A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare, Revised Edition: Disease Prevention - Not Symptom Suppression / Edition 2

A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare, Revised Edition: Disease Prevention - Not Symptom Suppression / Edition 2

by Phd Dr David W Tanton, Phd Dr Tanton
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Soaring Heights Pub.

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A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare, Revised Edition: Disease Prevention - Not Symptom Suppression / Edition 2

In his first of several books in "The Soaring Heights Series", Dr. David W. Tanton, Ph.D. speaks from a wealth of experience and decades of research in the area of disease prevention and longevity, using only natural supplements and therapies. "A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare - Disease Prevention Not Symptoms Suppression" (now in its 2007 "Revised Edition") provides in-depth explanations, (not just generalities), and most importantly, in simple terms that we can all understand. Dr. Tanton explains the many risks associated with some of the most widely prescribed medications on the market, and points out how many critical nutrients each medication depletes as well.
Dr. Tanton explores natural plant and herbal extracts that contain a variety of benefits that have been proven to provide an overall increase in health and energy levels, as well as a much greater potential for longevity and quality of life. Combining these holistic methods, Dr. Tanton is able to provide preventative measures and remedies for 18 common health ailments, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, arthritis, and back pain. Detailed regimens are provided for each condition.
"A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare" also offers real life examples of Dr. Tanton's methods of treatment in case studies. In Mary Lou's story, for instance, Dr. Tanton takes you through her series of nine medications, one by one, and explains how it all began with an inappropriate prescription for ProzacT for a common side effect associated with an undiagnosed thyroid condition (depression). He then shows you the typical "domino effect" associated with medications, and how the side effects associated witheach medication often leads to one or more additional medications. Multiple drugs are often prescribed for the very same condition as well. Although some have absolutely no positive influence whatsoever, they still deplete nutrients and inflict side effects as well. Incidentally, Mary Lou eventually discovered that absolutely none of her medications were actually necessary, as she successfully went "from nine to none, in only 60 days," and "never felt better!"

Dr. Tanton also points out just how corrupted our medical system has become, and just for the sake of profit. As more people are being increasingly and unnecessarily placed on totally inappropriate medications, he feels that millions of unsuspecting victims absolutely must be made aware, (the reason for his book). He believes that every single adult in the nation can benefit from this book, in order to become better informed, and avoid the deception.
"Depending on a lifetime of medication is seldom necessary," comments author Dr. Tanton. "In most cases, patients blindly rely on a doctor's prescriptions and the same medicines they are taking to cure one problem could be having a totally disastrous effect on another part of the body. By turning to organic supplements, side effects are eliminated and the body can begin to repair almost any ailment in a safe and natural way."
Dr. Tanton has also developed a "Stroke & Heart Attack Emergency Kit" which is explained in "A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare". This survival method was learned through collaborative experiences and has been practiced on hundreds of patients with an astonishing zero percent failure rate. Key theories include the addition of natural supplements that rapidly increase the delivery of oxygen to both the brain and heart.
An honors graduate of Clayton College of Natural Healing, Dr. Tanton earned a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. Additionally, Dr Tanton is the founder and research director of the Soaring Heights Longevity Research Center. Dr. Tanton was born and raised in Springfield, Oregon, 74 years ago, and although he has traveled extensively over the years, he currently resides in Springfield.

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ISBN-13: 9780977270316
Publisher: Soaring Heights Pub.
Publication date: 08/28/2006
Series: The Soaring Heights Ser.
Edition description: REV
Pages: 364
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