes True and the Imperial Consort Yuan-chun Dies / A Fraud Is Perpetrated After Pao-yu Loses His Mind209
Chapter 96Hsi-feng Withholds Information and Lays a Cunning Plan / Disclosure of a Secret Deranges Tai-yu224
Chapter 97Tai-yu Burns Her Poems to End Her Infatuation / Pao-chai Goes Through Her Wedding Ceremony237
Chapter 98Unhappy Vermilion Pearl's Spirit Returns in Sorrow to Heaven / Deranged Shen Ying Sheds Tears in the Lodge of His Loved One257
Chapter 99An Upright Official Has Venal Underlings / A Perusal of the Court Gazette Fills Chia Cheng with Concern for His Nephew270
Chapter 100By Frustrating Chin-kuei Hsiang-ling Makes a Worse Enemy of Her / Pao-yu Grieves Over Tan-chun's Departure to Marry Far from Home283
Chapter 101A Ghostly Warning Is Given One Moonlit Night in Grand View Garden / A Fearful Omen Is Issued by the Oracle in Scattering Flowers Temple294
Chapter 102Powers of Darkness Derange the Inmates of the Ning Mansion / Priests Exorcise Evil Spirits in Grand View Garden310
Chapter 103Chin-kuei Plots Murder and Destroys Herself / Chia Yu-tsun, Blind to the Truth, Meets an Old Friend in Vain322
Chapter 104The Drunken Diamond Brags That Small Fry Can Stir Up Big Billows / A Crazy Lordling Grieves Over the Past337
Chapter 105Imperial Guards Raid the Ning Mansion / A Censor Brings a Charge Against the Prefect of Pingan350
Chapter 106Hsi-feng Is Conscience-Smitten at Causing Calamity / The Lady Dowager Prays to Heaven to Avert Disaster362
Chapter 107The Lady Dowager Impartially Shares Out Her Savings / Chia Cheng's Hereditary Title Is Restored by Imperial Favour375
Chapter 108Pao-chai's Birthday Is Celebrated with Forced Mirth / Pao-yu, Longing for the Dead, Hears Ghosts Weeping in Bamboo Lodge389
Chapter 109Pao-yu Waits for a Fragrant Spirit and Wu-erh Is Loved by Default / Ying-chun Pays Her Mortal Debt and Returns to the Primal Void404
Chapter 110The Lady Dowager Passes Away Peacefully / Hsi-feng Is Powerless and Loses Support422
Chapter 111Yuan-yang Dies for Her Mistress and Ascends to the Great Void / A Despicable Slave Leads Robbers into the Mansion436
Chapter 112A Terrible Disaster Befalls Miao-yu / Nursing Enmity Concubine Chao Is Haled Off to Hell451
Chapter 113Repenting Her Sins Hsi-feng Seeks Help from a Village Woman / Relinquishing Her Resentment Tzu-chuan Is Touched by Her Besotted Master466
Chapter 114Hsi-feng Has Hallucinations and Goes Back to Chinling / Chen Ying-chia, Pardoned by the Emperor, Returns to Court480
Chapter 115Personal Prejudice Strengthens Hsi-chun's Conviction / Pao-yu Fails to Find a True Friend in His Double491
Chapter 116Pao-yu, His Divine Jade Recovered, Attains Understanding in the Illusory Realm / Chia Cheng Escorts His Mother's Coffin Home to Fulfil His Filial Duty505
Chapter 117Two Maids Protect Pao-yu's Jade Lest He Renounce the World / A Worthless Son, Taking Sole Charge of the House, Revels in Bad Company519
Chapter 118A Disgruntled Uncle and Cousin Delude a Helpless Girl / Alarmed by His Cryptic Talk, Wife and Concubine Reprove Their Witless Husband534
Chapter 119Pao-yu Passes the Examination with Honours and Severs Earthly Ties / The Chia Family Retains Its Wealth and Titles Thanks to Imperial Favour550
Chapter 120Chen Shih-yin Expounds the Illusory Realm / Chia Yu-tsun Concludes the Dream of Red Mansions570

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