A Family Learns about Deployment: Tell Me Town Books

A Family Learns about Deployment: Tell Me Town Books

by Cindy Chambers


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Come with Beamer and his good friend Colonel Dr. Smores as they help a little boy named Tyler understand

what it means to be deployed. Follow a mother as she and her family prepare for her deployment. Share the

journey her children and husband go through while she is away, and share in the joy of her return.

“Cindy Chambers deserves thanks for her wonderful and engaging story of the wise dog, Beamer, helping a family deal with military

deployment. She lovingly explains the reality of deployment on all involved—from the service member mom, to the family who must

thrive in her absence. The manner in which this family creates an optimal experience by attending to their important relationships, provides

lessons far beyond deployment. As these are not the only stressors families experience today, this book is useful for any family looking to

build resilience and grow through adversity.”

Audrey Schoomaker - Army Mom, former Army Nurse

Mentor and Coach to thousands of Army spouses

Wife of LTG (ret) Eric Schoomaker, former US Army Surgeon General

“As a former Vietnam POW, reading the book brought back thoughts of Vietnam War and what my family went through while I was gone.

Reflecting on that time period, I realized that Cindy Chambers relayed and articulated to the reader the emotions, fears and the unknown

the military families face when a loved one is preparing for deployment and separated from their families for a long period of time. What

a valuable source of support this would have been, during that long conflict, for the families who were eagerly awaiting news about their

loved ones. This is a must read for all the military families and for the civilian population whose understanding is so important.”

The Honorable Everett Alvarez, Jr., CDR USN (ret.)

(First aviator shot down and captured in Vietnam and held in captivity 8 1/2 years)

“Cindy Chambers’, “A Family Learns About Deployment,” vividly tells the story of a family’s dealing with a loved one’s deployment.

Ms. Chambers tenderly relates the importance of the community’s support and the anxiety and emotions felt by a family, Alex and Lena

and their father, during the preparation of departure, during deployment and the return home of Sergeant Ami (MOM). In the story, “Dr.

Smores,” aka Dr. Leon Moores, is a perfect example of the sacrifice and dedication of our military medical personnel.”

Thomasine ILyas Alvarez, “Tammy” (Mrs. Everett Alvarez, Jr.)

Associate Producer, “Fighting For Life”

President, The Friends of University of Health Sciences, Inc.

“Beamer is back to share the story of deployment and some of its effects on military families. Beamer’s tale of the Ami family and the

guidance they receive from Dr. Smores brings the deployment experience to life for every reader. Dr. Smores’ advice is spot on! His

wisdom and deployment tools have helped our family hurdle 62 months of combat deployment. Thank you, Beamer and Dr. Smores, for

making many families feel better today!”

Reggie Foster, Ranger Wife

Mom of 3 Deployment Veteran Daughters, Friend and Fan of Colonel Doctor Leon Moores and Former Radio and TV Personality

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ISBN-13: 9781457555503
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 05/25/2017
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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